Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 112


Empress Boa Hancock was a superhuman with Mero Mero no Mi Devil Fruit ability. This Devil Fruit could charm men, women, and children to petrify them, materialize flying kisses and turn them into physical attacks.


The Empress drew her hands in the shape of a heart and shouted, sending a ray of light unexpectedly.

Click, click, click!

The marine forces on the warship couldn’t take their eyes off the Empress for a moment. They were so captivated by her that all of them turned into stone statues.

The only one standing still was Leiyin.

“That guy, what’s going on? Did he ignore my charm? His eyes…”

The Empress’ beautiful blue eyes stared at Leiyin, and her pretty face couldn’t contain her surprise.

Leiyin wasn’t like Vice Admiral Momonga in the original story, sticking a knife in the back of his hand to drive away evil thoughts, nor was he unimpressed by the stunning beauty in front of him.

Looking at Leiyin’s eyes again, they had changed into the form of three-leaf windmills rotating.

‘Mangekyo Sharingan, open!’

Here to explain, this Mangekyo Sharingan was the advanced form of the Three Tomoe Sharingan. According to Leiyin’s current mastery, in addition to the previously demonstrated Susanoo, there would be some ordinary illusions; not only that, but it could also break illusions!

So, in the end, the Empress’s ability to petrify people was still an illusion, and Leiyin opened his Sharingan to break the petrification ability. Everything was born for each other, and it was true.

In the end, the ability of the Empress wasn’t idle. Although Leiyin broke the Empress’s power, he also consumed a lot of chakra and physical strength.

Seeing that Leiyin was indifferent to her charm, the Empress’ face was full of reluctance, and she unleashed her ability again, “MERO MERO MELLOW!”

Another pink light passed, and Leiyin was still okay.

At this point, a voice prompted in Leiyin’s head: ‘Attention host, due to your excessive use of the Sharingan (Mangekyo Sharingan), which hadn’t yet entered its full form, you have lost a considerable amount of chakra and have less than one percent left.’

Chakra amount (alert): 2180/280000

‘Damn, it depleted so quickly.’

The Empress’ ability to petrify all those who fall for her charms was quite incredible. It was a miracle that Leiyin could resist two attacks.

Although resisting these two attacks, Leiyin’s physical loss was also tremendous.

‘If I had mastered the [Mangekyo Sharingan] now, then I wouldn’t be in such a mess.’ Leiyin thought to herself.

If the Empress gave another Mero Mero Mellow, Leiyin wouldn’t have been able to dodge it. It would have quickly depleted his chakra amount, which would have been critical.

However, even so, Leiyin still boldly shouted, “There are many unexpected things on this sea. I came here only to follow orders. As you said, I am only a Commodore; if the Admiral arrives here, I don’t dare to guarantee your future.”

Indeed, Leiyin said a lot of sense, but the Empress didn’t listen to any of those words. Instead, she spun at high speed, followed by a kick on Leiyin, “PERFUME FEMUR!”

Leiyin raised his right arm to block when the Empress’ foot kicked him without mercy.

The move could petrify and shatter him when the kick hit, but because the Mangekyo Sharingan was opened, he was not petrified. However, because of the hit, Leiyin used up the last bit of chakra. He was exhausted and passed out…

“I thought this guy was so powerful, but it turns out that he’s also an incapable guy.” After the Empress said this, she was inwardly amazed at why Leiyin didn’t turn into stone.

“Lock him up, and execute him publicly tomorrow!”

“As you command, Snake Princess! Then, what about that warship?”

“Take all the cargo on it, and bring it all over to me.”



After returning to the Amazon Lily, Elder Nyon came to the Empress in a blaze of glory, “Hancock, you absolutely must not be impetuous. You must not kill that Commodore.”

The Empress said, “He has offended the dignity of the Empress, so I’ll let him go to hell!”

The diminutive figure of Elder Nyon jumped up, “Hancock! I hope you come to your senses. This is simply not the time for you to be capricious. If you kill him, it will bring the Kuja Tribe to its doom!”

The Empress once again made a delicate pose, and pink hearts emerged around her, “Even if the country were to perish, this Empress would be forgiven because the Empress is… too beautiful…”

Seeing the Empress’ seductive posture, hearts emerged in the eyes of Elder Nyon. But then, she resumed her angry expression, “Why don’t you understand?”

“You, as Empress, should be self…”


Before the old woman could finish, the Empress made her hands in the shape of a heart, and pink light shot towards the old woman, who immediately turned into a stone statue.

“Snake… Snake Princess…”

Watching the Empress turned Elder Nyon into a stone statue, the guards around her couldn’t help but be slightly shocked.

The Empress lifted a small handful of her ebony hair behind her ears and sat down on her pet, Salome, “Move this old woman aside. I’ll un-petrified her tomorrow after executing that Commodore to save her from bothering me.”

“As you command, Snake Princess!”


When Leiyin woke up again, he found himself locked up in a damp and cold cell, with black and cold handcuffs and shackles on his hands and feet…

At that moment, a bell rang on the Island of Women, followed by the guard’s voice resounding throughout the island.

“Snake Princess is about to take a bath. From now on, no one is allowed to enter the city for two hours!”

It was time for the bath, and the city was about to become crowded.

Why was it necessary to make a big fanfare when bathing?

It turned out that a legend exists on the Island of Women: Gorgon was a horrible monster on the Blue Sea long ago. People would turn into stone once they locked eyes with them. The three sisters of the Boa Family managed to defeat the Gorgon against all odds. However, before the monster died, the three sisters cast a terrible spell; their backs were carved with the monster’s big eyes.

When they took off their clothes, people around them would be cursed to turn into stone and die. Therefore, the three sisters of the Gorgon would never undress in front of others. When they bathed, they would not let anyone enter the city and had people outside to keep a close watch.

Everyone said that this was the curse carried after a brave battle, so it was also the pride of the Kuja Tribe.

However, was this really the truth?

With handcuffs and shackles, Leiyin felt that his physical strength had been almost recovered. The chakra of the lightning attribute was concentrated in his right-hand index and middle fingers as he directly cut all the iron handcuffs and shackles…

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