Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 113


The “white blade” was so sharp that it soon cut through the iron handcuffs and shackles.

After breaking free, Leiyin broke through the top of the prison and jumped on the other roofs.


Soon, the guards of Kuja Tribe spotted him.

“That man…”

“He actually ran out!”

“What are you still waiting for! Hurry up and catch him!”

“Oh no, he’s jumped into the city.”

The arrows “whoosh” flew over, Leiyin dodged and jumped to avoid these arrows. Finally, Leiyin stepped on a roof, but the roof was unstable, making him fall immediately inside.

It was the Gorgon Sisters’ bathroom!

Leiyin fell when the Empress happened to be in the bath, and the back of her delicate body was in full view. This was not important; the most important thing was that Leiyin saw the sign on the Empress’ back! 

The Empress turned around without covering the front, making Leiyin froze. The Empress had a furious expression, “My back… did you saw it all?!!!”

This was an odd question. Even when a man was viewing her front, she asked if he saw her back.

Leiyin said with some embarrassment, “I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to offend…”

Hearing the noises inside, the two sisters who originally stood to guard their sister rushed in.

“What’s happening?”

The Empress’ face was already very unpleasant, “My back, he saw it all!”

Marigold was shocked, “What?!!!”

Sandersonia: “!!!”

“This man, he must die!”


The Empress gestured with both hands in the shape of a heart, so Leiyin just quickly opened his Sharingan instead of avoiding it. He did not fully recover when he came out of prison. His chakra amount did not even reach half, and after resisting this attack, he fainted again.

Seeing that the chains couldn’t hold him, the women tied him up with a Seastone Cuff. Leiyin’s hands and feet were also fixed with dozens of guards watching overnight, ready to execute him publicly in the arena the next day to defend the Empress’ dignity.


The Empress’ too capricious and conceited character saved Leiyin’s life. If he had been executed at the beginning, there would have been no later story.

The hardness of the Seastone was comparable to diamonds; Leiyin was locked solid, simply couldn’t get out. Even so, his face was calm with an expression of bemusement and death.

“Look, guys. That, is that a man?”

The woman outside the cell had never seen a man at all in her life and was pointing outside.

For these, Leiyin did not care and was unknowingly asleep.

“Wow, men are so fearless? At this time, he actually still sleeps.”

“I don’t think so. I think he’s already passed out from fear.”


The next day, Leiyin hadn’t woken up yet when he was brought into the arena.

The audience outside the arena was crowded; all of them were women. The Empress sat high in the head seat, with her two sisters standing around her.

Leiyin was put into the arena by the guards, and his handcuffs and leg irons were all opened.

After waking up, Leiyin felt refreshed, and his chakra and physical strength were almost restored.

“If you dare to offend the dignity of the Empress, this Empress will let you die without a burial place!”

On the high platform, the Empress sat on her haunches and daintily shouted.

“Wow! The Snake Princess in a rage is also attractive!”

“Snake Princess! Let’s give him a good show!” The female warriors on the ground cheered one after another.

Leiyin moved his muscles a little, but his face was as bland as ever.

The Empress muttered, “Humph, you’re dying, but you still have a calm and collected expression; it makes people angry! I will make you die a gruesome death!”

With the Empress’s order, the field was pushed on a giant iron cage. The cage was opened, and the warriors withdrew from the area.


A ten-meter-long, three-person-tall black panther stood across from Leiyin.

On the platform, the Empress said to Leiyin, “This black panther is called Bacura. He is a flesh-eating beast used by executioners for generations. So, just take your time and enjoy it.”

“See how you dare to contradict Snake Princess!”

“Finish him! Bacura!”

“A coward and smug man!”

The female warriors on the ground shouted.


Bacura opened his bloody mouth to reveal his sharp fangs and lunged at Leiyin, who didn’t dodge but swung his fist hard.


The next moment, the several-ton Bacura was knocked out of the way.


The female warriors below had their mouths stretched out.

‘Huh? This guy was easily defeated by me twice and locked up in prison, how could he have such strength?’ 

With that, the Empress smiled charmingly, “Oh boy, it seems that I underestimated you before.”

Leiyin sneered at the Empress and shouted, “Hey! I just represent the World Government to recruit you as the member of Seven Warlords of the Sea, but you are determined to put me to death. I tell you! Today when you release this young master, you will not be able to take me into custody.”

The Empress ruffled her hair seductively, “Whatever this Empress does; she will be forgiven. The reason is… I am too beautiful…”


“Snake Princess…”

Seeing this action of the Empress, the female warriors below shouted like they were in heat.

The Empress continued to say to Leiyin, “Marine, you will forgive me, right?”

Leiyin’s face was a little gloomy, “You hateful stinking bitch!”


Oh~” The Empress hid her face towards the sky with a devastating look.

Marigold said, “Sister, are you okay?”

The Empress covered her heart and said, “I can’t stand it. This man dares to talk to the Empress like this.”

“How dare he speak out against Snake Princess!”

“Put this man to death!”

“Death penalty!”

“Death penalty!”

The Empress’ face was gloomy, “You two, go ahead!”

“Hurry up and take the head of that man!”


With that, Marigold and Sandersonia walked towards the stage, both gulping horrible snake tongues in their mouths.

Without saying too much, the two came up and unleashed the Devil Fruit’s power, transforming into two giant snakes.

Sandazonia with Hebi Hebi no Mi, Model: Anaconda Devil Fruit ability.

Marigold with Hebi Hebi no Mi, Model: King Cobra Devil Fruit ability.

As soon as they came up, the two revealed their hideous forms.

The field boiled up once again.

“There it is. The spell of Gorgon!”

“Yeah, what a majestic stance.”

“This is the very proof of a warrior obtained after defeating the monster Gorgon!”

“The cursed royal sisters are also attractive!”

Hearing the cries of the women on the field, Leiyin felt a little sad for their ignorance.

‘This is clearly the Devil Fruit’s ability; there is no “curse of Gorgon”…’

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