Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 114


After the snake transformation, the two sisters threw out their snake tails one after another. They viciously smashed towards Leiyin, who quickly took two strides to avoid their attacks.

“He is much more flexible than I thought.”

Hmph,” Leiyin clenched her fist, “Today, you will have to be more careful.”

Sandersonia danced with the steel fork in her hand, stabbing and slashing at Leiyin, but Leiyin dodged it all like an agile monkey.

“SISTER, DODGE!” Marigold shouted, spitting out a large cloud of dark purple saliva from her mouth. Leiyin disappeared in a flash, and the ground was sprayed with “bared” steam.

“This is…”

Leiyin also couldn’t help but look at the piece of ground that was sprayed, only to see that the ground was steamy and corrupted at the same time.

“This girl, can she use poison too?”

Leiyin thought when Marigold’s mouth sprayed venom one after another like a machine gun. Leiyin kept blinking and continuously avoided the attack again and again.

The ground of the arena was eroded and uneven.

‘This poison…. Compared to Magellan’s, I’m afraid it’s much worse.’

Leiyin thought, but Marigold did not intend to give up and continued to spit out the venom constantly.

“You’re really an annoying girl.” Leiyin muttered, and his hands flipped up and down. He had already formed a seal, “EARTH RELEASE – EARTH-STYLE WALL!”


As the venom was struck, a massive earth wall rose from the field to ward off the venom.

“What’s that?”

“Is it a demonic spell?”

“Man, to be able to summon an earth wall…” A female warrior in the audience took a small book to record it down.

Even Sandersonia and Marigold were stunned, “What kind of ability is that?”

“Is this also a Devil Fruit ability like us?”

The Empress sitting high up was a little anxious, “I already told you! What are you staring at? Never mind what his ability is, hurry up and finish him off!”

“Yes, sister!”

The two sisters who received the order didn’t dare to be slow. One of them carried a steel fork, and the other carried a giant sword attacking Leiyin.

With that, a majestic aura brewed in Leiyin’s body. The majestic aura was formed in the sky, and the next moment, with him as the center, the huge pressure spread out in all directions.

The waves lapped the shore in an instant, and the energy rushed forward, shaking through the sky!


In the audience, the warriors of the Kuja Tribe fainted. Most of them fell, and the rest looked around and were dismayed. The majestic energy blew up even the Empress’ beautiful ebony hair on the high stage. Sandersonia and Marigold were also shocked and stopped their attacks.

“This is… Haoshoku Haki – Incapacitation?!”

The Empress lightly bites her vermilion lips, and her beautiful eyes glare, “This marine, isn’t he just an ordinary kid?”

[* TL’s note: The Empress was in her twenties.]

The next moment, the Empress ordered again, “You two. Even if he has one in a million haki and can’t be controlled, it’s just a haki, so don’t be afraid of him!”

“Yes, sister.”

Marigold said to Sandersonia, “Sister, although elder sister said so, I see that this kid is also not trivial. Why don’t the two of us join forces to end this man in one move.”

Sandersonia nodded, “I understand.”

With that, Sandersonia’s green hair gradually twisted into a strand. The twisted hair change into a snake’s head.


At the same time, the orange hair of Marigold gradually stood up, and suddenly, the hair and body burst into a blazing fire.


Eight hideous green snakeheads and three orange snakeheads with hot flames floated in the air. The [Orochi] seemed to tear Leiyin to pieces, while [Salamander] seemed to burn Leiyin to charcoal.

“Next, we’ll let you go to the real hell!”

These eleven hideous snakeheads came towards Leiyin from all sides. If he didn’t use the Body Flicker Technique, there was no way to avoid it.

However, it turned out that Leiyin had no intention of hiding either. His hands gathered high-speed rotation of the blue energy ball. With eleven snakeheads in his face, he met them head-on.



With a loud sound, the blue Rasengan exploded blatantly in the center of the ring. The energy was like destruction, making [Orochi] and [Salamander] dispersed.

Marigold was knocked unconscious, and Sandersonia was blown out of the arena by this energy, flying outside the field…

“It’s dangerous!”

It was also fortunate that Sandersonia had Hebi Hebi no Mi. Her body was very long, and her feet rested on the arena, while her hands just reached the audience to avoid the fate of being pierced.

“Royal sister!”

“You must hold on and don’t fall.”

However, Sandersonia’s concern was not her own life but the clothes on her back. It was blown apart by Leiyin’s Rasengan, and if the symbol on her back was seen…

Sandersonia’s heart was overwhelmed with fear when a white cloak landed on her back. On that white cloak, the words “Justice” were written!

It turned out that Leiyin took off the Commodore’s cloak and threw it out to cover her.


The Empress’ beautiful eyes showed an incomparable shock.

‘That kid, does he know the meaning of that symbol? Is he saving us?’

It turned out that the engraving on the back of the three sisters was not a curse of the Gorgon that could petrify whoever saw it. It was a lie, and the truth was that what was behind them was the “Hoof of the Flying Dragon!”

In other words, the three sisters were former slaves of the World Nobles. They had experienced the darkest and most miserable life. If this mark was seen, it would be a shame. The worst of all, because of this experience, the Empress would be deprived of the Kuja Tribe’s throne.

How could they let someone who had been a slave be their Empress?

At this point, the Empress shouted, “Everyone, run! If you see the curse symbol of [Gorgon] on the back of the Royal Sister, you will all be petrified….”

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