Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 115


Hearing this, the unknown Kuja Warriors fled away in all directions like rats and snakes, each afraid of being petrified.

Leiyin looked straight at the Empress after the crowd left, “Next, should I fight with you?”

The Empress smiled. She stepped on jade steps and slowly walked down from the high platform. Marigold saved Sandersonia with her snake tail, while the Empress said to Leiyin, “You lost to me twice; how dare you still talk big here?

Marigold turned around, “Sister, he is our savior.”

The Empress said, “Cut it out. Don’t be fooled by the illusion. He’s just afraid of being petrified; that’s why he put his clothes on Sandersonia’s body.”

Leiyin then coldly snorted, “You’re really a smug woman. Do you think I don’t know what that sign behind you means?”


The three sisters sniffed with astonishment, especially the Empress, who were directly frozen in place.

If Leiyin knew this, it would be a great shame for them.

“The one behind you is called the ‘Hoof of the Flying Dragon’, right?”

When Leiyin said this, the three sisters’ hearts thudded at the same time.

The Empress had already set up her attack posture, “Since you know how then I can’t let you stay any longer!”

Her two hands were once again in the shape of a peach heart, “MERO MERO MELLOW!”

And this time, Leiyin wasn’t as stupid as last time. The Empress’ “Mero Mero Mellow” had a range of attacks. So, Leiyin wouldn’t be petrified if he avoided its range.


Leiyin shouted and disappeared in a flash.

After having suffered two losses, Leiyin mastered its laws. He certainly wouldn’t be foolish enough to open his Mangekyo Sharingan to resist it again, which would only bring his demise.




The Empress sniffed and turned around. Leiyin was already standing there steadily.


With that, the Empress shouted. Her right hand’s finger lightly touched her lips, creating a tiny heart shape, and then used it as a bullet. She used her finger as a muzzle to aim at Leiyin and fired away, “Pistol Kiss!”

Leiyin once again dodged swiftly. The next moment, the heart’s bullet shot directly at the distant tree, instantly petrifying the tree.

Looking at the petrified trees, Leiyin was somewhat secretly amazed.

‘It is like in the legends. Even plants and non-living things can be petrified by it.’

The Empress didn’t seem to want to give Leiyin a chance to catch his breath in the slightest. She was filled with anger, her beautiful eyes were pouting, and her battle intent was overwhelming.

The next moment, she once again kissed her index finger with those thin pink lips, looking extremely seductive. However, Leiyin did not have the heart to appreciate this.

In the next moment, when the Empress kissed the finger, she created a heart that was several times larger than the previous one. The heart looked like a balloon and was very elastic. The Empress pulled the peach heart with her slender hand and shouted, “SLAVE ARROW!”

Then, the peach heart turned into thousands of pink arrows with strong energy. Like a violent wind, it came towards Leiyin.

Today, Leiyin had thoroughly seen the ability of Boa Hancock’s Mero Mero no Mi Devil Fruit. If given time, he was afraid that this ability would surpass the strength of the three Admiral.

Leiyin, a fan of One Piece in the real world, knew very well that he would be instantly petrified if the “Slave Arrow” shot him. Even non-living things, such as metal, trees, and even cannonballs, could not escape petrification’s fate if they were shot.

With such a perverted ability, he was afraid it would be hard for her to find an opponent in the whole sea.

In the face of the terrifying arrows coming like a storm, he could only win by speed.

Not only that, Leiyin turned on the Busoshoku Haki – Enhancement to avoid the Slave Arrow’s attack. At the same time, he used the maximum speed to avoid the wide range of attacks.

Suddenly, the Empress’ beautiful eyes tightened, and Leiyin appeared in front of her.

Without using any stance, just an instant power, Leiyin used his palm to hit the Empress’ chest, shaking her back several steps.

The Empress covered her chest, and her face was already hideous, “How is this possible?”

“How about it? Do you want to continue the fight?” Leiyin stood in the same place, steady like a mountain, and said.

At this time, the Empress understood in her heart that she was at her wit’s end. Even if she continued to fight, it would be impossible to beat this man’s speed and perception.

As she thought, the Empress half-kneeled on the ground. Her delicate hands, white as jade, covered her face and cried.

Today she was humiliated. Her body was seen in the bathroom, and the most untold “Hoof of the Flying Dragon” was also discovered. Besides, she couldn’t win over the man in front of her, who had been subdued many times. Now, she couldn’t do anything about it, and her majesty as the Empress of Kuja Tribe was wiped clean, so how could she not be sad?

Leiyin was also not much better. Initially, he worked hard to come to the Island of Women to follow his superiors’ orders. He came here to be gloriously imprisoned twice and almost being petrified. Not to mention, he accidentally almost being entangled with the Busoshoku Haki – Hardening arrow. So, how could he not feel depressed?

However, compared to this, the Empress’ sadness seemed to be a bit more than that. What she cared about most was the sign that could never be removed from her back, making her remember that extremely unpleasant past…

“Sister….” Sandersonia and Marigold both came forward to comfort her.

Leiyin slowly came forward, and his tone became slightly more humble, “Your Majesty, if there is any offense, please allow me to say sorry. The thing I said, I hope you will still consider it seriously.”

The Empress raised her head, still with a face of anger, “How could you still mention that broken Seven Warlords of the Sea now?”

“I ask you to think about it calmly!” Leiyin interrupted her with a loud shout, “If you don’t accept this offer… even if you don’t think for yourself, have you thought about these women of your Kuja Tribe?”

This sudden shout from Leiyin caused the three sisters to be stunned at the same time.

“Think about it. If you do not accept this title, you’ll always be a pirate. In case the marine comes to besiege with a large army, do you think you can resist? Even if you have some strength, how about your two sisters and those warriors of yours? They will be captured, and what kind of fate will they suffer?”

Leiyin reasoned and continued, “As you said, I am only a Commodore. Among the marine, how many people stronger than me? If the Admiral arrived here, can you still reign here in peace?”

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