Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 117


The matter of Verdan being confessed several times was spread around in the Marine Headquarters.

Women were gossiping creatures, and this day, Hina and her three girlfriends were sitting together discussing.

One of her best friends said, “That Verdan, she’s been very popular lately.”

Another one said in an envious and jealous tone, “That’s right. What made her look so pretty?”

Hina snorted lightly, “Cut the crap. Who cares about such boring things.”

Although Hina said so, in fact, she was the one who cared most.

Everyone had a love for beauty, and it was women’s nature to compare. In the case of Hina, she and Verdan were also rivals for love. So, if her rival’s charm value was so explosive, her heart was naturally upset.

“What if she snatched that wood,” Hina was afraid to think about the next.


Leiyin continued to do his daily training. For him, the two most important things at the moment were to practice Garp’s Kenbunshoku Haki – Intent Sensing and to master the Wood Release quickly.

“It’s not easy to have water attribute in my left hand and earth in my right hand,” He kept concentrating on trying to combine the two chakras in one place, but it always failed.

If it were that easy, there would be powerful figures like the first Hokage everywhere.

“What an effort.”

A clear and pleasant woman’s voice came, interrupting Leiyin’s attention.

It turned out to be Vice Admiral Gion. If there was no usual task, the two of them were in the same office and could see each other every day.

“Teacher, you’re here.” Leiyin wiped the beads of sweat on his forehead and said.

“You are the most outstanding one among the students I have taught. The Alabasta incident, conscripting the Kuja Tribe Emperor, looks like such a daunting task, yet you could complete it. Moreover, you’re also the strongest among the students.” Gion praised.

“You are overly praised, teacher.”

Gion looked at Leiyin, “I just want to say, you are already powerful, but you still work so hard. Do you want to become a Marine Admiral?”

Leiyin said, “I haven’t thought about it, but it would be nice to have the strength they have.”

“Haha, you’re still very motivated.”


The two returned to their desks, and Gion took a copy of the newspaper’s latest issue and read it.

“Leiyin, read this article.”

At that, Leiyin picked up the newspaper.

Four days ago, a pirate with a bounty of 320 million – Gecko Moria, challenged the Four Emperors, Kaido, in the New World. However, the whole group was defeated!

It turned out that after escaped from Impel Down and returned to the New World for half a month, Kaido was being challenged by Gecko Moria. However, how could Gecko Moria be a match for Kaido; instead, he was defeated and returned.

“The Four Emperors are really not something the ordinary people can pull down,” Gion said.

Leiyin replied, “Hmm if the Four Emperors are so easily defeated, our marine does not have to be so distressed by them.”

In fact, Gecko Moria was unaware of his strength. He might have 320 million bounty, which was certainly a lot, but it should be known that one of the All-Stars under Kaido, [Jack the Drought], had a bounty of 820 million belly. (It increased to 1 billion after several years). Not to mention the other two All-Stars, and Kaido’s bounty was certainly above 1 billion or even 1.2 billion.

Although the bounty didn’t fully represent the strength, wasn’t the difference between 300 million and 800 million or even 1 billion too far?

Without counting the Beasts Pirates under Kaido, even Kaido plus the All-Stars had a bounty of at least 3 billion, right?

How could Gecko Moria not be defeated when he fought against 300 million and 3 billion bounty pirates?

While the two were discussing Gecko Moria’s matter, Leiyin’s adjutant, Captain Clavin, entered the office.

“Commodore, according to the regulations, the Headquarters issued an order, and it’s your turn to go on a cruise.”

Leiyin said indifferently, “I know. I will come in a moment.”

The Headquarters stipulated that every once in a while, an officer of the rank of Captain or above would be sent to patrol the waters around Marineford to observe whether pirates and other forces were trying to sneak into the marine or had any other bad intentions.

It was similar to a frontline guard.


Leiyin slightly punctuated, then led his warship to set off.

Sailing to the sea, Leiyin also did not idle. He was afraid to waste a little time and practice on his own.

“There is no way to practice the Sage Mode if I haven’t mastered the Wood Release early. However, it is difficult and isn’t something that can be done overnight.”

Although his ninja rank had already reached the Jonin Level (Intermediate), he still had a long way to go before he could practice [Sage Mode]. Therefore, he hadn’t even mastered the “Wood Release” yet. 

He wanted to learn the Wood Release now and immediately become very strong, like the First Hokage. He wanted to learn the “Mayfly Technique,” “Spore Technique,” and even the strongest move that could compete with Madara Uchiha’s strongest Susanoo!


At this time, the sky had become darker, and the warship was already about 80 kilometers away from the Marine Headquarters. Leiyin had finished his work and ordered the warship to prepare and return to the Headquarters.

“What’s that up ahead? It looks like an island is moving?” The navigator on the warship said with a monocular.

“An island is moving? What are you talking about?” An Ensign next to him said, taking the binoculars out of the navigator’s hands, “Surely, it’s really an island?”

As the two men said this, it greatly aroused everyone’s curiosity, and the marines scrambled to go up and take a look.

“Get out of my way. I’ll take a look.” Leiyin said, and the Lieutenant Commander took the initiative to hand the binoculars to him.

Because it was late at night, there was some sea fog ahead. It was too hazy to see what it was, but it looked like a big island was sailing, just like everyone said.

Leiyin put down the binoculars and immediately came to life, “Helmsman! Get me close to that big guy!”

With this order from Leiyin, many marines came over.

“Lord Commodore, you are joking?”

“We’ve already completed our mission, plus that thing’s target isn’t our Marine Headquarters; we don’t need to bother with it.”

“Yes, Commodore, we don’t have to take that risk at all!”

“Shut up, all of you!” Leiyin shouted, “I’m the Commander of this ship, so I’m in charge of this ship’s course!”

After Leiyin’s voice, the deck was suddenly silent.

Indeed, Leiyin was the highest commander of the warship, and no one dared to refute it.

The warship gradually approached the big moving thing.

What was the large, moving thing?

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