Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 118


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Many marine forces had been scared out of their wits by the big unidentified thing. Who knows what it was? A sea monster? Sea beast? Sea king? Or some other horrible thing.

If they were attacked and eaten by that thing, there would be no return for them.

Leiyin looked at the approaching big thing; his expression remained unchanged. What kind of man was he if he didn’t dare to take risks?

As he came closer, he realized that it was not an island, nor any sea beast. It was a ship that was as big as an island.

On the ship, three massive pillars could be seen vaguely. Those were the three main masts of the ship!

This was the world’s largest pirate ship – Thriller Bark!

This morning, Leiyin got the news from the newspaper that the Four Emperor, Kaido, defeated this guy. Unexpectedly, he met him here?


“My Lord! A warship has been spotted!”

“What? Sink it! I’ll leave it to you.”

“Yes, master!”

As the warship drew closer to the “Thriller Bark,” the pirates on board spotted the warship, and their Captain ordered a cannon attack.

Half a dozen cannons on the side of the ship were aimed at the marine.



“We’re going to be finished.”

Seeing those cannons aimed at the warship, a part of the marine covered their heads and wailed in despair.

The more sensible the marine was ready to set up their cannons and prepare to return fire.

The warship and the “Thriller Bark” were incomparable; it was like the tip of an iceberg. Not to mention the sixty to seventy cannons on that ship; even if it wanted to have a thousand cannons, there was no problem. On the contrary, on the warship (this warship was still a small warship), a maximum of twelve cannons could be placed on one side, which was the kind of small portable cannon.

And there was only a mere eight portable small cannon on the warship.

Leiyin’s second in command, Captain Clavin, commanded the artillerymen to push the cannons to the warship’s right side.

However, Leiyin stopped them, “Don’t bother with that. Even if these cannons are pushed up, they can’t withstand the attack from the opposite side.”

The artillerymen looked at each other with a look of dismay.

As for Captain Clavin, who had been with Leiyin the longest, was very loyal to Leiyin and trusted him.

“As ordered, Lord Commodore!”

Clavin gave a military salute and ordered the artillerymen to retreat.

Both the artillerymen and the marines were even more confused.

‘This Commodore is already a rash man who doesn’t know what he is doing. How could the second in command’s brain also be broken?’

In this regard, many marines were already desperate inside.

How many shells could this small warship withstand? If the 60 to 70 cannons were fired, it would be hundreds or thousands of shells. This ship could take up to ten shells before it was destroyed.

Now, the warship had been very close to the “Thriller Bark” and had already been covered by the range of cannons. It was impossible to run away. Most of the marines began to complain in their hearts about Leiyin as the Commodore.


The next moment, the opposite cannons “rumble,” and hundreds of shells like fierce wind and rain pouring down

For this, Leiyin had already thought of a countermeasure. He took out more than 20 shurikens from the system’s “inventory” and put them in the palm of his hand. Then he made a seal with his hands together.


After a cry, he suddenly threw the shuriken.

In the air, it changed from ten to a hundred, from a hundred to a thousand. All the shells were pierced by the shuriken and exploded in the air, and none of the shells landed on the warship.

Not only that, the number of shurikens after the shadow split was far more than the number of shells. The remaining shuriken directly fell on the opposite huge three-masted ship and even destroyed many of the opponent’s cannons. Many of the pirates on the opposite side were zapped through the heart and fell in a pool of blood.

This scene let the marines on the warship, which had thought they were sure to die, look dumbfounded.

“How can so many shells were deflected?!”

“Lord Commodore….”

“Is it a Devil Fruit ability?”

Because on almost every voyage, the Headquarters always assigned different marines to each officer, except for Clavin, who had long seen Leiyin’s strength. All the marines forces were impressed by Leiyin.

When everyone looked at Leiyin with infinite reverence, a huge body appeared on the ship’s opposite side.

The man was nearly 7 meters tall (6 meters 92), with a haircut like a fiery onion and a demon-like appearance. He had two horns on the side of his forehead, and his ears and teeth were pointed. There were crossed stitches from his head to his neck that resembled wound stitches, and he wore a shirt with a bat-like collar and a strange costume.

He was the Captain of the “Thriller Bark,” Gecko Moria, a superhuman with [Kage Kage no Mi] Devil Fruit ability. He had a dream of becoming the Pirates King and had a bounty of 320 million Belly!

Hehe, what that marine just did? How can they block so many shells? They’re pretty good.”

On the warship, Leiyin turned his head to Clavin and said, “I’ll leave the warship to you first. I’ll be right back.”

After saying that, Leiyin stepped on the “Thriller Bark” with a few [Geppo].

Facing this monster that looked like a demon and was frighteningly tall, Leiyin didn’t have the slightest expression on his face. “I’m here.”

All the marines ran to one side on the warship to look at Gecko Moria, who talked with Leiyin with fear.

“Is that Gecko Moria?” A Lieutenant Commander gulped. In his life, he had never seen someone so tall and so strange looking.

“It is said that he has a bounty of 320 million Belly!” A Lieutenant Commander said.

“320 million?!”

A 320 million level bounty offender, not to mention a Commodore and a Colonel, even an average Rear Admiral and Vice-Admiral might not be his opponent.

“Even if Lord Commodore can block that many shells, he may not be a match for a 320 million bounty pirates, right?

The marines looked at each other one by one. They didn’t know what was going to happen next. They couldn’t help much; they could only watch the situation on that side.


The Thriller Bark Captain, Gecko Moria, and Leiyin confront each other.

Leiyin clenched his fist and gave a light hum, “Hmph, do you want to collect my shadow? Just see if you have the strength!”

With that, Gecko Moria took out a massive pair of scissors from behind.

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