Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 12


After listening to Farmer’s words, Leiyin hesitated a bit, “Well, let me think…”.

A man sitting next to him got anxious, “Hey, kid, you killed Andrin; it’s us who are in trouble. If you disagree, we’ll have to tie you up and send you to Anderson for questioning.”

“Exactly!” The crowd also agreed.

Upon hearing this, Leiyin stood up. He looked directly at them and spoke in an unyielding tone, “If you guys think you can tie me up, feel free to come over and try.”

The crowd lowered their heads and didn’t dare to speak out. The people here had witnessed his terrifying strength.

He instantly killed pirates with 5 million bounties, so those who weren’t convinced could go up and try.

Seeing the awkward atmosphere, Farmer even stepped forward to relieve the situation, “My lord, don’t be angry. The villagers are very anxious. After all, this is a matter of life and death for us, so I hope you don’t take it to heart.”

“Yes, but you have to promise me two conditions.”

Farmer, “Please, go ahead.”

“Lend me 20,000 Belly.” Leiyin faintly said.

Upon hearing this, Verdan, who was beside him, was anxious, “Father, I think this guy is here to fool us. You can’t give him the money.”

“If that’s the case, then forget it.”

After saying that, Leiyin was about to leave. However, Farmer held out his hand to stop Leiyin, “No problem, if my lord can defeat Anderson, let alone a mere twenty thousand, it would be no problem for us to pay the monthly offering.”

“Well, in that case, I promise to do so. Twenty thousand Belly, I want it now.” Leiyin didn’t hide it in the slightest and said directly.

Upon hearing him say this, Verdan couldn’t help but give him a blank look. In response, everyone now gathered 20,000 Belly for Leiyin and handed it over to him.

With the money in hand, Leiyin activated the Naruto Store in his mind. He spent twenty thousand Belly on buying two blank scrolls.

He unfolded them and sealed Andrin’s corpse inside, making it very easy to carry.

Now, Leiyin was considered a Bounty Hunter, and for him, the corpse wasn’t just a corpse, but a 5 million Belly.

There was such a handy item in Naruto Store which could be taken to the marine at any time to exchange for the bounty.

So, there was no need to worry about the corpse rotting beyond recognition.

Leiyin wanted 20,000 Belly for the two scrolls because the other scroll was for Anderson. However, people didn’t know this.

Andrin’s body just disappeared on the scrolls, like a magic trick, and the crowd was stunned once again.

Verdan, who had never been involved in the world, couldn’t contain her surprise and thought to herself, “Is this man a demon?

In One Piece World, there were also many strange and weird abilities because of the Devil Fruit.

So, regarding Leiyin’s approach, Farmer also knew that this kid should have some unique ability.

“Doesn’t my lord has two requests? What about the remaining one?”

“Help me pay for the meal,” Leiyin said.

After paying for Leiyin, Farmer said, “…… My lord has come a long way, so you must not have a place to stay. If you don’t mind, you can stay at my house.”

Leiyin scratched his head, “Well, I’m sorry for the intrusion.”

After hearing him said so, the villagers were somewhat relieved to have the village chief watching over Leiyin. Thus, they weren’t afraid of Leiyin sneaking away.

Unexpectedly, his daughter Verdan was very dissatisfied, “Father, how can you let this guy live in our house. I’m still an unmarried girl.”

Farmer smiled, “We have several rooms in the house, just make one available for him.”

“Father… you’re so bad… How could you ignore me?” Verdan said and left in a fury.

Seeing Verdan leave, Farmer was still smiling, “My daughter is rather headstrong. I hope my lord doesn’t mind.”

Leiyin said, “It’s fine. I don’t mind.”

Farmer and his daughter had come to the West Village to do some business. Their home was in the East Village.

Although a sea separated the two villages, it was only six miles, and it took less than twenty minutes to get there by boat.

Verdan was the first to return to East Village in a fit of anger, while Farmer and Leiyin arrived later.

When they arrived home, Farmer arranged a room for Leiyin. Leiyin was in a bit of a mess because he had returned from a sea voyage, fought with sea kings, and killed Andrin. So, Farmer told him to take a bath in the bathroom of his house.

“Thank you very much.”

Although Farmer was trying to use Leiyin to defeat Andersen, he was generally friendly to Leiyin. That was why Leiyin didn’t mistreat him.


After entering the bathroom and taking off his clothes, Leiyin soaked in the bathtub.

A whale in the sea couldn’t be bathed in a bathtub.

How could a true dragon be a thing in a pond? Heroes certainly travel on land and water!

Even when he took a bath, Leiyin didn’t forget to be enthusiastically motivated. At the moment he stood up, the bathroom door suddenly opened!

With a piercing scream of “wow,” a young girl covered her face and ran away. She was shouting and cursing, “Bastard! Stinking rascal! Pervert!”

Who else was it if not Verdan?

Verdan was the first to come back, so she didn’t know there was a man in the bathroom.

Leiyin stood up naked, and she saw it all!

Leiyin’s head was covered in black hair as he said, “I was the one that got seen by you; why are you reacting so dramatically?”

However, it was also his fault. He forgot to lock the door when he entered the bathroom.


In the next few days, Verdan never gave Leiyin a good face. Her impression of Leiyin was that he was not only ungrateful but also a sexual exposer.

So what if he was the one who defeated Andrin?

Anderson was much stronger than his brother, and he would be dead before he knew it!

The villagers of East Village knew about the incident of Leiyin killing Andrin, and everyone was talking about it.

“Are you saying that weak and literate looking kid killed Andrin?”

“How is that possible?”

“Hey, that’s not the point. Even if he had killed Andrin, how could his brother have spared us?”

“Anderson will definitely slaughter the village!”

“Killing Andrin, even our ‘guardian,’ Miller, couldn’t do it, right?”

“Doesn’t that guy know what it means to settle scores at the end of the day?”

“He’s an outsider, after all. He won’t give a damn about us!”

“What a disaster this boy has brought to our village!”

“He’s a disaster…”

The rumor in the village was boisterous. Some of the cowards were afraid of cruel revenge from Anderson, so they chose to run away.

Regarding the village’s comments, Farmer chose to trust Leiyin unconditionally, “Everyone rest assured, I’ve seen this kid’s strength. It’s definitely beyond your imagination.”

In response, the ‘guardian,’ Miller, said, “Village chief, where did you hire this liar from?”

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