Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 121


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After Hina left, the two of them looked slightly eased.

Verdan looked at Leiyin as if she felt embarrassed. Her pretty face was flushed, and she handed Leiyin the object she just carried behind her back, “This… is a talisman. Take it, I hope… I hope you have a safe journey…”

After saying that, Verdan ran away without looking back.

Leiyin held it in his hands as if thinking…


The next day, Leiyin was about to leave when the whole Marine Headquarters received shocking news – the former Marine Headquarters Rear Admiral X Drake defected from the marine and became a pirate!

The reason for the defection was still under investigation. Drake was henceforth called the “Fallen Rear Admiral” and was offered a reward of 110 million Belly.

For this matter, Leiyin only had a little shock in his heart. After all, he and Drake were a classmate in Marine Academy. However, when he thought about it, things also make sense. In the original story, Drake defected from the marine and became one of the “Super Rookies” with the protagonist Monkey D. Luffy in the same period.

However, this matter had nothing much to do with his trip to the West Blue. Captain Clavin followed Leiyin and boarded the warship, heading to the West Blue.

This person was considered Leiyin’s closest follower. He was tall and thin, with a scholarly face, but he was a knowledgeable guy. Whenever Leiyin had something to do, he would almost always look for Clavin to discuss. Clavin also liked Leiyin as a superior with strong power and chivalry, and the Headquarters felt that the two people worked well together.

Clavin was allocated to Leiyin as his second in command. Every time he won a battle, Leiyin would also talk to his superiors and tell them about the merits of Clavin, so at this time, Clavin had been promoted to Commodore.

The two were together again to discuss the matter of the West Blue.

“According to my analysis, the West Blue chaos can never be Ryan’s work alone. As the Fleet Admiral said, there must be a bigger mastermind behind him.” Clavin said to Leiyin.

Leiyin smiled and also asked, “Then who do you think the boss behind his actions will be?”

Clavin replied, “I wonder if you know Kano Country in the West Blue, Lord Rear Admiral…”

While the two were talking, a sharp and panicked shout came from the front of the warship.

“No good! There is a Sea Beast!”

“So… so big!”

The shout of the marine soldier in front caught the attention of the two men. Leiyin jumped on the deck with his Sword of Kusanagi on his back to see that there was a behemoth that was swimming recklessly in front of the warship.

“Turn the rudder to the right and avoid it,” Leiyin ordered.

The helmsman heard the words and ruddered to the right, but strangely enough, while the warship turned to the right, the big thing came to block them, and while the warship went to the left, the Sea Beast moved to the left as well.

“How… how abominable…”

“What the heck is this thing!”

Seeing this guy like this, Leiyin was angered. He took out three kunai from the inventory and launched them violently at the back of the Sea Beast without a second thought.

The three kunai were accurately stuck in the Sea Beast’s back, directly pierced three bloody holes. The Sea Beast roared, and the upper half of the body suddenly exposed to the surface…

“Lord Rear Admiral….”

“Why are you messing with this guy!”

“Whoa! It’s over; we will be eaten ah!”

The marine soldiers covered their heads and shouted in some despair.

Upon closer inspection, the behemoth had the head of a bear and a shark body, with a body length of 50 to 60 meters.

This was a Sea Beast named “Sea Bear” with a danger level of 295. It loved to scare and tease weak creatures. Seeing the frightened expressions and desperate cries of humans especially excited it. That was why it deliberately blocked the warship so that it could not move forward.

The Sea Bear was also very angry and vowed to tear the whole warship to pieces.

Leiyin, of course, could not let it do what it wanted. So, he gathered a terrifying chakra in his hand, and the blue ball of energy came out boldly.


Before the Sea Bear could attack, the [Rasenshuriken] directly hit the Sea Bear face as big as a grinder. Although the Sea Bear had thick skin and flesh, it was instantly hit, and its flesh became bloody.

The next moment, amid the marine’s shocked eyes, the Sea Bear slowly sank to the bottom of the sea. It was not clear whether it was dead or scared away.

“Keep going,” Leiyin said indifferently before everyone shifted their attention back from the incomparably astonished gaze.


The warship continued to set off towards the West Blue.

When they reached the 2nd Branch in the West Blue, the atmosphere there was decadent, and the soldiers had no fighting spirit.

After a big defeat, two Captains and three Commanders were killed in action by Ryan. The base chief had broken his arm, and the 2nd Branch in the West Blue was basically out of formation.

They thought that the Headquarters would send them a strong chief, and they didn’t expect it was such a young Rear Admiral.

As a result, the morale of the soldiers was even lowered.

Who was Ryan? He was a pirate with a bounty of 225 million with Devil Fruit ability. He took out five officers of the marine in a head-to-head battle. He even made the Captain fled with a broken arm.

The current highest rank of the 2nd Branch, Commander Jerry, saw Leiyin so young and full of bookishness, and he looked down on Leiyin a bit.

This Commander Jerry was also a veteran; many people in the marine were his cronies. He was considered the local snake, and by this, Leiyin wanted to start work. However, he made it difficult for Leiyin, not allowing him to work smoothly.

Finally, one day, he angered Leiyin, who was the base chief.

“Someone, Jerry, is breaking the law. Put him in the isolation room for three days!” Leiyin shouted angrily.

Then, Clavin led four soldiers to arrest Jerry directly.

“What crime have I committed? Why did you arrest me?” Jerry, who was caught in the isolation room, shouted angrily at Leiyin outside.

Leiyin said indifferently, “Because you are breaking the law and have no superiority!”

At that, Jerry snorted, “Humph! What kind of superiors are you? Our last base chief is so strong and can not resist Ryan. Kid, you don’t even have all your teeth, and you still want to go to…”


Before Jerry finished his words, Leiyin disappeared in place. Leiyin arrived in front of him, and he found that the Sword of Kusanagi was already on his neck.

“When did you…” Leiyin was faster than a human could imagine, and Jerry said this in infinite horror.

“Shut your disgusting bird mouth. I can finish Ryan or not; I don’t need you to tell me what to do here!” Leiyin said.

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