Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 122


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Leiyin put his sword on Jerry’s neck and said coldly, “I tell you. Now, I am the overall commander of the 2nd Branch; if you talk too much, believe it or not, I will execute you now.”

Jerry sniffed cold sweat, “I… I know…”

Since then, although Jerry’s heart was not convinced, his mouth never said anything.

Although Leiyin deterred this group of soldiers led by Jerry, he still couldn’t convince the crowd the first time he arrived at the West Blue.

Ryan, that big scourge was still on the loose. So what were you doing here with us?


The heavens didn’t seem to let Leiyin wait too long.

On the third day, Leiyin was practicing in the compound of his Branch.

In his left hand, he gathered the chakra of the earth attribute, concentrating highly. In his right hand, the chakra of the water attribute appeared in dots…

‘Not even close, not even close…’

Just when his attention was highly concentrated, his second in command, Captain Clavin, came to him, “Mr. Rear Admiral, did I…. disturb you?”

At that, Leiyin immediately withdrew his chakra, “No, what do you want?”

Clavin said, “Oh, report Rear Admiral. According to our informants, many pirate ships in the Branch about 45 kilometers away from Siro Island. The pirates are the same pirates who defeated the former base chief, the Wild Beast Pirates!”

Leiyin said, “How far are they from Siro Island?”

“According to the time to calculate, they should have arrived,” Clavin replied.

It took no time at all to find them.

“Good. Order the warship to set off immediately!”

“As ordered!”

Without leading too many people, Leiyin only took about 100 marines that he led when he came to the 2nd Branch and set off.

For this move, the marine forces of the 2nd Branch of the West Blue felt that Leiyin and his men were going to die.

Especially Jerry, who had a sword on his neck by Leiyin. He said most enthusiastically, “This new young Rear Admiral is really out of his mind. Our previous base chief almost led the whole army and was severely defeated. He actually didn’t weigh his own weight and set off with more than 100 people.”

“Haha, it’s ridiculous to think about it.”

“That fool. I wonder how far he can go before he dies….”


The Wild Beast Pirates didn’t know that the 2n Branch of the West Blue had a new Captain. Ryan felt that as long as he didn’t come across a famous marine figure like the three Admirals or Garp or Momonga, he was not afraid. Moreover, he defeated the previous base chief, so his heart was somewhat inflated.

Siro Island was the closest island to the base. This time, Ryan came with some provocative meaning. He did not believe that the new Rear Admiral would have much ability. So, it can be said that he was arrogant to the extreme.

However, this arrogance had saved Leiyin from looking for him specifically.

There were screams of pirates killing on the Siro Island while civilians were wailing and begging for mercy everywhere.

The leading Captain, with bloodthirsty excitement, was already red with blood.

“Kill all the men and children, and take all the young women!”

The small village, which was peaceful and restful, turned into a living hell on earth. While the people here were desperate with horror, Leiyin had arrived with his men.

“Captain Ryan, the warship is coming!”

The pirates’ minions reported to the Captain.

Instead of feeling scared, Ryan, who was informed of this news, had more than a touch of excitement on his face.

“How many people did they come?” Ryan asked.

“Very few, probably less than two hundred people.”

“Less than two hundred people? Are they coming to die?” Ryan smiled. He stopped the massacre of Siro Island and turned around to walk in the direction of the port.


Leiyin instructed Clavin to take the men to stand by while he went to meet them alone. Clavin nodded his head in agreement.

The marine soldiers on the warship were a bit stunned.

‘The opponent is a whole group of pirates. Although the Rear Admiral had some strength, how could he really go alone without any problems?’

‘How could the Rear Admiral go alone?’

In this way, the Wild Beast Pirates and Leiyin met head-on.

Seeing Leiyin came alone, Ryan could not help but feel surprised and amused, “Haha, you are the new base Captain? Where are all your men? How come you’re the only one here?”

Leiyin said lightly, “I didn’t let them come because they were too much of a nuisance.”

Ryan laughed even more, “Haha. Your men are all understanding people. Since you came alone, should I say that you have courage? Or are you ignorant?”

The pirates behind Ryan laughed loudly at this comment.

Leiyin, on the other hand, did not say anything. Instead, he disappeared in place with a flash and punched Ryan in the face, knocking him more than ten meters away.

“Hey, did you see what he did?”

“When was he?”

“So… so fast…”

Since the battle with [Destroyer of the World] Byrnndi World, it was unknown how many levels were Leiyin’s speed had improved.

This punch made the pirates look a little different.

Ryan stood up from the ground, wiped the blood on the corner of his mouth, and spit out a mouthful of blood, “Damn. You stinking kid. Brothers, cut him down for me!”

Ryan gave an order, and the pirates came up to Leiyin in all directions like a tidal wave.

Leiyin’s two hands and two fingers formed a “cross” and suddenly formed a seal, “MULTIPLE SHADOW CLONE TECHNIQUE!

In a flash, the original Leiyin changed into a thousand Leiyin.

“What the hell is this?”

“Is this splitting Devil Fruit ability?”

“It’s… unbelievable…”

Regardless of whether these pirates were surprised or what, each of these doppelgangers of Leiyin held a shuriken in their hands.


The words just fell, and the shuriken poured out like a storm towards the crowd. In a flash, the shuriken set off a storm of blood among the pirates.

In a second, countless pirates were killed and injured.

Until now, Ryan finally realized the seriousness of the problem.

“Captain, this man is not an ordinary kid at all!”

“We underestimated him…”

If he could become a Rear Admiral at such a young age, he must have something extraordinary.


At this time, some of the villagers who hadn’t suffered a massacre were lying on the pile of dirt, secretly watching the situation.

“Hey, the marine seems to be coming…”

“Only a young officer came, yet he killed so many pirates?”

“It’s unbelievable…”

Looking at his fallen men, Ryan’s face gradually became gloomy…

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