Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 123


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Ryan shouted, and his body had changed into a lion of more than five meters long.

Ryan, the Wild Beast Pirates’ Captain, was a superhuman with Neko Neko no Mi, Model: Lion Devil Fruit with a bounty of 225 million Belly!

“I always heard that you have Zoan Devil Fruit ability. I didn’t expect it to be this ability.”

After Leiyin said so, Ryan, in lion form with two hideous claws in front of him, pounced, “LION ATTACK – GROUND CRACKING!”

Leiyin instantly disappeared in place, causing Ryan to pounce on the empty. However, the ground was instantly cracked with a large hole of more than ten meters in diameter.

The remaining pirates raised their swords and guns behind them. Suddenly, their morale was boosted, “The Captain’s Devil Fruit ability has been used!”

“Kid, you’ll suffer death!”

“Captain! Beat him down!”

With that, Ryan’s razor-sharp claws cut hard at Leiyin. In the void, they even cut like a sword chop, but Leiyin continuously dodged…

The Zoan Devil Fruit could greatly enhance the physical quality of people. It was divided into three forms: human type, hybrid type, and animal type.

The human type was the most common form of the Zoan Devil Fruit, while the hybrid type retained its human appearance as becoming an animal. It could also turn parts of the body into animal parts. After turning into a hybrid type, the body’s ability would be enhanced compared to the normal human type. The body parts unique to animals, such as the senses, internal organs, horns, teeth, claws, and tail, would be strengthened. As for the animal type, the user would be completely transformed into an animal and have all animal characteristics.

This showed that Ryan had used the strongest form of the Zoan Devil Fruit – the animal type!

Ryan’s lion’s mouth opened and closed, “Kid, judging from the battle just now, you’re really not an idle person. Unfortunately, you’ve met me.”

“I’ve seen too many guys like you who speak big words,” Leiyin snorted.

“What did you say?!”

After hearing Leiyin’s words, Ryan roared in anger and used the [Ground Cracking] again. This time, it was even more powerful than the last time. Leiyin didn’t completely dodge and was affected by some waves. He was shaken with a shock in his brain.

The next moment, Ryan’s steel-like tail flung straight at him and struck directly at Leiyin’s body, who was instantly jerked to the ground and stumbled.

This time, a stun with a strong blow hit Leiyin by surprise.


The pirates under Ryan laughed with even more glee.

Leiyin stood up, patting the dust on his body. The aura in his eyes had changed abruptly.

“I was hoping to fight you for a few more rounds, but it seems that now, there is no need for that.”


The next moment, the lightning in his right hand was already “bared,” “FLYING FLYING THUNDER GOD – SECOND STEP – LIGHTNING RELEASE – CHIDORI!”

With a flash, Lei Yin disappeared into thin air and quickly arrived in front of Ryan. His hand filled with lightning directly cut off the “lion’s” leg.

Ryan was immediately beaten, lying on the ground in a pool of blood.

The pirates of the Wild Beast Pirates were all dumbfounded.

Upon seeing the situation had already changed, some of the pirates reacted quickly and immediately prepared to flee. After a few flashes of lightning, Leiyin immediately killed several pirates who ran in the front.

With that, Leiyin barked at the pirates who had been stunned, “Listen, if you want to live, immediately gather in that open space on the left. Otherwise, I will kill all of you. I think you believe that I have the ability to do so!”

Seeing the terrifying strength Leiyin had displayed and to save their lives, the pirates did as Leiyin said, and all went to a place to gather.

Leiyin immediately launched a signal to the warship…


At the port, Clavin led more than 100 marines had arrived.

According to Leiyin’s order, Clavin and the marines captured all the pirates and brought them back to the warship.

Even the incomparably arrogant Ryan, now was like a bereaved dog and was taken away after having a leg broken.


After the remnants of the Wild Beast Pirates were brought back to the base of the 2nd Branch of the West Blue, all the marine forces were stunned.

“This…. how is this possible?!”

“Only with just over 100 people ……”

Especially Commander Jerry, who had originally been slacking and looking down on Leiyin and the others. At this time, even his jaw fell to the ground: Ryan had killed two Captains and three Commander. He even broke the former base Captain’s arm. How could this kid only used about 100 people to end the entire Wild Beast Pirates and broke Ryan’s leg?

Who was this kid?


Now, the only thing to do was to interrogate these pirates Leiyin had brought back.

According to Feet Admiral Sengoku and Captain Clavin’s speculation, Ryan alone wouldn’t have the guts and ability to make so much noise in the West Blue. The only possibility was that they had a bigger backer behind the scenes.

Therefore, it was necessary to pry open their mouths and ask some questions carefully.

That Zoan Devil Fruit user, Ryan, was still had some backbone. Whether it was coercion, lure, or severe torture, Ryan still didn’t want to confess.

The Captain who managed the interrogation was a bit overwhelmed and came to Clavin.

Clavin seemed to have an idea in mind, “If the Captain is so tough, you can avoid all the sharp edges. Just try his pirates.”

“The pirates under him?”

“I don’t believe them. They are all hard-hearted men; you can interrogate them one by one. As long as one of them spits, the next ones can’t hide.”

The Captain smiled, immediately realized, “Commander, I will go immediately!”



West Blue, Kano Country, a pirate base.

“Captain, it’s not good; something big has happened!”

The hunchbacked old man with a tattoo of “12” near his left temple, a long white beard, and a kind face was practicing his martial arts. However, he suddenly launched his fist and shattered a rock more than ten meters long, “What is it? What’s the panic?”

“Report Captain. The Headquarters had transferred a young Rear Admiral to the 2nd Branch to become the new base chief. He was in Siro Island and destroyed the [Wild Beast Pirates]!”

“What do you say?!” The white-bearded old man smiled, and his eyes widened. The originally benevolent face had become like an evil ghost, “When did it happen?”

“Not even two days ago.” The pirate replied.

“Well, what about Ryan now?” The old man with the long white beard then asked.

“He was defeated by that young Rear Admiral and was also captured….”


West Sea, 2nd Branch, Captain’s office.

“Report Rear Admiral. The person behind Ryan’s curtain has been found.”

“Who is it?”

“It’s from Kano Country…”

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