Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 125


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“Who is it?” Seeing that the matter had come to light, Leiyin stood up and asked.

“The West Kano Country’s Happo Navy. Their leader is known as ‘Chinjao,’ the current leader of the Chinjao Family. He has a bounty is as high as 580 million Belly!”

“Chinjao Family? 580 million Belly?”

“That’s right.”

Happo Navy was one of the official pirate forces from Kano Country. Kano Country had at least eight pirate forces. In the original One Piece story, Happo Navy Don Chinjao’s grandson, Dao Sai, married the former member of Donquixote Pirated, Baby 5.

In the original story, Don Chinjao’s bounty was said to exceed 500 million in his heyday, but Leiyin didn’t expect the current bounty was 580 million Belly.

It was nearly 100 million Belly higher than the highest bounty he had ever encountered [World Destroyer] Byrnndi World!

It was said that Don Chinjao smashed the ice continent that had been frozen all year round with his head. Moreover, in the original story, he was proficient in using Haki, and his strength was definitely not to be underestimated.

Although they were relatively kind in the original story, Happo Navy was a violent group that did illegal activities. The main criminal activities were extortion, gambling, and drug trafficking. They would throw those defeated pirates who have fought them firmly into the sea.

So, the next enemy Leiyin would face was definitely not a group of good people.

Leiyin organized a meeting with his subordinates to discuss how to solve this matter.


The meeting.

Although everyone recognized his strength after defeating Ryan, they didn’t think he could directly counteract the legendary-level pirates, Don Chinjao.

A Captain said, “Is there still a room in the Seven Warlords of the Sea? How about we pursue the Headquarters and ask Don Chinjao to join?”

The Captain intended that we couldn’t fight Don Chinjao directly, so why didn’t we enlist his as our people so that what they do in the West Blue won’t be too much.

Commander Jerry smiled and expressed his opinion, “As far as I know, Don Chinjao is always reclusive. He likes freedom, and the Happo Navy is full of crimes, extremely advocate of violence. If he is drafted, I think the possibility of success is minimal.”

Everyone had basically expressed their opinions. The general idea was that they definitely couldn’t fight head-on with Happo Navy. Otherwise, they would definitely lose.

The proposal to conscript Don Chinjao to join the Seven Warlords of the Sea was not very feasible; the Happo Navy was a violent group in the West Blue. Besides, the marine’s arms were intercepted, and the World Government would never forgive them.

At this point, Clavin made a suggestion, “As the saying goes, ‘kill 10,000 enemies, and lose 8,000.’ If we go straight to battle with them, the damage is also hefty, even if we can win. Why don’t we be more roundabout?”

Leiyin, who was sitting in the chief seat, suddenly brighten up, “Let’s hear your idea.”

“We might as well attack at night.”

“Night attack?” The marine smiled and asked Clavin back with one voice.

“If we can surprise them, we will definitely have a great success,” Clavin said.

When you thought about it, this was actually an excellent way. Not only the West Blue, but the marine in the other four seas were also inferior compared to the power of the pirates (Arlong dominated the East Blue for nearly a decade, and the elite forces of the marine were concentrated in the Grand Line and the New World).

In the West Blue, no matter which one of the base chiefs, there was still a big gap compared to Don Chinjao. Therefore, there had never been in history, the marine to go directly to look for the trouble with Don Chinjao.

So, if they attacked sneakily, Don Chinjao would be surprised.

It wasn’t that Leiyin didn’t dare to go directly and fight Don Chinjao head-on. After all, he had so many soldiers and horses, so he might beat Don Chinjao. However, how about these people under him?

Needless to say, Chinjao wasn’t the only strong man of the Don Chinjao Family. Don Chinjao had two grandsons, Sai and Boo, which weren’t idle. Especially Sai, which would become the Happo Navy leader after Don Chinjao and was said to be the master of the “Hasshoken.”

The outcome of the battle with Don Chinjao wasn’t even known, moreover, if the three of them join forces. What would happen?

“What you said makes sense. Let’s do as you say.” Leiyin agreed with Clavin’s suggestion.

Clavin was worthy of being the wise man by Leiyin’s side. With him around, sometimes he could really take less trouble.

The general direction of the attack had been decided, and Leiyin continued, “Then, we would need someone to scout out the situation, right?”

The chances of a successful night attack might be higher, but it wasn’t so easy to spy or scout for information. It was necessary to find out the location, configuration, and the number of troops of the Happo Navy in Kano Country to greatly increase the possibility of defeating them.

Commander Jerry took over, “I know a man who can take on this responsibility.”

Leiyin’s eyes lit up again, “Who is it?”

Commander Jerry continued, “His name is Sweet. He was originally a member of the World Government secret agency CP 6. After retiring from the army, he was poor and came looking for me, so I gave him a normal job, collecting intelligence and whatnot. He was good at it.”

A glint appeared in the eyes of all the officers present. In unison, they turned their attention to Commander Jerry.

Leiyin continued to ask, “Where is he now?”

Commander Jerry replied, “He is now on a residential island less than 10 kilometers away from our 2nd Branch base. Oh, by the way, he is a Zoan Devil Fruit user – Saru Saru no Mi, Model: Sun Wukong, and he has a very agile movement.”

Leiyin stood up and said, “Hurry up and summon him to the 2nd Branch here. Tell him, if he can find out the detailed information of the Happy Navy, I’m going to make him a marine Captain immediately!”

“As you command!”

With that, Commander Jerry immediately called Sweet from the resident island to the base. Sweet showed his ability to Leiyin, who was very satisfied after seeing it.

Sweet didn’t only have the Saru Saru no Mi, Model: Sun Wukong Devil Fruit ability, but also mastered the Rokushiki – Soru, making him able to climb high up the ladder and move with great agility.

Although Sweet had great ability, he was a sincere person. Despite his skills, the members of CP6 saw that he had no fighting ability at all, so they kicked him out of the secret agency. He didn’t want to be a pirate or a burglar just because he had some skills. He wanted to be honest and work through the regular channels to survive.

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