Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 127


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The shells whistled and brushed past the side of the ship, exploding in the sea with a splash. The warship and the pirate ship gradually docked together, and the original long-range attack turned into close physical combat.

All of a sudden, there was a sound of shouting and killing. The sound of swords clashing and musket firing was incessant.

Leiyin’s mind was still thinking about who led this ship to come?

Most of the marine couldn’t support the attack of these pirates and gradually lost the battle. How could they be the opponents of the experienced Big Mom Pirates when they never experience fierce battles?

Suddenly, a large part of the marine was blown away by an inexplicable force that scattered a piece. Some of them were electrocuted by lightning and fainted.


‘Could it be the Sky Island – Enel?’

The next moment, Leiyin overturned this idea.

Amid the chaotic army, a figure fell into Leiyin and the marine’s eyes.

With explosive blonde hair, sunglasses, and cat-like whiskers on the face, the body was covered with hair with two fists clenched into the shape of a sandbag size, rushing left and right in the crowd, as if entering a no-man’s land.

Whenever this person’s fist came, it was always knocked away and blown down.

Leiyin had long noticed this powerful guy.

Leiyin, who was familiar with anime, recognized this person at once.

To be precise, he was not a person.

Pekoms, the superhuman with Kame Kame no Mi Devil Fruit ability. He was Big Mom Pirate group combatant, a confidant of Charlotte Linlin’s beloved general. He was born in Zou Island and was a Mink Tribe. His bounty was as high as 330 million Belly!

In the original story, he once killed the bounty of 210 million Belly with Logia Devil Fruit ability, Caribou in one punch. It showed how powerful he was.

The ship he brought this time was ten times bigger than Leiyin’s warship. There was no need to ask; it was likely that he came to some country in the West Blue to collect the candy payments for Charlotte Linlin.

West Blue was far from the New World, and this time, a strong combatant was sent. There was no sign of Sweet Commander, so the candy collected this time wasn’t a lot.

Pekoms was now the highest command of this ship.

Not to mention the Big Mom, even the Sweet Commandeer, did not come. Seeing this scene, Leiyin breathed a sigh of relief.

It was also fortunate that Charlotte Linlin did not come. Not to mention the Four Emperors, Leiyin now was likely to be no match to the All-Star level.

Moreover, the marine power was far less than these pirates and was soon beaten and routed.

Seeing Pekoms’ power in the marine raging, Leiyin didn’t felt bad.

Seeing the gradually defeated marine, suddenly, Leiyin’s power was born. The vague emperor’s aura came. In a short time, the crowd only felt a ripple of energy in the void. The next moment, majestic boundless energy like a huge river-sea spread in all directions.

After that, the pirates, who were still aggressive, rolled their eyes, foamed, and fell on the deck.

When either Pekoms or the pirates saw Leiyin used this ability for the first time, they were shocked!

‘This is?’

‘Haoshoku Haki?’

The pirates, who were not shaken down, focused on this kid who was less than 19 years old.

The original mighty pirates on the pirate ship were left with less than 30 people. It seemed that Pekoms really underestimated the kid in front of him.

Pekoms, with a gloomy face, held up his glasses, “I did not expect that there is actually the existence of such a guy like you in a place like the West Blue.”

Leiyin coldly smiled, “It’s just that you’re too blind. Above this sea, there are many things that you can’t imagine.”

“Cut the crap, so what? In my opinion, in this world, except for those three guys, no one will be a match for mom!” Pekoms said.

Leiyin immediately understood when Pekoms said, “those three guys.” Those were the other three Emperors, Shanks, Whitebeard, and Kaido!

“Haha, so this is the capital of arrogance?”

Pekoms pushed the sunglasses, “Hum, this is the strength. Whether it is the Revolutionary Army, the marine, or bounty hunters, in addition to the mom, I don’t need to put you guys in the eye. So what if you have Haoshoku Haki? In the New World, people like you can be as much as a cow.”

This also explained why the pirate ship led by Pekoms did not even hide but went straight up because he did not put the marine in his eyes.

One of the pirates pulled out the sword at his waist, “This kid used Haoshoku Haki to shake down many of our brothers, follow me to kill him!”

With that, more than twenty people rushed up in unison.

It was worthy of the Four Emperors group; knowing that the opponent used Haoshoku Haki, they still had the courage to go forward. The force alone launched a charge.

However, what they have was only courage.

Leiyin stretched his back and then directly to meet them. In a short while, either a straight punch or a sidekick, these twenty pirates either flying into the sea or fell heavily on the deck.

These pirates weren’t knocked by the Haoshoku Haki, which meant that there was still some strength. They could be classified as “elite” level, but these elites in front of Leiyin were still nothing.

“You give me enough!”

Looking at Leiyin galloping on the deck, Pekoms could not hold back. His foot slammed on the ground and even made a sonic boom sound. He then stuck to the ground and came hurtling towards Leiyin.


Leiyin’s fist was blocked by Pekoms, which saved the pirate from being knocked to the sea.

The two men’s fists docked together, and the corners of Leiyin’s mouth hooked into an intriguing smile, “Mr. Pekoms, I’ve been waiting for you for a long time.”

Because of his sunglasses, Leiyin could not see too much of his expression, “Kid, to defeat so many of my men by yourself, isn’t that a bit too much?”

Leiyin smiled badly, “Isn’t that interesting?”

After seeing Leiyin’s strength, Pekoms’s two fists quickly blackened, Busoshoku Haki wrapped around it. At the same time, Leiyin also attached chakra to both arms to harden them. Thus, the two fought with their fists.


The two fists clashed in the air, constantly sent a horrific sonic boom sound. The marines and the remnants of the pirates look dumbfounded.

They had never seen such a battle.

The crowd’s eyes were fixed on the two, and they wouldn’t leave for a moment!

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