Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 128


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With that, Pekoms took a long jump, and his pitch-black fist hit Leiyin directly in the chest. Leiyin received this impact and fell heavily on the guardrail of the pirate ship.

Leiyin fell heavily to the railings without completely losing his balance. He took this opportunity to quickly take out a shuriken with thunder attribute chakra attached and throw it.


A single shuriken turned into a dozen or so shot directly at his face, and Pekoms diagonally arced in the air and fell on the deck, avoiding these.

“Is this the strength of 330 million bounty pirates? How interesting.” Leiyin stood up while rubbing his vaguely sore chest.

Pekoms also rubbed his lion face and stood up from the deck. He patted the dust on his body and grunted lightly.

The marine and the pirates were natural enemies, and as soon as they met, they were destined to fight to the death. However, in the next moment, it was not Leiyin’s fist that struck Pekoms, but the marine’s bullets.

Three marine soldiers took out a heavy machine gun from the ship’s cabin and aimed the gun at Pekoms, “Pekoms! Enlighten yourself!”

Then, the machine gun shot out bullets that flashed fire like a fiery flourish. The bullets arose without eyes, and instead of dodging or fleeing, Pekoms stuck his limbs and head into the turtle shell.

Under the marine group’s dumbfounded face, there came a “dang dang dang” sound.

The bullets impacted on the turtle’s shell rubbed out a burst of fire, but the shell did not crack at all.

The machine guns couldn’t play the slightest role against him.

The turtle shell of the Kame Kame no Mi was said to have a hardness close to that of diamonds, with strong defensive power.

Then, instead of coming out of the turtle shell, Pekoms stood up the turtle shell, whistling at high speed, and rushed to the marine’s position. He used the hard turtle shell to smash the machine gun that just shot him!

Then, another group of marine was smashed down.

At this time, Leiyin’s right hand again gathered the blue ball of energy, “BIG BALL RASENGAN!”

With that, Leiyin held high the blue corona ball towards Pekoms and dropped it down brazenly, stopping the turtle shell that was spinning at high speed.

“Sure enough, only our Lord Rear Admiral can stop this turtle now.”

Looking at the already stopped Pekoms, the marine could not help but sigh.

Lieutenant Commander Clavin also breathed a sigh of relief.

Leiyin’s Big Ball Rasengan stopped Pekoms, and his limbs and head once again stuck out from the turtle shell.

With that, Pekoms’ hands flashed with lightning and struck Leiyin’s body.

At once, Leiyin only felt a tingling pain in his body and immediately retreated several steps away. At this point, Leiyin only suddenly realized that his attack was blocked by Pekoms’ lighting just now!

Because Pekoms was a Mink Tribe, his body could generate static electricity and attach electric currents to the attack.

The Mink Tribe was a miracle people. Every one of them was able to generate static electricity and used lightning attacks.

They had a king who could fight with Jack, one of the [All-Stars] of Kaido’s men, with a bounty of one billion Belly!

He was a powerful person.

According to the original story, the Mink Tribe that lived in Zou Island had no weakness!

More unexpected to Leiyin was that the ordinary Mink Tribe static electricity could only be attached to the fur to attack. Pekoms could extend the static electricity out to attack the enemy from a longer distance.

Mink Tribe’s natural strength was not bad, and Pekoms was more than ordinary  Mink Tribe. He also ate a powerful defensive Kame Kame no Mi.

Therefore, to say that this guy’s strength was close to 500 million, that was not too much.

When Leiyin was thinking, the static electricity in Pekoms’ hand “bared” again. When the navy soldiers saw this, they “hooted and hollered” and retreated to the back, leaving an empty field.

The static electricity in Pekoms hand gradually became brighter and brighter and even shone with some blinding light blue. Pekoms leaped, whistling towards Leiyin and impacted.


The lightning on Leiyin’s body “bared,” trying to neutralize the lightning Pekoms carried. However, he did not expect, Pekoms’ hands were covered with Busoshoku Haki.

The lightning hit his body, and the electricity gushed out.

However, it didn’t affect him.

It turned out that the lightning emanating from Leiyin’s body canceled out the lightning in Pekoms’ hand.

However, when Pekoms saw this, he didn’t give up the attack of lightning. He crossed his hands, and two lightning bolts blasted away.


Lightning folded into a cross “bared” and went, vowing to split Leiyin into charcoal.

Leiyin did not dare to show weakness. His whole right hand also became bright and blinding.


Leiyin disappeared in a flash, and his hands gathered a lot of thunder attribute chakra whistling.

This blow broke the “Lightning Strike” of Pekoms and directly through his body.

The Four Emperors Big Mom Pirates combatant Pekoms, defeated.

Leiyin’s men were already dumbfounded.

In the West Blue, 225 million Ryan, 330 million Pekoms of Big Mom Pirates, these two or three hundred million level bounty pirates. However, they have no power to fight back in the hands of Leiyin!

The West Blue marine didn’t know that before this, Leiyin had also defeated the original Seven Warlords of the Sea with a bounty of 80 million, Crocodile, then the [Gang] Capone Bege with a bounty of 100 million Belly, the [Fire Fist] Ace with a bounty of 260 million Belly, Jeff the Tori Tori no Mi, Model: Griffin Devil Fruit user with a bounty of 375 million Belly, Byrnndi World the [World Destroyer] with a bounty of 500…

If they looked at this resume, they would definitely be more shocked.

However, it didn’t take long for this history to become known to everyone.

It was impossible not to draw attention to the fact that so many big bounty criminals, which could easily cost several hundred million Belly, had been defeated in succession.

Many reporters from newspapers in the Sabaody Archipelago had repeatedly heard about Leiyin’s repeated defeats of powerful enemies, but no one had ever reported them officially. Now the defeat of the Four Emperor’s combatants had become the trigger for his fame.

The reporters scrambled to the Marine Headquarters to investigate Leiyin’s previous data battle, and for this, Sengoku was very cooperative. Leiyin’s information was told in detail, and the reporters were pleased to publish the information in the newspapers worldwide.

Information about Leiyin, in addition to that list, was his defeat of the Donquixote Pirates top officers, Dinamite and Gecko Moria, who was offered a bounty of 300 million, enlisted as the Seven Warlords of the Sea, and resisted Kaido of the Beasts’ punch head-on.

This information was even more compelling than the young marine hero Garp.

Year xx, Rear Admiral Leiyin of the Marine Headquarters, made a name for himself!

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