Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 13


For Miller, although he was known as the “guardian” of the two villages, some people didn’t like him. Mayor Farmer was one of them.

As mentioned earlier, Miller was a retired marine lieutenant commander who could do martial arts and had some fighting skills.

He had fought pirates in his youth and had some knife wounds on his face. He always boasted of these cuts as his military badge of honor.

Although Miller’s power was not enough to free the villagers from Anderson’s rule, most of the villagers believed that it was because of Miller’s existence that the village survived and was spared from being slaughtered by Anderson.

The tradition in the East and West Villages was that people would be eager to have their daughters marry the man if the man had great power.

He was nearly 40 years old and unmarried, but he had many women openly and secretly.

Besides, he always liked to tell the villagers, “How did I do back then?” which made Farmer dislike him.

In Farmer’s eyes, Miller was a guy who only talked big but couldn’t do anything. Otherwise, he would have defeated Anderson or driven him away, so the villagers wouldn’t have to pay monthly offerings to the “Bad Wolf Pirates” in humiliation.

In fact, Farmer didn’t believe that Miller thinks about the villagers at all. He would only use his strength to gain fame and women.

So, secretly, Farmer also went to the outer islands to find three warriors to deal with Anderson.

One of the three warriors was known for his strength, one for his speed, and the other claimed to have fought all over the island where he lived without a single defeat.

Farmer had paid them a large sum of money in advance to keep the village out of trouble.

When Anderson came to collect the “protection money,” he asked them to provoke a confrontation with him so that he wouldn’t suspect that they were being paid and the villager wouldn’t be slaughtered.

However, one of the three warriors, who had just witnessed Anderson’s terrifying strength, fled in terror, and Anderson simply killed the remaining two in less than three minutes.

Since then, no one dared to challenge Anderson. In fact, in people’s hearts, they had all succumbed to Anderson’s almost invincible strength.

So, when they heard that the foreign Leiyin had killed Andrin, there was a huge uproar among the villagers.

Even the three-year-old children in the village knew that the older brother, Anderson, was many times stronger than his younger brother.

Therefore, killing Andrin wouldn’t eliminate the disaster but would have brought misfortune.

This was what it meant to say that an emperor’s army’s failure would lead to disaster.

Therefore, the villagers asked Miller to defeat Leiyin and then offer him to Anderson to prevent him from slaughtering the village.

On the other hand, Miller was happy to see how much strength this kid, who defeated Andrin, had.


Today, Leiyin was about to go to the back of the village to practice in the mountains, but he was stopped on the way by Miller and a group of people.

Seeing so many people, Leiyin said, “What are you guys doing… What can I do for you?”

“Kid, I heard you’re pretty good. However, do you know how much trouble you’ve caused us by defeating Andrin and playing it cool?” The leader, Miller, said.

“That’s right. Do you know what a disaster you’ve caused us?” The villagers behind them

Leiyin said carelessly, “I told the village chief that I would never leave here until I defeated Anderson.”

Upon hearing this, the villagers were startled, then all laughed out loud in unison.

“This guy… Did he say that he was going to defeat Anderson?”

“What a joke!”

“Don’t think you can beat Anderson just because you defeated Andrin. The two brothers are not on the same level!”

“What an ungrateful kid…”

Everyone was talking to one after another, full of contemptuous words.

Leiyin didn’t want to pay attention to them and continued to walk forward, but Miller ran over and stopped him.

Leiyin said, “What the hell are you doing?”

Miller smiled coldly, “You heard it all, didn’t you? We don’t even believe you. It’s a pipe dream for a stinker like you to try and beat Anderson!”

Leiyin also replied with a sneer, “It’s not up to you to say about someone else. Besides, I promised this matter to the village chief, not you, so whether you trust me or not has nothing to do with me.”

“Bastard. It looks like I’ll have to kill you and offer you to Anderson.” Miller viciously made an offensive stance.

Seeing their bad intention, Leiyin certainly wouldn’t be polite, “If you think you have the ability to do that, go ahead and try!”

“What a cocky bastard. Let’s give him a taste of his own medicine!”

“This guy must be arrested!”

“Take care of him!”

The villagers were in solidarity with Miller.

“Go die, kid!”

With that said, Miller lifted his foot and kicked at Leiyin’s side. Leiyin attached his chakra to his left arm to block the kick.

After all, the opponent was a veteran marine lieutenant commander. Leiyin also heard that Miller even knew how to do [Rokushiki], so this was no ordinary person’s strike.

In fact, this kick was only a tentative attack against Leiyin. He wanted to see the guy’s strength, but he didn’t expect to be defended so easily.

The next step was for Miller to use his best move.


Miller stretched out the index finger of his right hand and thrust it straight toward Leiyin’s heart. The sound was like metal hitting each other.

Miller’s index finger was pressed against the left side of Leiyin’s chest.

However, his finger couldn’t advance even half a millimeter.

It turned out that Leiyin gathered his chakra instantly at the location of his heart, making an invisible layer of armor to resist the blow.

When he saw that Miller had directly attacked his vital point, Leiyin was unable to keep quiet.



As Leiyin was about to strike back at Miller, an old man came running not far away. It was the village chief, Farmer.

He ran up to the two of them and said, “What are you doing?”

Miller looked like a thief shouting at another thief, “Mayor, this guy is acting arrogant because he has defeated Andrin. I will teach him a lesson for you.”

“Who do you want to teach? If you have the guts, tell me again!” Leiyin was very angry at the words. He was glumly flowing his chakra all over his body, ready to beat Miller up.

Miller sneered, “Ignorant kid, I’m talking about…”

“All of you shut up!” Farmer interrupted the two men’s quarrel with a shout.

Seeing that Farmer was anxious, Miller stopped talking.

Usually, Miller was very arrogant. However, he didn’t dare to do anything to the respected village chief.

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