Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 130


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A few days later, Sweet came back from the Kano Country.

As soon as he returned, Leiyin immediately sent him to the base Chief’s office.

“How is the situation over there?”

Sweet took a sip of tea, “Lord Rear Admiral, what a blessing. After careful investigation, the Happo Water Army’s secret base is not within the Kano Country.”

“Really?” Leiyin smiled, and his eyes lit up.

“Well, they are on a small island less than 5 kilometers away from Kano Country, serving as their stronghold.”

Hearing this, Leiyin felt that the chances of winning were one more step up. If it were within the territory of Kano Country, it would be like going to war with the whole Kano Country, which would be very unfavorable for Leiyin.

This thing was simply a blessing from heaven.

Leiyin said, “What is their number and troop configuration?”

Sweet replied, “I touched into their internal, found out clearly that they are about 2000 people. Don Chinjao, the leader of the Happo Navy, was almost in seclusion and didn’t care much about the pirates. The real person who manages things is Don Chinjao’s grandson, Sai, and Boo.”

Leiyin slightly pondered, “Good. Today, you go to find out the specific configuration of the troops, and tonight we are ready for the night attack.”

“As ordered!”

Usually, if nothing was going on, the Happo Navy was resting in their stronghold. They were still some distance away from the branch, and they could not have imagined that the marine would raid them in any way. Moreover, they thought that they were strong and did not put anyone in their eyes.


In the afternoon, Leiyin led twelve warships to set off grandly.

To cover up and avoid arousing suspicion, Leiyin called the operation a military exercise.

Sweet scouted the intelligence of the day, sailed a small boat, and slipped out from the Happo Navy base to join Leiyin’s warships.

“Report to Rear Admiral, after scouting; only four sentries are guarding the Happo Navy.”

“Very well,” Leiyin said and ordered the soldiers to drop anchor and rest in place.


In the evening, Leiyin led the warship and quietly touched into the harbor of the Happo Navy base. Upon looking toward the island, there were only stars.

About 2 kilometers away from the island, Leiyin dispatched a few marine forces who were good in water to swim across the sea to kill the four sentries in order not to alarm the pirates on the island.

After all, pirates were pirates; the discipline was not as strict as the marine. The marine soon assassinated the sentry, and Leiyin’s army went to the island.

The sentry had all been solved, and the pirates were defenseless. Leiyin divided the soldiers into three groups. He took the middle to launch a surprise attack when the enemy was not prepared.

Many pirates were sleeping, and when they woke up, they didn’t even have time to pick up their weapons to resist and had already died under the marine’s bullets and swords.

There was a man who was more alert. When he heard the unusual noise outside, he immediately hand-held swords, hastily cloaked in battle.

The man wore a wave collar cloak, short brown hair, holding a sword decorated with rings and a fierce face. He led a few people and rushed to the marine formation. He ran around and killed almost as if no one was there.

Leiyin was killing pirates in the middle, while the direction of the attack was on the right.

A midshipman immediately went to report to Leiyin, “Lord Rear Admiral, we can’t hold the right side.”

Leiyin said, “Is Don Chinjao here?”

The Lieutenant said, “No. It’s a guy with a somewhat fierce face and a sword.”

At that, Leiyin secretly pondered: ‘Is he the one who is coming?’

“Clavin, you take on the enemy here; I’ll go to the right.”

“Yes, Rear Admiral.”

Leiyin followed the Lieutenant and headed for the right road.

The fierce man carrying the sword and wearing a wavy cloak was like a god of war charging around in the crowd, killing everywhere. When Leiyin looked closely, this man was…

Sai, Don Chinjao’s grandson, Happo Navy next Captain, was Chinjao family’s main member.

In the original story, he showed strong strength.

Sai swung his sword and was about to cut off a Lieutenant’s head when Leiyin pulled out the Sword of Kusanagi behind him and took the blow.

The soldiers and pirates lit up torches to fight, and the granary behind them was also lit up with fire. All of a sudden, the dark island was lit up like daylight.

Sai carefully looked at the young man wearing the cloak with the Sword of Kusanagi.

“You are [White Robe Little Admiral] Leiyin?!”

“Exactly,” Leiyin said indifferently.

With that, Sai’s already vicious face became even more fierce, “You damned fellow. You put our Happo Navy in this state. I will definitely tear your bones apart!”

“That depends on whether you can do so.”

“Don’t be so arrogant there. Go to hell!”

Sai was furious, and his right fist was blatantly gathering terrifying energy.



It was said that this “Hasshoken” was a move passed down from generation to generation by the centuries-old “Happo Army,” which released a diffuse shock wave with powerful energy while striking the opponent. No ordinary shield could resist this attack. Besides, Hasshoken also has solid defensive power; even swords and guns could not hurt the user of Hasshoken.

“The “Hasshoken” with the intense pressure of energy came to the marine forces led by Leiyin and scattered them. While Leiyin had already used [Flying Thunder God – Second Step ], the marine forces who were hit fell, disappeared in place with a flash.

In the middle of the air, Leiyin’s hands had already formed a seal, and ninjutsu came out boldly, “FIRE RELEASE – GREAT FIREBALL!”

With searing heat, a giant ball of fire rushed straight towards Sai. Sai stared at the ball of fire but did not have the slightest intention of dodging. There was majestic energy in his other fist, and a move of eight punching fists smashed out.

This time, Sai was about to be swallowed by this flame, but his fist knocked the flame away.

“Worthy of being the next leader. He really has some skills.” Leiyin said as he landed on the ground.

Sai heard and was furious, “What did you say?! You actually said I ‘have some ability’?!”

Seeing Sai’s angry expression, Leiyin just remembered that Sai’s personality was quite straightforward, but he did not like people saying compliments and polite words. Whenever someone said such things to him, he would become furious and emotional.

The angry Sai lifted his sword and cut towards Leiyin, who did not dodge. Instead, Leiyin held the [Sword of Kusanagi] with both hands, and the sword clashed with a metal sound. Their strengths were comparable.

Then, the two of them struck each other with their swords and swords. One was like a dragon coming out of the sea; the other was like a tiger descending from the mountain. Neither of them was willing to give up…

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