Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 131


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In the air, there was a constant sound of metal clashing. The two were as fierce as tigers that both refused to give up half a step.

After about twenty to thirty rounds of battle, they did not win or lose. Taking advantage of a gap, Leiyin held a sword in his left hand, but his right hand gathered that blue cyclone…

Not only Leiyin, but Sai was also the same. He was holding a large sword in his right hand, and his left hand was clenched into a fist already ready to strike…



Two strands of energy hit each other together as if two planets about to explode. With a loud and deafening roar, the two pressure caused by the huge shock wave swept everyone on the island; the two were shaken back a few dozen steps away.

There was no account of Sai’s bounty in the original story, but from the performance and his strength, he had at least 450 million above!

“It’s really getting interesting.” Leiyin inserted the sword into the sheath, clenched his fist, and said…

More than 2,000 people were on the Happo Navy’s side in this battle, while Leiyin’s marine side of twelve warships was about 5,000-6,000. He already had a great advantage with the number side, plus it was a surprise attack on the Happo Navy, so by now, these pirates were almost killed cleanly.

The only one left who could fight was Sai.

The marine, carrying swords and muskets, carefully surrounded him…


The marine heard the words and put down the weapons in their hands. Leiyin meant to duel with Sai alone.

Sai put his big sword across, “Humph, kid, you have a good temperament, but I will never forgive you for doing such a thing to our Happo Navy.”

“What do you want?”

“Next, I want your life!”

Sai shouted, fiercely thrust the sword above the ground. The energy climbed steeply, and the pitch-black color had been concentrated on the right foot, which was different from the previous state seen.


Sai kicked at his opponent while sending out a shockwave of Hasshoken. This time, it was even more majestic than the eight punches sent out before.

This strike will send out a wave of energy as vast as a magnificent sword, and this wave would cut the ground straight through, heading straight for Leiyin…

Leiyin’s eyes also changed dramatically, pulling out the sword behind him. He attached the fire attribute’s chakra to it and sent a sword wave directly to meet the attack.


This move was a new sword art created by Leiyin, which combines the Fire Release and the sword art [Leopard Sword Wave], and adds flame damage to the Leopard Sword Wave.

The sword wave sent by Leiyin was like a crimson fire dragon. Sai’s [Sword Spike – Hasshoken] clashed together, and the power triggered this time was even more powerful than the previous clash. The flames were directly dispersed with an evenly matched roar, and these flames even reached the marine onlookers. A lot of flames splashed onto the bodies of some of the marine and burned directly.

The power of the two men’s moves far exceeded the imagination of these ordinary marine soldiers.

“As expected of the [White Robe Young Admiral]. It seems that the marine bastards did not exaggerate their words. But, so what?”

Although he acknowledged Leiyin’s strength, he still did not think Leiyin could beat him.

More powerful energy was brewing…

Seeing this, Leiyin secretly thought. ‘Is this the strongest move of Don Chinjao?’

Speaking of which, why was Don Chinjao not on this island? It turned out that Don Chinjao nickname “hermit.” Although he spent a lot of time with the Happo Navy, he also liked to go deep inside the forest to train by himself and improve his strength.

Sweet spied the information and went back to report to Leiyin today. Don Chinjao just left Happo Navy’s base to go somewhere to live in seclusion for two more days. So, when something so big happened here, Don Chinjao was unaware of it.

All of a sudden, Sai’s feet charged with electricity through thunder. Above the crowd, all the storm clouds began to change color, and the energy gathered on the feet was powerful as never before.


This energy carried a majestic and boundless battle intent. The foot was like a fierce dragon, and it kicked straight up to Leiyin. When Leiyin saw such a powerful force, the chakra in his hand rotated at high speed, and then that chakra was suddenly sent.


The high-speed rotation of the cyclone was like a fast rotating small satellite in general. It directly met Sao Cai’s foot, and unexpectedly, Sai’s [Hasshoken] was too powerful and dispersed Leiyin’s [Rasengan Hand Sword] directly, turning it into a spot of light. Not only that, but a more eye-opening scene happened…

This move was the strongest move of the Hasshoken! In the entire Happo Navy, only two people could use it – Sai and Don Chinjao. The move displayed by Sai was no less powerful than the one displayed by his grandfather, Don Chinjao. The spreading cracks directly cut the entire island into two sections!

All the marine forces were dumbfounded.

Not only that, a considerable number of people were affected by the ripples. Even the marine forces impacted by this energy by a small margin were more or less injured to varying degrees.

Leiyin did not completely avoid this shock wave and shattered his left arm, bruising a large skin.

Although Leiyin had the Body Flicker Technique, Sai’s [Hasshoken] was too powerful. The whole island could be torn apart, let alone these flesh and blood mortals!

Sai used this move, and after a high-intensity battle, he was almost exhausted from all the energy in his body. Although Leiyin’s arm was scraped, it was only considered a minor injury.

The minor injuries weren’t the fire line; serious injuries didn’t dwell in the hospital.

How could Leiyin admit to this degree of injury? His hands formed a seal, and the ninjutsu came out.


This time, the ninjutsu was not directed in all directions but concentrated to a point and struck Sai.

As soon as this move came out, Sai couldn’t meet the enemy. Numerous water streams that were more powerful than waterfalls directly knocked Sai down to the ground.

After seeing this, the marine swarmed and captured Sai. Sai was almost depleted of all energy and had no power to fight back. He was captured by the marine and made a prisoner.

The powerful Sai might not have thought of this result and was caught by the marine.

Since then, Rear Admiral Leiyin declared this total victory.

This night’s attack hit the big win!

In xx, Chinjao heir [Sai], was defeated by the Marine Headquarters Rear Admiral Leiyin…

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