Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 133


Kuzan went out of the Fleet Admiral’s office. Sengoku went up and patted Garp’s shoulder, “Garp, I’m very optimistic about Leiyin. If you look at his strength and potential, I not only intend to train him as an Admiral, but it is likely that he will take over my position in the future.”

“Marine Fleet Admiral?!”

Sengoku looked at Garp, but he didn’t look like he was joking.

Sengoku nodded gravely


The next day, Lei yin received the order to pilot the warship back to the Marine Headquarters. The West Blue chaos had been put to rest, and the headquarters dispatched a new base Chief to the 2nd branch.

When he returned to the headquarters, Leiyin brought back Sweet, who had made a great contribution to the destruction of the Happo Navy, and brought it under his account.

On the way back to the Marine Headquarters, they met a compelling character.

“Look, what is that??”

Leiyin quietly looked at the sea when a group of marine soldiers watched a magnificent figure fly across the sky.

The voice of the marine soldiers startled all the marine on the warship.

Leiyin also looked into the sky. There was a bird with green flames and panda eyes, similar to a phoenix, flying in the New World’s direction.

“This is?!” Leiyin, who had always been as steady as a mountain, couldn’t help but stare.

“That’s a phoenix, right?”

“No, it seems to be a legendary bird.”

“It seems to be”

While the marine soldiers were arguing, Leiyin had already stepped on the [Geppo] and ran to the air.

“Young Rear Admiral”

The flight speed of that bird was not slow, and Leiyin, in conjunction with [Flying Thunder God – Second Step], quickly rushed into the sky.

“I didn’t expect to meet him, here.” Leiyin recognized this guy at once and wanted to meet him.

The bird instantly spotted Leiyin, who rushed up to the air. It stirred its wings and stalled in the air as Leiyin kept stepping on the air and confronted it.

“What an honor. I never thought I would meet a great man like you.” Leiyin said, revealing a slightly playful smile.

The bird’s beak opened and closed, speaking in human language, “You know me?”

Lei Yin replied, “Of course.”

The bird sniffed, and the rest of his body, except for his two wings, transformed into a human shape.

He was wearing a golden punk head, a dagger at his waist, and a tattoo of the Whitebeard Pirates on his chest!

Whitebeard Pirates?!

Marco was the 1st division commander of the Whitebeard Pirates with Tori Tori no Mi, Model: Phoenix (The official name was not given, just the shape like the Phoenix bird, with super regeneration ability. The Phoenix bird was red). Several years ago, he was already a member of the Whitebeard Pirates and was actually the second in command in the division.

In the original Marineford Arc, he showed powerful strength. His battle with the Vice Admiral Borsalino was a draw!

“Whitebeard Pirates 1st division commander. I have heard a lot about you, like thunder.” Leiyin lightly said.

Haha, you actually know who I am, so should I say you are foolish, or have courage?”

“You do have the capital to be arrogant.”

Leiyin said, drawing white energy in the void, like a ripple towards Marco. Marco swung his wings to avoid the blow easily.

Marco waved his wings, and three green flames suddenly came out. Leiyin flashed to dodge but not completely flashed, causing the corner of the “justice” cloak to be burned.

This attack was stronger compared to Ace Mera Mera no Mi Devil Fruit.

Leiyin saw the situation, and his hands suddenly formed a seal, “WATER RELEASE – WATER DRAGON BULLET TECHNIQUE!”

A waterfall-like impact came out, splashed on Marco. Marco used his right wing to block the water waves out.

Leiyin thought Marco’s Devil Fruit ability was essentially a fire-inflammatory ability, so he wanted to use water to restrain him but never thought it was just a self-deceiving joke.

For the record, Leiyin’s water-based abilities were all freshwater, so it was absolutely impossible to disable all Devil Fruit users.

So, Leiyin took out dozens of shuriken from the system and threw them directly. In a flash, ten became a hundred, a hundred became a thousand, a thousand became a million, and tens of thousands of shuriken densely covered the sky.

Marco waved his wings vigorously, but he could not avoid it, and his body was pierced with a hundred transparent holes.

In the year xx, 1st division commander of the Whitebeard Pirates, Marco, was defeated by the Marine Headquarters Rear Admiral Leiyin.

Wait: That was a joke!!!! XD

Marco’s body was pierced with a hundred holes flashing green fire, and the wound was slowly healing.

Marco’s Tori Tori no Mi, Model: Phoenix ability had a self-regeneration solid ability. So, it was a rare animal “Tori Tori no Mi Devil Fruit” ability with Logia ability. It was one of only five kinds of flying creatures in One Piece World.

However, Marco’s fruit had an entity. Although the wound would be surrounded by the so-called “resurrection blue flame” and then regenerate so that the attack was invalidated, the regeneration also had its limits. He was not absolutely immune to injury and would die even in the fruit form after being injured to a certain extent. The blue flame did not have ordinary flame characteristics, so it could not spread and burn things.

In the original story, the original author Eiichiro Oda explained that the only natural element that could be manipulated was the Logia Devil Fruit. The other two types of fruits (including Tori Tori no Mi Devil Fruit) could not elemental themselves or manipulate the ability of various elements of nature.

“What an unbelievably enviable ability.”

Looking at the rapidly healing wounds, Leiyin could not help but exclaim.

Leiyin didn’t say this in empty words. For this ability, he was longing for it. He was most envious of two abilities in the real world: Marco’s Zoan Devil Fruit ability. The other was the ability of Marine Admiral Borsalino’s natural system Flash Fruits.

Tori Tori no Mi Devil Fruit ability was even rarer than the strongest Logia Devil Fruit recognized in One Piece. The ability of its fruit was also extraordinary. Most importantly, the person using the fruit, for example, the Tori Tori no Mi Devil Fruit user Leiyin encountered previously, Jeff, wasn’t well developed. Although his bounty was nearly 400 million Belly, he was easily defeated by Leiyin, a Commodore at the time.

Back to the present.

The wounds on Marco’s body, which had been pierced with a thousand holes, healed rapidly and returned to his original form in a short while.

After recovering, Marco’s hand-gathered a giant ball of blue fire. With a searing heat, he quickly threw it, “BLUEBIRD!”

When Leiyin saw this, he gathered a blue cyclone in his hand. The blue ball of energy in his hand was sent out boldly, “WIND RELEASE – RASENGAN HAND SWORD!”

On the warship, the marine soldiers who watched the two strands of energy collide together were dumbfounded!

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