Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 135


Leiyin actually went to fight for Verdan with Yukimura, and Hina felt that her jealousy had been knocked over.

So, in a very depressed mood, she was ready to find Leiyin for an explicit talk.

However, during this period, Leiyin was busy. He just returned from the West Blue not long before Sengoku called him to discuss another matter.


In the Fleet Admiral office, Garp, Sengoku, and Leiyin were inside.

Sengoku said to Leiyin, “According to the report you brought back, I had people go through some investigation, and found that the Seven Warlords of the Sea, Donquixote Doflamingo, is indeed a big problem. Although he is the Seven Warlords of the Sea, in addition to intercepting, and selling the weapons of the political symbol, he is also doing a lot of illegal business. According to the spy organs CP9 inventory, he and even the Four Emperor, Kaido, also have some connections.”

“Kaido of the Beasts?!”

Although Leiyin knew what was going on, he still had to put on a rather surprised look.

Donquixote Doflamingo, this man’s life was quite extraordinary. He ate both black and white, both official background and his dark forces. In private, he also kidnapped various creatures (Dwarves, Mermaids, Gladiator, etc.) to run an illegal Human Auctioning House, providing slaves for the World Noble and rich people. In the underground world, he was engaged in the arms business, and his power spread all over the world. He was an intermediary in the underground world, codenamed “Joker (Joker)”.

He secretly kept the evil scientist Caesar Clown, producing Artificial Zoan Devil Fruit called SMILE. Behind the government’s back, the artificial fruit was sold privately to the Four Emperor, Kaido.

Not only that, he was a powerful superhuman with Ito Ito no Mi Devil Fruit ability and the original bounty of 340 million Belly!

Leiyin knew all these things, but the government was still in further investigation.

“His character has been very serious, and based on your past outstanding performance, we still decided to let you investigate these things.” Sengoku said.

Leiyin said, “I know, Fleet Admiral, Vice Admiral Garp, I will do my best to do so.”

Leiyin’s words were rather modest, but his tone was slowly confident and without the slightest hesitation or fear.

Garp stood up to look at him, “Kid, you should not agree so quickly. That Doflamingo is not trivial. It is said that he is a vicious character with three Haki, you have to be careful anyway.”

Garp’s worry was not excessive. The strength of Doflamingo was indeed extraordinary, and Lei Yin also knew that he would not only three Haki, but also a rare Devil Fruit in the One Piece World awakened, with the strength of the Admiral.

Then that would mean, if he wanted to defeat Doflamingo, he must have the strength of a Fleet Admiral.

Leiyin said, “Old man, you are really nagging today. You don’t look like the usual crisp and thundering you.”

Leiyin made a joke, but Garp could not laugh.

“Anyway, you have to be careful in everything.”

“I know. Then, should I leave tomorrow to go to the North Blue?”

“That’s right, but this time, you can’t take the identity of the marine. You need to blend into the North Blue, to find out the crime of Doflamingo.” Sengoku said.


Sengoku said, “In that case, it is easy to alarm the snake. Moreover, the most important reason is that, according to our investigation, Doflamingo is now, most likely, not on the North Blue.”


“He may have gone to the New World Dressrosa Island. With his character, he definitely have any mischievous intentions.”

Leiyin understood as soon as he heard it. Doflamingo attempted to seize Dressrosa and become the king of Dressrosa! However, his political note was not known now.

“As marine, it’s not good to ask too much about the actions of the Seven Warlords of the Sea. So, it can only be done by you. If you find enough evidence, you can directly execute Doflamingo, or call the bug and ask for support from the headquarters.”

“I understand.”


After the meeting of the three was dismissed, Leiyin came to find Garp.

“Kid, what’s the matter?”

When Leiyin was looking for Garp, he was eating senbei with a dog head mask.

“Old man, yesterday I fought with Yukimura. I used the energy in my body to wrap around my arm, but I was still cut with a shallow sword mark.”

Garp took the dog head mask off, laughed bashfully, “Hahahaha. Is it for that Verdan? You boy, I have long seen that you are not normal, haha.”

Leiyin blushed at the words, “No, it’s not what you said. It’s that Yukimura who provoked me, and I fought back.”

“Haha after all that talk, did you fight with someone else for a girl? But then again, you have also reached such an age.” “Old man, can you be more serious? I said I want to focus on training to learn Haki .”

Garp’s [Haki] wasn’t blown out but was played out in countless small and large battles. The battle took place in a mountain of blood, and the Haki could be described as pure and invincible.

So, if he looked for Garp to practice his Haki, there was absolutely nothing wrong with that.

“Oh, so you are talking about this? But then again, isn’t that Haki?”

Garp had always thought that Leiyin’s hardening was Haki, but it was chakra attachment to harden. However, to say “chakra” to Garp, he wouldn’t understand what that means.

“Oh, that is a form of energy collection in my body, and Haki is very similar, but not.”

Karp placed down the remaining half of the senbei in his hand and looked at Leiyin with a straight face, “By the way, after so long, you have not told me what your ability is. You can spray water and spit fire and can also collect the energy.”

For this, Leiyin blurted out, “Oh, I’m a Redemption Devil Fruit ability.”

“Redemption Devil Fruit?” Garp was very surprised at this unheard fruit.

Leiyin continued, “Well, it is based on the strength of my body, the stronger the strength of the body, the stronger the spiritual power. This ability will show the spiritual power in my brain a specific digital. According to the current possession of the spiritual power value, you can exchange a variety of abilities, such as you see the water spray or fire spray or whatever.”

This paragraph, of course, Leiyin had memorized beforehand. He knew that one day someone would ask him this question. He did not expect this day came so late. After all, this old man Garp, his reaction wasn’t generally slow.

“Okay, stop. I simply do not understand. Anyway, this ability is very powerful right?” Garp was scratching his head with a puzzled look.

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