Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 136


He certainly couldn’t tell Garp that “I have a Naruto System in my head, and I’m not from this world. I’m actually from another world”, right? In that case, people might think that Leiyin’s brain had some kind of problem.

Since the battle with Yukimura that time… Without further questions, Garp began to teach Leiyin Busoshoku Haki.

“Among the three Haki many people can not use the Kenbunshoku Haki. If you want to get a foothold in the New World later, you must learn the Busoshoku Haki.”

“Busoshoku Haki not only enhance personal defense, but also can enhance the attack. It is like a layer of invisible armor, and can evolve into attack power, which in turn can fight with the Devil Fruit users. It can also directly contact the entity of the Logia Devil Fruit users. It is known as one of the countermeasures against the Logia Devil Fruit users in the One Piece. However, it can not directly take away the ability of the Devil Fruit users like the sea stone or sea water.”

“Its use is divided into two ways, one is winding, can be attached to the fists and feet or weapons, the second is hardening, will be attached to the body skin color into a pure black color, and it has a metal-like luster and hardness.”

“I’ll give you a demonstration, you need to see it clearly.”

With that, Garp’s sandbag-like fist had become pitch black and oily. Leiyin opened his Sharingan to see it.


The next day, without waiting for Hina to go over him, Leiyin driving a flat boat to the North Blue.

It said flat boat, in fact, it was the kind of small commercial boat. If a person was on it, it had enough space and would be very comfortable. Moreover, the boat was turbine powered, so it could sail freely even in the Calm Belt.

According to the order of Sengoku stated above, Leiyin wore civilian clothes in order not to reveal the identity of the marine first and headed for the North Blue.

At first, the boat was very brazen to drive in the Calm Belt. There were a lot of sea kings and sea beasts, and when Leiyin saw these unfriendly guys, either he attached Busoshoku Haki to the hand to give it a blow, or defeat or repulse with Ninjutsu. Entering the Calm Belt was like entering a no-man’s land.

To reach the North Blue from the Marine Headquarters, he must first cross the Calm Belt into the New World to walk a section.

The ship driven by Leiyin arrived at the New World. He encountered a sea beast that was being chased and killed.

Behind, he was pursued by three pirate ships. The seal-like sea monster was swimming in front, while the pirate ship behind was emitting a smile similar to that of a victor.

“Hey, sniper, keep giving me that cannonball blast!”


Several shells were fired in unison, not only toward the sea beast, even Leiyin’s ship was inevitably bombarded if he did not dodge.

Seeing this, Leiyin took out several shuriken from the system and threw them directly.


Each of the shuriken pierced through the shell precisely, causing it to explode in the air with a heck of a bang.

“Hey, there’s a merchant ship there!”

The pirate ship that was going to destroy that sea beast focused its attention on Leiyin’s ship.

Because of Leiyin, the sea beast that was going to be killed had escaped. Leiyin didn’t do this to protect the sea beast, but was afraid that the shells would blow up his ship.

“Kid, you blocked the cannon fire for the sea beast, then you will die for it!”

“However, if you can give us all the money on board, we may be able to give you a break.”


Leiyin looked carefully. The boat was in the middle of the three pirate ships. There was a pirate flag flying, and the pirate flag was crossed bones through the shape of two skulls next to each other.

Needless to say, this was the New World’s pirate group

Decalvan Brothers!

In the original story, the Decalvan Brothers was one of the forty-three pirate groups in the New World under the command of the Whitebeard Pirates, and participated in the Marineford Arc  with Whitebeard.

But now, they hadn’t joined the banner of Whitebeard.

Even when the bounty for the two of them together was as high as 310 million belly!

The two De Kalban brothers had planned to chase the sea beast as their lunch, but did not expect to kill a brat to spoil their own good.

The two brothers were so angry that they put on their cat-like claws (their weapons, like the Black Cat Pirates, brothers). When the two ships docked together, the two led their pirates to jump on Leiyin’s ship.

The crew of pirates with a large number of people looked at Leiyin face with a bad smile. They surrounded Leiyin’s boat, like a group of wolves, looking at a single sheep.


Decalvan Brothers licked the cat’s claw on his hand, “Boy, it will be fine if you don’t interfere earlier?”

Decalvan Brothers said, “Yes, and fight against our Decalvan Brothers is going to be the end. That is certain death.”

“Hey kid, do you know who we are!”

“How dare you fight us? I really do not know if you have the courage, or bad luck?”


“Kid, are you the only one on board? How much treasure is there? If there is more, we may be able to let you die a little more painfully.”

“If you were a young woman, how good it would be. Tonight the brothers can also take the heat off”

The pirates surrounded Leiyin. The chickens and the ducks had one mouth, and the foul language was incessant, constantly provoking and insulting Leiyin with their words.

Because Leiyin released their prey, they wanted to insult and tease Leiyin again before he died.

At this time, one of the pirates behind the Decalvan Brothers showed a somewhat frightened face and said to the two brothers in front of them.

“Captains, why don’t we forget about it, this kid in front of us, he seems to be…”

Before the pirate finished, Decalvan Brothers turned his head in surprise and looked at him, “What are you talking about? He let go of our prey, how can we easily spare him?”

The Decalvan Brothers looked at him with a smile, “You guy say silly things. How can a young merchant scare you like this?”

“That’s right. There are so many of us and you are still afraid of him alone? Are you crazy?”

That pirate wiped the cold sweat on his forehead, “Sorry, maybe I was mistaken.”

In the face of these taunts, Leiyin was standing still and pulled out his ears, “I say you’re all annoying and disgusting stinkers are nagging there for nothing!”


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