Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 137


“Ahahaha, this guy, is he having some abnormal brain from being scared?”

“When you’re dead on your feet, how dare you cuss us out there?”

“You will pay the price for your words and actions.”

Uh-huh, huh, we will let you die slowly.”

Leiyin sniffed without the slightest expression on his face. His right hand’s index and middle fingers joined together, and a white ripple cut through the void, “WHITE BLADE!”

A white light appeared, and several dozen pirates root too late to react. They were cut through the body, and their bellies broke out.

“That guy, what did he just do?!”

Just this move, making people dumbfounded. 

Decalvan Brothers looked at Leiyin, “It seems that you’re not an ordinary kid at all.”

“Needless to say, kill him first!”

With a word from the Decalvan Brothers, the pirates rushed up. Leiyin drew his Sword of Kusanagi behind him to dash around in the crowd like no one’s business. He immediately set off a storm of blood among the pirates, cutting down and wounding one at a speed that others could not keep up with.

The Decalvan Brothers and the remaining pirates were incomparably dumbfounded, “How is this possible?”

The pirate had already recognized Leiyin, and at this point, said, “Captain Decalvan, he is [White Robe Young Admiral]. Rear-Admiral of the Marine Headquarters [White Robe Young Admiral] Leiyin!”

“What did you say?!”

This pirate often read the newspaper, and Leiyin’s picture had been made public, so let that pirate recognized it.

“Are you sure it’s that Leiyin who killed several 200-300 million bounty criminals in a row?”

“Exactly him!”

The Decalvan Brothers looked at Leiyin, and their faces became unusually grave as if they were the ones who would suffer next.

Decalvan Brothers said, “Do not be afraid. Although he is very strong, once we kill him, we can make a name for ourselves, and the bounty will rise to at least five hundred million berries.”

The Decalvan Brothers gave a wink to his brother, who nodded his head to show that he understood.

So, the brother impacted from the front. The yellow cat claws were better than the boning knife, and Leiyin saw the sword and blocked the two cat claws out, but behind him, a figure came at him again

It turned out that the brother’s eyes just now was a common tactic of the two Decalvan Brothers. One of them attacked from the front, while the other one sneaked in from behind. With their agile movements, they simply caught the average person off guard.

However, unfortunately, Leiyin wasn’t an “ordinary people”.

The brother of Decalvan came from behind and tried to penetrate Leiyin’s heart directly from behind.

Unfortunately, his razor-sharp cat claws were blocked!

It turns out that when the Decalvan brother came from the frontal attack, Lei Yin has already used the Armed Color Hegemony to harden the back so that it can not be hurt in the slightest.

The two saw the first attack failed, and their eyes flashed a trace of disappointment before they jumped away. Each in the void in the shape of a “cross”.


Both of them shouted, and two cross-shaped” sword energy shot towards Leiyin. The crowd saw the two “cross-cut” collide together. Leiyin would be cut into four pieces alive!

Was that the end of it?

You were kidding!

What they cut through was only Leiyin’s shadow doppelganger.

It turned out that, at the time before, Leiyin had used the Flying Thunder God – Second Step, transient to the air. The two Decalvan Brothers’ big move fell short.

In the air, Leiyin hands joined together, had already locked the target

“No good!”

When the Decalvan Brothers tried to move, they found their feet were wrapped in the roots of the tree root.

‘The roots of a tree?’

‘Where does this come from on the ship?’

They looked at Leiyin, who had folded his hands, and it was as if they understood something.

Since entering the Sacred Mountains for the second time, Leiyin had been practicing [Wood Release] every day. But, with the water attribute in his right hand and the earth attribute in his left hand, he couldn’t succeed. However, just a few days ago, after practicing day after day, Leiyin finally synthesized the chakra of the earth and water attributes into the wood attribute.

After the success of the Wood Release, he summoned his Contracted Beast, the Cat Tiger Beast, to teach himself some of the wood release practice.

And this move just now was [Wood Release – Morrowind]!

After immobilizing the two people, Leiyin formed a seal with both hands, and the Ninjutsu came out suddenly, “SHURIKEN SHADOW CLONE TECHNIQUE!”

The two immobilized people were like two lambs awaiting slaughter and were nailed to the ground by the stormy shuriken.

The other remaining pirates were not spared either, all pierced.

The Decalvan Pirates were destroyed by Leiyin alone.

Leiyin slowly landed on the ground, turned around, and walked towards their pirate ship.

The first thing he did was to get a chance to get some money. So, Leiyin began to scavenge their ship’s treasure.

As expected of the New World pirates. From their boat this time, he found more than 200 million Belly.

He started to draw A-Rank Ninjutsu cards.

Six orange Shinobi cards appeared in front of him, and Leiyin chose two of them.

The results of the draw were as follows.

1. Fire Release – Intelligent Hard Work (A-Rank): Spitting out three meteor-like fireballs from a high place, extremely gorgeous visually.

2. Wind Release – Blade of Wind (Grade A): It was a Wind Release Ninjutsu that gathered rapidly spinning wind in your hand as a sword.

The system prompted as he acquired two A-Rank Ninjutsu, chakra increased significantly, personal information updated.


Gender: Male

Age: 19 years old

Ninja Rank: Jonin (Intermediate)

Bloodline or human pillar power: writing wheel eye (now kaleidoscope writing wheel eye, in the process of advancement)

Ninjutsu: Fire Release – Intelligent Hard Work (A Rank), Wind Release – Blade of Wind (Grade A), Lightning Release – Chidori Nagashi (A-rank), Sword of Kusanagi – Chidori Katana (B-rank), White Blade (D-rank as determined by the self-invented jutsu system), Rasengan (A-rank), Big Ball Rasengan (A-rank), Fire Release – Great Fireball (C-rank), Water Release – Wild Water Wave (C-rank), Lightning Release – Powerful Breath (C-rank), Flying Thunder God Slash (B-rank), Lion Combo (C-rank), Wind Release – Great Breakthrough (C-rank), Earth Release – Earth Dragon Bullet (B-rank), Earth Release – Earth-Style Wall (C-rank), Earth Release – Earth Spear (B-rank), Water Release – Water Dragon Bullet Technique (B-rank), Water Release – Water Formation Wall (B-rank), Multiple Shadow Clone Technique (A-rank), Six Basic E-rank Ninjutsu, Sword of Kusanagi – Leopard Sword Wave, Shuriken Shadow Clone Technique (A-rank), Wind Release – Rasengan Hand Sword (S-rank), Water Release – Water Colliding Wave (A-rank), Lightning Release – Chidori (A-rank), Lightning Release – Kirin (S-rank), Wind Release – Rasenshuriken (S-rank), Flying Thunder God – Second Step (A-rank), Busoshoku Haki

Inventory (tools, weapons): Scroll of Seal x 2, Kunai x 10000, Sword of Kusanagi, Shuriken x 8200

Contracted Beast: Cat Tiger Beast

Sage Mode: Wood Release.

Chakra amount: 406,500/410,000 (battle consumption)

Money: 285 million Belly]

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