Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 138


In the blink of an eye, Leiyin had come to the One Piece world for more than two years, and now Leiyin was already 19 years old (as shown by the system).

It was worth mentioning that his chakra value had been raised to 400,000.

This time, he was able to scour the Decalvan Brothers’ pirate ship. He recovered a total of 220 million Belly, but what Leiyin really had was more than that.

Don’t forget, the Decalvan Brothers had the bounty of 310 million Belly. So, Leiyin turned into Baramak again and went to a Marine Base to exchange the bounty.

In this way, he would have nearly 600 million Belly assets in his hands.

Because now Leiyin was already famous, so he used the transformation into another person’s appearance. It was a slightly clean-looking man, Leiyin gave this appearance named, Leiming.

Leiyin took a boat and arrived at a small island called Faro Island in the North Blue to establish a small base. He then spent about 30 million Belly to put together a batch of weapons in the black market to sell to other pirates and crime syndicates at a higher price.


North Blue, Spider Miles, Donquixote Pirates base.

Na na na, I heard that a young weapons dealer came to Faro Island, selling weapons at a lower price than us, making the weapons in our hands stagnant. This time, we can lose a lot of money.”

The person who spoke was named Trebol, a superhuman with Beta Beta no Mi Devil Fruit. It was said that he had this ability thirty-one years ago. He was a member of the Donquixote Pirates, the highest cadre belonging to the special ability group – the Trebol Army. He was clad in a cloak with a circle, similar to a quilt, holding a cane with the plum symbol in his hand, wearing a pair of small crimson sunglasses. He always dangled half a snotty nose. His hair was floppy bangs at the top and gluey dangling hair at the bottom. He was barefoot, his feet were shackled, his upper lip was bearded, his teeth were sparse, and he looked lewd and unkempt.

Sitting in the chief seat, Doflamingo held a red wine glass and did not say a word. The first thing he needed to do was to get the best out of the situation.

Then, a sharp, harsh, and funny voice came, “How dare you steal business from us?

This person’s name was Pica, a member of the Donquixote Pirates with Ishi Ishi no Mi Devil Fruit. He was the highest officer of the Pica Army, a secret service unit. He was a strong man in samurai armor with wavy hair. His voice was sharp and laughable.

There was a slightly low voice, “We’d better take that guy out straight away and then get all the weapons in his hands!”

The person who spoke was named Gladius, superhuman with Pamu Pamu no Mi Devil Fruit. He was able to detonate his body and inorganic objects that he touched. He was an officer of the Pica Army.

Doflamingo stood up and pushed his pink sunglasses, “Baby-5, Buffalo, you two go to Faro Island to poke around for me. If you can, just take that guy out and snatch the weapons from his hands as Gladius said!”


Because of the existence of Donquixote Doflamingo, the environment of the North Blue was messed up by him. All kinds of illegal transactions, such as human trafficking and drugs, weapons, and so on. Because he was the Seven Warlords of the Sea, although some marine forces in the North Blue knew some inside information, they acted as if nothing had happened and turned a blind eye.

This allowed some weapons dealers and unscrupulous organizations to sprung up like a spring.

It was because of this, Leiyin’s business was also quite good. However, when some pirates saw that he was a single person and young, they played this idea.

Some of the pirates directly went to Leiyin to reveal the hideous claws and teeth and wanted to annex his arms, but afterward, they regretted it. As a result, they were invariably destroyed by Leiyin, and all the ship’s finances were in Leiyin’s pocket.

In this way, Leiyin spent 30 million Belly. Together with the sale of the pirates, he earned more than 80 million Belly.

As the saying went: The big tree attracted the wind.

The good news was that the thundering voice had made such a big noise that it attracted the attention of the Donquixote Pirates. He dared to make such a splash in their territory, and it was against them!


This day, two uninvited guests came to Faro Island.

A propeller plane carrying a sexy woman in a maid’s outfit hovered over Faro Island.

Leiyin saw them and asked, “Are you two customers looking to buy weapons?”

These two people were Buffalo and Baby-5.

Buffalo was Donquixote Pirates’s combatant with Guru Guru no Mi Devil Fruit ability.

Baby-5 was Donquixote Pirates servant and assassin with Buki Buki no Mi Devil Fruit ability. She could turn any part of her body or her whole body into various weapons such as guns, swords, and knives.

In fact, Leiyin, who was familiar with the anime, recognized them both at once. That was, of course, a deliberate question from him.

Buffalo turned into its form, and Baby-5 slowly fell to the ground.

Baby-5 had long, silky black hair and snow-white jade-like skin blows. She had a pair of beautiful eyes that seemed to speak and sexy lips that swung the heart. Her features were exquisite, and her body was like a craftsman’s carving, more or less.

Seeing the beautiful imperial Baby-5 in front of him, Leiyin remembered Verdan.

“Hey, kid, do you know whose territory the North Blue is? How dare you do the weapons business here?!” Buffalo said in a high-minded manner.

Baby-5 lit a cigarette and exhaled a smoke ring with great panache, “What nonsense with this kid. Just kill him.”

“Wait, may I ask who are the two of you?”

Buffalo squeezed his fist, “Hum, I’ll say it to scare you to death! We are the Seven Warlords of the Sea, Donquixote Pirates!”

“What’s the point of talking with him?” With that, Baby-5 changed her hands into two long-barreled muskets, “REVOLVER GIRL!”

Her hands flashed with fire, and bullets came towards Leiyin like a storm.

When Leiyin saw this, he kept flickering in the void, avoiding the bullets.

Leiyin’s tone remained humble, “Please don’t make a move first. I’ve been waiting for you here for a long time.”

Buffalo said, “Waiting for us? Who are you?”

Leiyin said, “My name is Leiying, originally a pirate in the North Blue. I went to the New World to challenge the Four Emperors Shanks but failed and fled back here. With some of the previous savings, I started a weapon business here to make ends meet.”

Buffalo smiled but not laugh, “Humph, to make ends meet? I see that you have good business here.”

“If you have offended, please understand more. I’ve admired the Seven Warlords of the Sea Doflamingo for a long time. Please allow me to join you. I can offer all of my weapons!”

Hm?!” Buffalo smiled and looked puzzled.

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