Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 14


With that, Farmer stopped Leiyin and Miller from fighting. The people gradually dispersed.

Leiyin didn’t bother with these people and continued to go to the mountain’s back to practice.

In the back of the mountain, Leiyin had chakra in his hand and was able to form a complete ball.

Next, he controlled the chakra ball in his hands to cause different rotation directions, forming different directions of the cyclone.

Although the surface looks uneventful, in reality, it contains a certain amount of energy.

These days, Anderson went on an adventure and hadn’t returned. Although the village was calm on the surface, everyone was anxious like ants on a hot pot.

As for Leiyin, he practiced every day while staying and eating at Farmer’s house.

One day, at dinner time, Farmer said to Leiyin, “Mr. Leiyin, please make sure you defeat Anderson and help us destroy the ‘Bad Wolf Bandits.’ I have put all my trust in you.”

Leiyin was a little touched by Farmer’s unconditional trust, so he said, “Don’t worry. Since I’ve promised you, I’ll do my best.”

On the other hand, Verdan seemed to have gradually adjusted to Leiyin’s presence. She was less hostile towards him. Nevertheless, she still didn’t believe that Leiyin could beat Anderson.

“Mr. Leiyin…” Farmer lowered his voice and said.


Farmer paused, then said, “If you can defeat Anderson, I’ll let Verdan marry you.”

A mouthful of rice spewed out of Leiyin’s mouth. He waved his hand in succession, “No, no, no. Even if I can defeat Anderson, I won’t ask you for another grain of rice…”

Verdan sniffed angrily, “Hey, what do you mean by that? I would never marry an idiot like you, even if my father forces me to! It will never happen!”

When she heard Leiyin’s words, Verdan became anxious. Not because she liked Leiyin, but because she had full confidence in her beauty. In fact, she was also impeccably gorgeous.

To use the word “gorgeous” wouldn’t be an exaggeration. She was the object of many men in the two villages.

If those men had heard Farmer’s words, they would have instantly agreed and would have been unable to sleep for days.

Leiyin, this kid, he even refused. For Verdan, this meant that he denied her beauty. So, how could she not be angry?

Verdan’s pride was shattered, and the next thing she said to Farmer was, “Father, why do you believe him like that? In my opinion, this guy is no match for Anderson, and Anderson will kill him!”

When he heard Verdan’s words, Leiyin laughed them off. In contrast to Verdan, Leiyin was impressed by the deputy village chief’s daughter, named Jenny.

She was fifteen years old. She had a lovely appearance and was a lovely little loli. In Leiyin’s eyes, she was a naive and innocent girl.

Jenny and Leiyin became acquainted when Jenny was flying a kite, and the kite accidentally hung on a tree branch.

It happened to pass by Leiyin when he came back from practicing in the back of the mountain. Jenny saw him and said, “Brother, can you help me get the kite down?”

Without saying a word, Leiyin gathered his chakra on the middle and index fingers of his right hand.

The White Blade!

The white light cut off the branch, and the kite fell out of the tree.

Jenny was very excited when she picked up the kite from the ground. After she picked it up, she jumped up and walked to Leiyin’s side, “Brother, you’re awesome. What’s your name?”


“Oh, will you fly a kite with me, then?”


Leiyin had a hard time dealing with this. He had just returned from practice in the mountains and was already sweating.

He was ready to go back to Farmer’s house. However, he didn’t expect to see a little loli in the middle of the road.

When she saw that Leiyin didn’t react, Jenny pulled him by the arm and shook him, “Brother, you are so good. Play with me for a little while.”

She pestered Leiyin, so he said, “Okay… All right…”

One after another, Jenny would always come to play with Leiyin. Jenny’s innocent and sweet appearance was impossible for Leiyin to refuse. Verdan was not blind, so she naturally saw it every day.

Every time she saw Leiyin and Jenny together, for some reason, she always felt heartbroken.

One day, Verdan couldn’t take it anymore. She immediately went to Leiyin and said, “Leiyin, father asked you to stay and fight against Anderson, not to pick up girls!”

Leiyin said, “This is my own business, right? Furthermore, Anderson is not back at the moment. Do you want me to go out to sea and look for Anderson? Aren’t you afraid I’ll sneak away?”

“You…” Verdan’s beautiful face was red with anger, but she had no way to argue with Leiyin’s words.

Jenny had heard about Leiyin’s confrontation with Anderson. She opened her two big, clear, watery eyes. She asked innocently, “Brother Leiyin, I heard that you are going to defeat Anderson alone. Is that true?”


“Then you must defeat that bad guy, and don’t die.”

Leiyin was utterly speechless at Jenny’s naiveté. His head was black as he said, “Got it… I know.”

The next thing that Jenny said almost made Leiyin spit blood at his mouth. Jenny’s left hand and two fingers of her right hand touched Leiyin lightly as she said in a twisted voice, “Brother Leiyin…”


“My father said that if you can beat Anderson, he’ll let me marry you…”


In response, Leiyin’s mind wandered through ten thousand alpacas. He thought to himself:

This deputy village chief and village chief Farmer really have the same style and manner. The traditions of this village are really something.


Leiyin had been in the East Village for a month, and the day had finally come.

Anderson had returned!

As soon as he returned, he heard the news that his brother had been killed and immediately led a large group of men to the village without stopping.

The village guards on watch in the harbor saw a large group of people coming this way.

They hurriedly got down from the watchtower to report to the villagers. The villagers then took up their weapons and were led by the village chief Farmer and the “guardian” Miller.

When he saw Farmer, Miller wondered, “Chief, where is that kid?”.

Farmer was embarrassed, “He went out early in the morning, and I haven’t seen him at all.”


The villagers were horrified at Farmer’s words.

That guy, Leiyin, he wouldn’t have run away, would he?

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