Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 140


“Damn…” Leiyin looked at the man in front of him and felt a sense of powerlessness for the first time.

“Hahaha… Kid, you may have some skills, but you’re not on the same level as me.” Doflamingo looked at him smugly.

Then, Doflamingo raised his fingertips once again, “BUSOSHOKU HAKI – HUNDRED SHOTS!”

A thin black line attached to the Busoshoku Haki shot out faster than a machine gun and came at Leiyin like a fierce wind…



Leiyin used [Rokushiki] one after another to step in the air and move at high speed, dodging the [Hundred Shots] of Doflamingo again and again.

While dodging, Leiyin used [Geppo] to step on the air and hover in the air while taking out dozens of shuriken from the system and forming a seal with both hands together.


The next moment, Doflamingo saw thousands of shuriken attack him…


In a flash, Doflamingo’s outstretched his hand once again unfolded a large spider web. The raining shuriken “clanked” on Doflamingo’s “Kumo no Sugaki” and blocked.

The next moment, Leiyin’s hands gathered the high-speed rotation of the blue chakra, “WIND RELEASE – RASENSHURIKEN!”

The next moment, Doflamingo sprayed dozens of thin, almost transparent threads from the palm of his hand. He then wrapped these threads together, forming a thick pillar-like hair, and directly met Leiyin’s [Rasenshuriken].

The two collided, and Leiyin’s [Rasenshuriken] was dispersed. At the same time, Doflamingo’s [Kumo no Sugaki] was also weakened but still knocked Leiyin to the ground.

“I’ve lost….” Leiyin muttered to himself.

Unexpectedly, Doflamingo opened his arms, “Kid, welcome to the [Donquixote] Pirates.”


Doflamingo said, “Hahaha… Don’t be surprised. Don’t you want to join us? Our group needs a powerful combatant like you.”

Although Leiyin was not a match for Doflamingo, the strength he displayed still shocked Doflamingo.

“I’m happy to serve. My name is Leiyin. Please take care of me.”

After saying this, Leiyin took all the weapons with him and headed for Spider Miles in the North Blue.

To be honest, Doflamingo did not trust Leiyin at all. What he saw were only Leiyin’s strength and the weapons.

In Doflamingo’s eyes, people were just using and being used.


Doflamingo arrived at the island with Leiyin, who noticed that although the island was small, it was very clean.

There were also some luxuriously renovated villas.

Needless to say, this island was the base of the Donquixote Pirates.

Once on the island, Leiyin was noticed by many eyes.

Leiyin saw Giolla (fat woman with Ato Ato no Mi Devil Fruit ability), Senor Pink (Sui Sui no Mi Devil Fruit ability), Pica (top officer of Pica Army with Ishi Ishi no Mi), and Gladius (Pamu Pamu no Mi Devil Fruit ability). He also saw Baby-5 and Buffalo that he met before.

They looked intently at the new guy.

Doflamingo solemnly introduced Leiying to the crowd, ” His name is Leiying. From now on, he is a member of our Donquixote Pirates. I officially declare Leiying as a special officer of the Pica Army now, and he will come under Pica’s command.”

The approximate status hierarchy of the Donquixote Pirates could be divided into these, the Captain (Donquixote Doflamingo), the top officers (the four suits of playing cards, e.g., Pica as the top officer of the Pica Army, Trebol as the top officer of the Trebol Army), the special officers (e.g., the more important people such as Sugar), the officers (Buffalo, Dellinger, etc.), and the subordinates.

The fact that Doflamingo appointed Leiyin as a special officer right away showed how much importance he attached to him. —However, this was also obtained by Leiyin’s strength.

At this point, Doflamingo’s men were not satisfied.

‘Huh, why?’

‘We have followed the young master for so long, shed so much blood, and made so many achievements to become cadres of the Donquixote Pirates. We have been following the young master since he was a kid, but how do you become a special officer just after arriving here?’

The discontent gradually spread among the Donquixote Pirates…

The first one to come forward to express her dissatisfaction was a beautiful woman. She had long grass-green wavy hair and golden pupil color. Her left eye was covered by bangs, and she was a beautiful woman with a delicate figure.

She was [Snow Woman] Monet, a Logia Devil Fruit user [Yuki Yuki no Mi]. She was an officer of the Donquixote Pirates. She was very loyal to Doflamingo. It took her many years to get a position as an officer in the group, and this kid came up higher than her position?

“Hey, new kid, those who can become [special officer] right away should have skills. Why don’t you come and fight!”

“I don’t fight women,” Leiyin said indifferently.

“Kid, are you afraid?”

“Afraid to lose to a woman and smash your face?”


The people below rose in unison and said in a variety of ways. Everyone also wanted to see how much power this new kid really had.

Doflamingo did not stop them. He sat on the stone, looking at them with interest with a smile on his face.

“I told you, I don’t want to fight with a woman.”

“If you only think of me as a weak woman, then you’re not far from death!”

The words just fell, and Monet’s back grew two white bird wings. Her feet also changed into the sharp claws of a bird. Instantly, she turned from a graceful and beautiful girl into a human-faced bird monster.

For this, Leiyin wasn’t surprised because he knew that Monet’s wings and sharp claws were transformed by Trafalgar Law.

‘Well…. Let’s play with her.’ Leiyin thought.

At this time, Monet’s wings had been elementalized, and the crowd present only felt a gust of coldness come over them. The sky above seemed to be overcast, and the red clouds were dense, with drifts of snow in the air.


Monet shouted, and in a flash, the walls of ice and snow appeared around the feet next to Leiyin, rapidly freezing upwards. It was instantly trapping Leiyin in a hemispherical wall of snow.

Surrounded by snow, the place where Leiyin now was quiet.

Was Leiyin trapped like this?

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