Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 142


When he came to [The Sacred Mountains], Leiyin, who knew the route well, went straight to the center of The Sacred Mountains [Buddha Leopard Temple].

When he went there, the Great Leopard Cat was not in the main hall, but the Leopard Swordsman Sage was waiting for him there.

“I’ve been waiting for you for a long time, Leyin.”

Leiyin looked around, “Why is the Great Master not there?”

The Leopard Swordsman Sage said, “Great Master has some business today, but he expected you to return today, so he asked me to wait here.”

Leiyin was a little surprised, “He knew I was coming?”

The Leopard Swordsman Sage at his words and leered, “It seems you still don’t know how powerful Great Master is. He can be said to be a ‘God’ in the true sense.”


“That’s right. Don’t look at his old man’s memory that is not very good. He can know a hundred years before and a hundred years after. He not only knows that you are coming today, but also knows what you are coming to do.”


The more Leiyin listened, the more astonished he was.

“Have you successfully mastered the ‘Wooden Release’ and want us to teach you the way to open the Sage Mode?”

Leiyin’s heart “thud”, as if the whole person could see through him completely.

“You are absolutely right, Great Master Buddha is really powerful.”

Even Leiyin could not help but praise.

The Leopard Swordsman Sage smiled, “Not only our Great Master, any world you are in, there is the existence of God.”

“Oh?” The more Leiyin listened, the more puzzled he became, “You mean, this world I’m in now?” (One Piece World)

“That’s right.”

Leiyin became more and more curious, “You mean the person on the Skypeia?”

The Leopard Swordsman Sage’s words greatly aroused Leiyin’s interest. Because such as the Pirate King, Gol G. Roger, Whitebeard, and Shanks, who were powerful, were still human beings in the end, and there was nothing to do with God. Speaking of the “God” in One Piece, Leiyin first thought of Enel of Skypeia.

“That person is eating a thing called [Goro Goro no Mi], right? No no no, although he is very strong, he is also human.” The Leopard Swordsman Sage had a serious look on his face and indeed did not look like he was joking again.

“Then, where is the real God?” Leiyin asked.

“About this, I can only give you a small hint. In a place called [New World] of yours, there is a moving island called [Zau Island], which is actually a giant elephant that has survived for 1000 years, and it is related to the real God.”

The Leopard Swordsman Sage’s word suddenly made Leiyin realized!

In the original story, that giant elephant was originally a divine beast in the heavens. But, because it did something wrong and was punished by God, it was exiled down to the world and had been walking for more than 1,000 years.

In that case, the One Piece World was the existence of the real sense of God!

Also, the Great Leopard Cat was very straightforward and actually knew so many things. So, it seemed that the Leopard Swordsman Sage wasn’t just talking nonsense. The Great Master was also a real god-like being.

Things were getting more and more confusing but more and more interesting.

Leiyin still wanted to ask something, but The Leopard Swordsman Sage cut him off and said, “Well, this topic is a little far from you. Hurry up with your training.”

Although Leiyin mastered the Wood Release, he hadn’t opened the Sage Mode. But, as said earlier, this was the real purpose of Leiyin’s visit.

When the Great Master left, he had already taught all the training methods to the Leopard Swordsman Sage, so it was up to the Leopard Swordsman Sage to guide Leiyin and complete the training of the Sage Mode.

Leiyin smiled and did not say anything more. However, he seriously accepted the Leopard Swordsman Sage’s guidance.

The Leopard Swordsman Sage said, “First of all, I want to explain to you that this Sage Mode is very different from the ordinary ninjutsu.”

“This I know.”

“Ninjutsu uses the energy within the body, while Sage Mode uses energy taken from the outside.”

Leiyin scratched his head, “External? How do you say this?”

The Leopard Swordsman Sage pondered slightly, “Well, I think you should know, in order to use Ninjutsu, you have to use the [spiritual energy] and [physical energy] in your body to create chakra.”

“And in addition to using the chakra in a person’s body, the Sage Mode has to use [natural energy] and use them to create a more powerful chakra. This will allow you to use all your previous jutsu, illusion techniques, etc., and even make the power of physical techniques increase dramatically.”

Leiyin was amazed, “Do you mean all of them?”

“That’s right. Using the spiritual energy in the body, physical energy, including the external natural energy, these three types of energy will create chakra to make a ninjutsu or a move, is called Sage Mode!” The Leopard Swordsman Sage said with his short fat hand gestured.

Leiyin was slightly puzzled, scratching his head as if he understood some and didn’t understand some.

The Leopard Swordsman Sage put up a finger, “To put it simply, it’s like adding mint flavored ice cream to chocolate vanilla mixed ice cream, the taste is more delicious.”

This analogy was quite humane.

“So, what is natural energy again?” Leiyin then asked.

The Leopard Swordsman Sage explained, “That is the energy that exists outside the body. In the air and the ground.”

“Air and ground?”

“Yes. It’s the air and the ground. It may be hard to understand if you just say that, let me give you a demonstration.”

With that, the Leopard Swordsman Sage attached his one hand to the ground and entered a state of meditation. Then, after a while, his eyes suddenly opened, his eyes changed, and he walked to a rock with a diameter of tens of meters and raised it with one hand.

The rock was hundreds of times bigger than the Leopard Swordsman Sage, and it would have been impossible to lift it without the strength of thousands of kilos.

“Very strong indeed.” Leiyin could not help but praise.

“See, this is the power of the Sage Mode that you have after absorbing the natural energy.” With that, the Leopard Swordsman Sage put the rock down slowly.

Leiyin said, “But I didn’t feel anything when you were in meditation. It’s as if you didn’t do anything.”

“That’s because you were not even aware nor able to feel the presence of this energy before, let alone absorb it.”

Leiyin had a thirsty expression, “Then what is the right thing to do?”

The Leopard Swordsman Sage put up a finger: “You have to become one with nature. The so-called absorption of natural energy, in fact, is to feel the natural energy and bring it together to their side. Together with their own spiritual energy and physical energy, through nature to become one, they can control the natural energy in and out of their bodies at will, so as to enter the [Sage Mode].”

After the words, Leiyin smiled and squeezed his fist, slightly exuberant, ” Let’s start right away.”

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