Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 143


“To learn the Sage Mode in simple words, you have to sit still and not move first.”

“Not move?”

“Well,” the Leopard Swordsman Sage continued, “First, you have to suppress the impulses of being an animal. When you can be in tune with the flow of nature, you can naturally feel the energy of nature.”

Leiyin said, “Well, there is nothing wrong with this as long as you don’t move, it doesn’t seem that difficult.”

“No, Leiyin, it’s easy to say, but in fact, it’s not as easy as you think at all.”


“As an animal, it’s very hard to stay still.”

Leiyin scratched his head, “I’ve done all of these exercises, and if I don’t move, this is a bit confusing. However, then again, can this really be natural energy into the body?”

The Leopard Swordsman Sage said, “That is definitely not an overnight thing, it will take a lot of time to practice. It is very difficult, more difficult than your practice of Wood Release!”

Leiyin said, “I don’t have that much time, I have someone I really want to defeat now, is there any faster way?”

The Leopard Swordsman Sage sighed, “The Great Master did not instruct me. I only know that I have to work hard to succeed.”

The person that Leiyin wanted to quickly defeat was naturally Donquixote Doflamingo. So, when he heard the words “there was no shortcut”, Leiyin was a little disappointed.

“Then, let’s begin.”

“Well, next, do as I say.”

The Leopard Swordsman Sage sat on the ground, like an old monk into the general meditation. Leiyin followed his example and did it together with him.

“Everything is actually spiritual, you have to use the maximum sensory awareness. Feel the grass and trees around you, feel the energy contained within them.”

When Leiyin heard the words, it seemed to understand something. So, he turned on his Kenbunshoku Haki to the maximum to feel the grass and trees around him.

However, even so, he could feel only a little bit of the flow, not to mention the absorption or something.

“It’s really difficult.”

Leiyin could not help but sigh.

The Leopard Swordsman Sage smiled, “The reason why the Sage Mode is a technique that is Sage is because it can be encountered but not found. If it were that easy, wouldn’t the world be a mess? I have long said, it is not a one-time success. It is more difficult than your previous practice of Wood Release by many times.”

Leiyin said, “I understand.”

“As the saying goes ‘the master introduces the door, the practice was in the individual’, I have taught you the way to get started. When you can feel some natural power, you can come to me.”

“Okay.” Leiyin said and was transported back to the One Piece World.


Not wanting to waste any time, Leiyin immediately settled down to sit in meditation.

“Feel the energy, feel the energy.”

At this moment, a silhouette came over, “Leiyin, what are you doing?”

Leiyin slowly opened his eyes, and it turned out to be Baby-5. Baby-5 was still in that maid outfit, and her eyes always revealed an innocent and confused look.

“Oh, yes,” Leiyin seemed to remember something, “Can you do me a favor?”

Baby-5 sniffed, her pretty face immediately flushed: ‘He needed me.’

She looked like she had agreed.

“Sit across from me and try not to move or talk.”


Baby-5 didn’t even ask what it was for and just agreed to it. She obediently sat down opposite Leiyin, revealing her long and white legs. She put her hands on her legs and really didn’t move at all.

Leiyin did not have any bad ideas. Rather, he turned on the Kenbunshoku Haki and felt her energy.

Baby-5 was Buki Buki no Mi user. She was a weapon woman. Compared to ordinary people, she was many times stronger than them and was considered a “superman” category. So, the energy contained in her body was higher than ordinary people.

Leiyin was trying to find to capture this energy.

For a long time, there was only a minuscule amount of energy flow.

“Leiyin… I can’t hold on to it any longer.”

“Oh, okay. That’s it for today.”

Leiyin stood up. Baby-5 sniffed also stretched, and moved a stiff body.

“Thank you so much, Baby-5, why don’t I buy you dinner?”

Leiyin also heartily found her very interesting. She really sat there without moving for almost an hour and a half and was very obedient.

Although Leiyin knew that she was very thirsty to be needed inside, he had never seen such a silly and sweet woman since he was born.

“Fine.” With that, Baby-5 agreed.

So, the two had dinner together, and many members of the Donquixote Pirates saw it. When Buffalo saw it, his teeth itched with anger, but, was scared of Leiyin’s great strength.

He was helpless


These days, at one point, Doflamingo came to Leiyin and told him personally, “Kid, since you have come to our Donquixote Pirates, then do not have any other distractions. If you dare to betray me, I will make you never come back. I think you should be clear that I have the strength to do so. On the other hand, if you serve me well, I will definitely not treat you badly.”

Leiyin’s mission was to thoroughly investigate all of Doflamingo’s wrongdoings and, if necessary, bring him to justice. He had no choice but to temporarily perch here and wait for the right moment.

At this time, Leiyin also had a goal in mind: to become strong. Strong enough to surpass the Donquixote Doflamingo in order to complete the task given to him by the Headquarters.

After a period of understanding, Leiyin knew the Donquixote Pirates’ business thoroughly.

The author of the manga had only mentioned it in the past, but only after seeing it with his eyes did he realize how extensive it was.

Donquixote was involved in the range of both white and black, privately operating an illegal human auction house, providing slaves for the Celestial Dragons and World Nobel. He kidnapped people and other creatures (mainly mermaids). Moreover, he was also engaged in the business of selling weapons all over the world. Importantly, he also secretly communicated with the perverted scientist Caesar Clown to mass-produce the Artificial Devil Fruit SMILE and secretly sold it to the [Four Emperors] Kaido.

Therefore, Kaido also grew his power. Leiyin heard that he organized a legion of 500 people with the Artificial Devil Fruit and arrogantly dominated the territory.

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