Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 145


However, Monet’s pride and conceit were crushed by a little kid who was a nobody to her, and it was also a crisp defeat. The fame, wealth, and power were all secondary compared to this. In this world where the big fist and the thick arm speak for themselves, the strong were naturally favored and revered.

Why was Monet so loyal to the Seven Warlords of the Sea Doflamingo? Because she didn’t know how many times stronger Doflamingo compared to her strength was. In fact, Monet loved the powerful man, especially the man who had defeated and disdained her.

Just when Monet was smashed by Leiyin’s fist, all her proud strength was crushed, and Monet was in a deep tangle. The battle that was thought to be a sure win was struck with a crushing defeat.

This inevitably makes Monet thought about it every day.

She was also a woman. She had seven feelings and six desires. Moreover, she had seen Leiyin and Baby-5 together all day long. She wasn’t blind and couldn’t pretend not to see anything.

Women were like this. When there were other women like the man, she could not help but pay attention to the man.

Not to mention, this man broke her proudest strength….

To sum up, it would be impossible if Monet did not think about Leiyin.

However, how could Lei Yin know what she really thought? He thought she had some kind of conspiracy because, in the original story, Monet wasn’t a positive character either.

“Chance? What chance do you want me to give you?” Leiyin asked.

Monet said, “You’re playing dumb with me, aren’t you? Are you?”


In fact, Leiyin was vaguely aware of what she meant, but he did not want to answer her anything.

Monet immediately approached Leiyin, “You said you don’t like Baby-5, then I’ll be your secretary, I’m definitely better than her.”

Leiyin jumped away at once.

Monet saw Leiyin’s dumb look. She stopped molesting him and laughed as she flew off into the sky.


These days, Doflamingo, Trebol, and some officers were away. Leiyin asked Baby-5 about it, and Baby-5 told him that they went to the Dressrosa in the New World.

According to the time reckoning, Doflamingo should have gone to plot the murder of the king there and wanted to become king himself.

Doflamingo only took Trebol this time, so it could be seen that it was just a test to collect information. If he wanted to launch a general attack on Dressrosa, he would take all the officers with him.

Once Doflamingo left, all the business chains and industries of North Blue in the Spider Miles were given to Pica, the top officer of the Pica Army.

This was a good thing for Leiyin. If Doflamingo was not there, these people would not be enough to be feared in his eyes.


The next day, the sky was just starting to rise.

When he walked out of the door of his villa, Leiyin felt a chill again and looked up. Without saying, it was [Snow Woman] Monet hovering overhead again.

When she saw Leiyin, she flew down to the ground and took on human form.

When Leiyin saw her, she remembered what this guy said yesterday and couldn’t help but suck in a breath of cold air.

“What are you doing here again?” Leiyin said without good grace.

At this time, Baby-5 also happened to come out of the house.

Monet immediately interjected, “I’m going to practice with you.”


“Practice? I’m not going with you.” Leiyin said.

“What the heck, weren’t we two together yesterday?” Monet said.

Obviously, Monet was saying this on purpose in front of Baby-5.

Leiyin’s face became a little embarrassed, “Don’t talk nonsense, okay? When did the two of us train together?”

Monet covered her mouth and laughed, “You know when…. It was yesterday and I saw your muscles are really strong.”

Hearing Monet said that. Baby-5 felt like she was struck by a bolt from the blue and froze in place, then she looked at Leiyin like an angry girl. She was angry and annoyed.

“Forget it,” Leiyin waved his hand, “I don’t want to tangle with these boring issues anymore.”

With that, Leiyin left the two women following a few flashes and went to the back of the mountain to continue his training.


The training was nothing new. It was still meditating in place and feeling the energy of the outside world.

As the Leopard Swordsman Sage said, this Sage Mode wasn’t a one-time success. For example, most of the ordinary Wood Release, such as the Cutting Technique, Four-Pillar House Technique, Four-Pillar Prison Technique, etc., were just as powerful as ordinary Ninjutsu. However, the first thing that came to mind was the First Hokage’s move [Sage Art Wood Release: True Several Thousand Hands]. In the Battle of the Valley of the End, the First Hokage had used this technique to fight against the Uchiha Madara, and it was extremely powerful. Of course, Sage Art Wood Release had a more powerful move than this one.

“I wonder if I can compete with the Admiral when I master the [Sage Art Wood Release].” Leiyin muttered a word to himself


After two days, there came a huge family and arguably a fearsome army. Spider Miles.

Although the Donquixote Pirates were usually bullish and unbeatable and always looked like the boss of the sky, when they met them, they had to behave with their tails between their legs.

“Is the batch of weapons we want all ready?”

A middle-aged man wearing a metal helmet with a moustache and long blond hair, wearing an orange cloak and a tall figure, sat nonchalantly in the chief position of the Spider Miles conference room and said.

The top officer of the Pica Army, Pica, had a smile on his face, “We took care of the things you ordered half a month ago, and the young master gave me special instructions before he left.”

The middle-aged man was flanked by a young man and a woman, wearing headphones and sunglasses, dressed in green and wearing a black cape with a “4” written. The woman had pink hair and counterclockwise circle eyebrows, wearing a black skirt and protective gloves and black boots, with a purple cloak like butterfly wings, slim body, beautiful and sexy.

The young man wearing the “4” cloak smiled grimly and said, “The young master of your family is truly tough. He has been conquering all day, so if you can’t do it, why don’t you come join our family and let’s rule the North Blue together?”

“Kid, don’t be rude….” The middle-aged man sitting in the chief seat drank him down.

“Yes father.”

While they were talking, Leiyin, Baby-5, and others also entered the meeting room. When Leiyin saw the man on the chief seat with a man and a woman beside him, he couldn’t help but be a little shocked.

‘That is…’

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