Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 146


The middle-aged man sitting in the chief seat was named Vinsmoke Judge.

The young man and woman on either side were his youngest son, Vinsmoke Yonji, and his eldest daughter, Vinsmoke Reiju.

Although there was no fixed territory, they used force to control the entire North Blue. They were the largest family on the North Blue! They could also participate in the Lively. Even the World Government and the Marine were afraid of them.

They also had a mysterious army called “Germs 66”, alias “Warmongers.” It was a very powerful scientific force of the North Blue.

It was said that the head of the Vinsmoke family had worked as a scientist with the genius scientist Dr. Vegapunk in Germa overseas illegal research team. Vegapunk found the “Lineage Factor,” the World Government found, ordered Vegapunk to immediately stop this research, and banned the organization, and Judge escaped to organize this army.

This was a family with a very strong background.

There were few characters that Doflamingo scorned. The Four Emperors Kaido of the Beast and Vinsmoke Judge counted as one.

What was the concept of ruling the entire North Blue by force?

There were only four seas in this world, and the Vinsmoke family could actually rule a quarter!

Even if the big man like Doflamingo was just a small piece in front of them.

The reason Doflamingo could do so much illegal business in the North Blue was his power was part of it, and so was the care of the Vinsmoke family.

Even when Doflamingo saw Judge, he had to be respectful.

“Leiying, Baby-5, why are you guys so late?” Pica’s tone was reproachful.

Baby-5 replied, “I’m very sorry.”

With that, she and Leiyin took their seats in the conference room.

“Excuse me,” Pica said with a smile, “This is our new special cadre who has arrived for the first time and is a bit ignorant of the rules, I hope Judgje-san will bear with me.”

“A new special officer? No wonder they look so new.” Reiju said indifferently.

What people didn’t know was that the Vinsmoke family and the Donquixote family were secretly in communication with each other from time to time. For example, the Donquixote family provided weapons and other materials to the Vinsmoke family, while the Vinsmoke family provided business channels and force support, etc., to the Donquixote family.

The first time he saw the beautiful and hot Baby-5, his eyes immediately turned into the shape of a peach heart, “Baby-5 sister, it’s been a while. You have become even more beautiful than before ah. How about, how about you come with me? Brother is definitely not going to treat you badly.”

The men of the Vinsmoke family were all hopeless people (look at Sanji). They were all the same philandering, lustful, and could not hold themselves when they saw a beautiful girl.

Baby-5 sniffed, and her body shook, stupidly looking at Yongji, “Ugh?”

Seeing this, Leiyin immediately said, “Mr. Yonji, Baby-5 is now my secretary. Are you perhaps doing this to steal my corner?”

Although Yongji’s words might be in jest, with Baby-5, that simply couldn’t refuse someone’s character. She went with him just like that, and that would be really embarrassing.

Yongji was not a friendly Sanji. Although he was human, he had been transformed by his father into a cold-blooded animal, and he had no idea what the consequences would be if Baby-5 fell into his hands.

Pica said, “Leiying, do not be rude! If young master Yonji likes it, just let Baby-5 go with him.”

Donquixote said that the family was a family, and Doflamingo said that these people were seen as a family. However, it was all bullshit. —In the original, Trebol was sliced straight through the chest by Trafalgar D. Water Law’s [Ope Ope no Mi]. Instead of having a hint of pity, Doflamingo said Trebol was a loser. Doflamingo had never trusted anyone from the beginning, and the people of the Donquixote family were instant strangers and even enemies as long as they had interests in each other.

As soon as he heard this, Leiyin directly was on fire, “Baby-5 is a girl. She is not an item, how can you say give it to someone?”

Baby-5 on the side tugged the corner of Leiyin’s coat. Her beautiful eyes looked at him, which meant to say: ‘Forget it, I would not go with them, and you should not fight against them.’

Pica smiled and shouted with his sharp and piercing voice, “Leiying, you don’t have to be reckless here, it’s not your turn to speak here. Although Baby-5 is your secretary, she is a member of the Donquixote family.”

For the sake of the Donquixote family, it could also be said that to please the Vinsmoke family, Baby-5’s fate was like a roadside gnat in Pica’s eyes.

“Yahahahahahaha this kid is really interesting.”

At this time, the chief of the Lively room laughed from his seat.

“Mr. Judge,” Pica saw the laughing Judge, and he did not know what the intention of the laugh, so he cautiously asked.

Judge then said, “I see this this kid quite bold. I wonder if he is ignorant, or brave.”

Pica was in a bit of a panic, “Sir, please do not take offense. Leiying is new to the country, and he has no intention of offending the authority of the tiger, so please do not take offense.”

For the Vinsmoke family, which could rule the entire North Blue by force, Pica was afraid of offending it in the slightest.

“I think this kid should also have some skills in his body. In that case, I think it is better to let the kid Yonji and this kid spar, why not?” Vinsmoke Judge said.

Vinsmoke Judge wasn’t only arrogant but also an extremely revered power. Whether it was his family or his men, he treated their lives like grass. In his eyes, there were only two kinds of human beings, the strong and the weak.

Once Judge said this, Pica immediately agreed, “Sir, you’re extremely right, let’s do it.”

Yonji smiled, but with an enigmatic smile, “If you want to compete, you can bet on Baby-5. If I win she has to go with me, if I lose, well boy, I also brought some maids, and you can pick one at will.”

Leiyin then coldly snorted, “Humph, I said Baby-5 she is a person, not an object, I will not take her as a bet.”

Baby-5 looked at Leiyin.

Yonji replied, “Then what do you want?”

Leiyin pondered slightly, “Whoever loses, how about learning how to bark ten times?”

Pica sniffed anxiously stood up, “Leiyin, you bastard shut up.”

Judge laughed while holding down Pica’s shoulders, “Hahaha, very good. I think we should do as the boy says.”

The Vinsmoke family was a large family without a shortage of one or two women. The bet was interesting, and the loss would have been humiliating.

If the dog barked, it would have been an added shame!

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