Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 147


Vinsmoke Judge was quick to agree to the bet. In fact, Judge was a very shrewd person.

Who was the Vinsmoke family? They were all superhuman that had been transformed by the “Lineage Factor”. They were just kids with physical strength far exceeding that of adults… But, then, who was Leiyin? He was just a newcomer. How dare he fight against us with his skills?

In fact, Vinsmoke Yonji did not want Leiyin to learn how to bark but – directly to kill him.

When Leiyin was dead, then he could snatch Baby-5 from him, and Pica wouldn’t seem to reject that either.


The crowd came to an open area, Leiyin and Yongji stood opposite each other.

Baby-5 folded her hands and was praying for Leiyin, praying that he must achieve victory.

Yonji looked at Leiyin with a wicked smile as if he was winning, “Kid, I’m going to make you regret carrying on with our Vinsmoke family.”

With that, Yonji disappeared in place with a flash.

When he reappeared, he arrived in front of Leiyin. He then flew up and kicked straight at Leiyin’s face. When Leiyin saw the situation with his hands crossed to block, he was shaken back by force more than ten meters away.

Vinsmoke Judge gathered his four sons and his eldest daughter Reiju at a very young age and claimed that Yonji and others were born through a scientific operation that combined the essence of research and was supermen who had long surpassed human existence. Then the four sons, and the eldest daughter, Raiju, launched a variety of training. In addition to Sanji, the others were able to complete the training very well. Yonji, therefore, looked down on his brother Sanji. However, after a period of training, the young Yonji was already able to compete with adult men.

However, Leiyin was different from them. Even if he had some strength, it was his acquired training. To put it bluntly, Leiyin was an ordinary human, but the system allowed him to continue to enhance.

Yonji’s kick shook Leiyin back more than ten meters, which was proof of the existence of beyond ordinary people.

But, so what?

Leiyin quickly disappeared in the original place, stepped on [Geppo], and moved towards the air at high speed. He then formed a seal with both hands, and a Ninjutsu move was suddenly launched.


Yonji saw three meteor-like fireballs high in the air, smashing towards him!

Judge and others below look a little surprised, “Is this, the ability of the Devil Fruit?”

Pica was also a little confused looking at the sky, “Since this kid came over, I have not seen him display such an ability.”

With that, Judge’s eyes turned from surprise to some excitement, “Haha, it’s getting really interesting, it seems that I underestimated this kid before.”

This [Fire Release – Intelligent Hard Work ] was the A-Rank Fire Release ninjutsu that Leiyin learned after killing the Decalvan Brothers. The visual effect of its release was extremely magnificent.

When Yonji saw the situation, he flew high into the air with almost the same speed as Leiyin. Three meteor-like fireballs instantly smashed three fire holes in the ground, and even the crowd could feel the scorching heat.

The reason Vinsmoke Yonji was able to quickly fly into the air was not because of [Geppo] nor any other physical skill, but his pair of combat boots.


Yonji’s boots were called “Winnowing Jet,” a product of the North Blue high-tech research. He was able to quickly eject gas to drive himself to fly. Not only to fly, but he could also stagnate in the air.

“Your Vinsmoke family really likes to rely on the power of technology.” Lei Yin said teasingly as he stepped on the [Geppo].

“Hmph, kid. Don’t think you’re smug just because you have some three-legged martial arts… I’ll let you die without knowing how to die later.”

With that, Yonji went up in the air to take Leiyin, and Leiyin also met him straight on.

Their fists met each other. Then, in the air, they moved in the “whirring” wind. The strength and speed of the two people were roughly the same. They could fight for fifty or sixty rounds, and there was no difference between them.


On the ground.

Germa Chief Commander Judge, looked at the sky with a grave face and asked, “Pica, what is that kid’s name?”

Pica looked terrified, “Mr. Judge, his name is Leiying. He is the new special cadre of our Pica Army.”

Judge looked at Pica and said, “This kid is not easy. He actually can fight with Yonji to this extent. If possible, I want that kid to join my banner.”

Pica replied, “In that case, he really will be lucky in three lives.”


The battle in the air still didn’t stop.

“Hmph, kid, you have quite a skill. It seems that I underestimated you.” Yonji, slightly panting, said.

While Leiyin’s chest breathing also rose and fell a little, “I’m grateful for the compliment.”

“Then how about you watched my move?” Yonji’s words just fell, and his right fist flashed with a strong green light. When Leiyin saw this, he immediately mobilized the chakra in his body.


Yonji said and came at Leiyin with almost lightning-like speed.


The speed of Leiyin was no less than that of Yonji, and he met the attack straight on.

The green and blue meet with a loud roar.

Yonji and Lei Yin fell from the air to the ground….


Baby-5 anxiously ran over and saw a crumbling wound on Leiyin’s right fist, bleeding out bright red blood. Baby-5 hurriedly ripped off a piece of her skirt and bandaged it for Leiyin so that the blood would not flow out.

The situation on Yonji’s side wasn’t much better. He also got a cut on his right arm, this one, a little bigger than Leiyin’s.

“So powerful. He actually can battle with the Vinsmoke family who has the [Lineage Factor] to a draw.”

The people below were in awe of the strength of both.

It seemed to be a tie, but Yonji’s wound was a little bigger than Leiyin’s. If one looked closely, Leiyin was actually slightly stronger than Yonji.

However, this was a tie.

Baby-5 bandaged Leiyin and helped him up.

Judge walked over with a robust pace, “Kid, I underestimated you before. You actually could use physical skills and fight to a draw with Yonji. I think highly of you, if you can, I invite you to join us, Germa 66.”

Baby-5 looked at Leiyin, waiting for his answer.

For Vincesmoke Judge’s invitation, what choice would Leiyin make?

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