Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 148


Baby-5 looked at Leiyin, waiting for his answer.

Leiyin also looked at Baby-5.

At this time, Vinsmoke Judge seemed to have read Leiyin’s mind and laughed, “Haha, if you want, you can also come with Baby-5.”

It turned out that in Judge’s eyes, Baby-5 and Leiyin were both seen as CP.

“No, I think you misunderstood. Mister Judge, I still want to stay in the Donquixote family, so I’m sorry.”

Although Leiyin heartily disliked Judge since he was polite with him, he also politely turned him back.

“Well, people have their own wishes and cannot be forced. However, if you want to join us at any time, you can always come to me.”

“Well, I’m grateful for your invitation.”

After saying that, Judge took the armies with him and left North Island.


That night, Baby-5 treated Leiyin’s wounds. Baby-5 applied potion to Leiyin’s wounds and then wrapped a clean bandage around his arm.

Baby-5’s pretty face flushed, and she asked Leiyin, “Hey, your bet with Yonji today, is it considered fighting for me?”

Leiyin smiled faintly at that, “I was afraid that you were so confused that you would go with him without even knowing what was going on.”

Hearing this, Baby-5 blushed even more. Her pair of beautiful eyes stared at him, “Then, so, you still can’t let me go.”

Leiyin said, “I think you know that Yonji is not a good person at all. Moreover, you have been in the Donquixote family for how long, how can you just leave?”


When Baby-5 heard Leiyin’s words, she stood up in anger and pointed at him with a slender finger, “You guy, what can you do with that kind of word to me? You always look like you don’t care about anything, really!Treat your wound yourself!”

After saying that, she also tapped on Leiyin’s wound Leiyin screamed in pain, and Baby-5 grabbed the door.

The two people had been spending time together, and Baby-5 thought that they had developed. So, she asked these words, and she wanted Leiyin to answer such as “Yes, I just do not want you to leave” or “I just to protect you” and so on and so forth. However, she didn’t expect Leiyin was a needle in water splash.

Leiyin was still like a wooden head, scratching his head, muttering a sentence: ‘Just now she was good, and what was this?’


Each Devil Fruit in the world was unique, but after the death of the Devil Fruit user, the Devil Fruit would reappear in the world.

In Impel Down, Ancient Zoan Devil Fruit [Tori Tori no Mi, Model: Griffin], user Jeff attempted to escape from prison but was captured by Leiyin and then was taken to the Marine Headquarters for public execution.

Jeff died, and his fruit reappeared in the world. Coincidentally, this newly appeared [Tori Tori no Mi, Model: Griffin] was found by Doflamingo again.

Doflamingo, who was far away in the Dressrosa of the New World, was excited to spread the news to the North Asia Island in the North Blue. All the people of the Donquixote family were excited to learn about it.

One superhuman with Gomu Gomu no Mi has a market price of about 100 million belly. The rare Zoan Devil Fruit was even more unattainable. Their price was at least several hundred million, and the more rare Zoan Devil Fruit was at least one billion belly!

It wasn’t too much to say that it was a rare treasure.

It was no wonder that Doflamingo was so proud to tell this news to all the members of the Donquixote family right away.


After a few days, Leiyin and the others received a mission from the Donquixote family.

On a small island less than twenty kilometers from North Asia Island, a new pirate group was stationed. The captain was called Yado, and he was said to be a Zoan Devil Fruit user.

Although this person has a tyrannical nature and kills like a sack, he was a man of his words. Once he came to the North Blue, he came to North Asia Island to look for the Donquixote family to pay respect to the pier.

It seemed that he was very clear about the background and strength of Doflamingo, and he came to the island and clearly expressed his willingness to respect Doflamingo as the boss. He also said that it was a very regrettable thing that he did not see Doflamingo himself.

The highest cadre, Pica, on behalf of Doflamingo, warmly welcomed the arrival of Yado and said that this little brother was determined.

Pica was happy to recognize the little brother on behalf of Doflamingo, and Yado was delighted to worship the pier.

Everything seemed to be harmonious and faultless.

As soon as Yado left, Pica immediately pulled down his grimace.

“Tomorrow, let’s attack that island and make sure to capture Yado alive.”

It was fine before. How did it suddenly turn out like this?


With doubts, the next day, Leiyin and the members of the Donquixote family went to attack the small island where Yado was.

This time, there were Pica, the top cadre of the Pica Army, Gladius, Lao G, Dellinger, Baby-5, Buffalo, and Leiyin.

When they came to the island, the pirate sentries at the front thought that the Donquixote family was coming to join forces and went to report to their boss Yado with great enthusiasm. However, they did not expect them to start a killing spree as soon as they came to the island, and the pirates who reacted rose to resist.


Dressing like a demon, Dellinger was the first to attack. He hooked his right foot backward and kicked the pirates in the head with the speed of a bullet. The pirates who were hit were splattered with brains and blood, and the scene was horrible.


Pamu Pamu no Mi user Gladius, with the ability to burst the steel helmet on his head, swelling to the size of five or six heads, when he exploded, killing and injuring pirates.


Lao G’s two hands pose the letter g toward the pirates rushing around to kill the enemy to carry out various physical attacks, as in no man’s land.

Baby-5 hands turned into two heavy machine guns, shooting wildly into the crowd.

The pirates, who were originally brutal and brutal, were slaughtered in front of the Donquixote family as if they were a group of unbearable ants.

At this time, Yado came out with a group of pirates. His face was both angry and puzzled, “Hey, Pica, what do you mean by this?”

Pica, who had finished off seven or eight pirates with a single blow of his stone fist, looked at Yado with a leathery smile and said in that shrill voice, “There is no meaning, just want to borrow your head for a while.”

They had agreed to be the Donquixote family’s little brother, so why did they treat us like this?

“Are you kidding me!”

With infinite anger and incomprehension, Yado used Devil Fruit’s ability, and his body had been fully bestialized.

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