Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 149


When the crowd looked, the angry Yado had turned into a full bestial form. He became more than four meters tall, with thick fur and a pair of large horns on his head.

Yado, an Ancient Zoan Devil Fruit (Tori Tori no Mi, Model: Buffalo) user with a bounty of 72 million belly.

When Pica saw this, he smiled heartily, “Oh, the big Buffalo finally made it out? Just what we need.”

At that, the angry Yado’s bullnose emitted two puffs of foul air, “I’m loyal to your Donquixote family, why do you want to inflict harm on me!”

Pica said, “Loyal? You must be kidding here, plus we’ve only met twice. If you really want to show your loyalty, go to that place and enjoy the rest of your beautiful life.”

Pica’s words were so cloudy that people didn’t understand what he was talking about.

However, Leiyin later learned that the “place” Pica said was simply more horrible than the desperate Impel Down.

The pirates were almost wiped out, and Yado ran quickly, trying to pierce Pica’s body with his bullhorn.

Pica just laughed slightly and looked like he didn’t even put him in his eyes. His fist turned into a rocky fist like the size of a giant race and smashed Yado’s huge buffalo body out of the way with one punch.


“Pica, you really love to have fun.”

The people of the Donquixote family unanimously let out a laugh. Even Leiyin knew that the difference between the two of them was not even a star and a half.

“Pica, you bastard stop being smug there!”

Yado suddenly raised both his hooves high and then fell down brazenly. The place where the hooves broke suddenly appeared an enormous crack. The crack gradually spread out towards Pica’s feet, becoming bigger and bigger.

Finally, the ground beneath Pica’s feet split in two, and Pica fell straight down!


“Why didn’t that guy dodge it?”

The people of the Donquixote family were puzzled for a while.

Was the originally victorious Pica defeated just like that?

“Hahahaha, I thought he was powerful guy, but it turned out to be so unbeatable as well.” Yado’s bull face smiled smugly, laughing at Pica for merely scaring people there.

Lao G was about to attack Yado when a sharp voice came to everyone’s ears.

“Your smug face is really ridiculous.”

Yado heard a “thud” in his heart, slightly frightened to turn his head, and a more than 30-meter-tall rock giant came into view.

It turned out that Yado cracked the ground after Pica fell, and Pica happened to use this to dive into the rocks.

Ishi Ishi no Mi user was enough to assimilate the rocks they came into contact with. The appearance of the rocks, hardness and other properties, etc., would all be their power. So, the ability to receive the rock power could be transformed into a huge stone giant to attack.

The height and size of the ability to become a rock giant would increase a lot. This growth was determined by the strength of the ability itself.

In addition, the user could use the ability to assimilate rocks to penetrate walls. They could also fuse with the rocks they touch or buildings made of rocks, and they could control the rock products they touch by their will.

However, the ability itself did not turn into rock. His body remained hidden in the rock, so the ability to smash or slash the rock assimilated by the ability was ineffective. The ability would only be released if the power to manipulate the rock was directly knocked down.

The giant rock punch that just knocked Yado away for a good distance was not a giant punch formed by Pica turning into a rock. Rather it was a giant punch formed by using the rocks around him that he came in contact with.

As long as there were rocks around, Pica was nearly invincible.

The thirty-meter stone giant stood in front of Yado, making Yado’s originally huge body seem small.

“That guy Pica is really something.”

“What a shock.”

“So there’s still this hand.”

The members of the Donquixote family behind him were relieved to see that he was fine, as he was the main backbone of the place because of the absence of Doflamingo.

Yado looked at Pica in horror, like a rat seeing a cat.

“It’s time for the hunt.” Pica said, and suddenly he appeared behind Yado with eight tentacles of rock.


Pica gave a sharp whistle, and the eight tentacles attacked at Yado in unison. Yado couldn’t resist and was directly knocked back to his original form.

Pica saw that he had won and also put away the ability of the fruit.

Yado, lying on the ground with blood spilling from his mouth, suddenly shouted, “Musket team! Hurry up and finish them off!”

When the words just fell, suddenly some pirates with special muskets appeared in all directions. Dense bullets were shot at the Donquixote family like fierce wind and rain.

Yado had seen that Pica and the others were coming, so he ambushed the musket team around and used them in the nick of time. The muskets in their hands were not ordinary muskets but a new type of weapon from the North Blue, whose power and speed of fire was more than five times that of ordinary muskets.

The members of the Donquixote family each showed their abilities to resist the impact of this bullet, and some rushed into the middle of the musket team, killing the pirates holding the muskets.

“Leiyin, be careful!”

Leiyin stood in place, watching Yado and Pica’s battle a little out of focus. No one knew what was on his mind, and when the bullets fired over, he also did not seem to react. Baby-5, who was standing not far from him, saw and panicked and pounced on his body.


Three shots rang out, making three bloody holes in Baby-5’s body.

It was originally the bullets that hit Leiyin’s body.


Leiyin shouted. Baby-5 fell down in place but was caught in Leiyin’s hand.

“You’re still slow to react.”

Baby-5, who fell in Leiyin’s arms, had confused eyes and looked at Leiyin with a pale face. Leiyin tore off his own clothes to wrap Baby-5’s bleeding place. At this time, Buffalo also came over. Leiyin handed Baby-5 into his hands and rushed straight towards the crowd.

At this point, Leiyin seemed to be crazy in the crowd, going around to kill as if taking the life was easy. When he reached Yado, he pulled out the Sword of Kusanagi behind him and chopped it towards the throat.

“Stop it!”

Suddenly, a large, thick, and firm hand took hold of Leiyin’s sword-wielding arm.

This person was none other than Pica.

“What are you doing?”

“Kill him.”

“Have you forgotten our orders? Be sure to capture him alive.”

Leiyin smiled and no longer argued. He put the Sword of Kusanagi back into its scabbard and anxiously ran towards Baby-5.

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