Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 15


“Hey, Chief, you keep saying that kid will protect the village, but why can’t we even see his shadow during critical times?”

“That’s right. That guy probably ran away long ago.”

“He’s just a scrounger!”

At this point, in response to everyone’s questions, Farmer was also a bit confused. He had so much faith in Leiyin.

He even wanted to marry his daughter to him, so how could that guy abandon him?

If that was the case, he should be blamed for being blind and trusting the wrong person!

Farmer said to Verdan, “Verdan, go to the back of the mountain and look for Leiyin again. If you find him, tell him what’s going on here.”

Verdan nodded and ran to the back of the mountain. By this time, Anderson’s team had already boarded the island.

Although Anderson was not as tall as his brother, he was still 1.9 meters tall and considered a towering person for ordinary people.

Together with his muscular body and Devil Fruit ability, the villagers felt that it was a bad day.

On top of that, Anderson brought more than twice as many people as the villagers, which meant that even if Anderson didn’t do anything, the villagers had no chance of winning.

The two sides stood opposite each other, and Anderson said viciously, “Farmer, you killed my brother while I was away. I can’t pretend that nothing happened.”

Farmer was silent.

At that moment, a villager couldn’t hold back, “Anderson, it wasn’t us who killed your brother, but an outsider named Leiyin!”

“Yeah, it’s none of our business at all!”

Anderson looked grim, “And where is that kid you were talking about now?”

Everyone looked at each other, “That kid, he may have escaped…”

Unexpectedly, Anderson laughed, “Are you guys making fun of me?”

The deputy village chief also stepped forward and said, “No, that’s true. There was such a kid; he killed Andrin…”

“Well, how do you expect me to believe your nonsense? You killed my brother, put the blame on someone you’ve never heard of, and the person got away. If I told you that, would you believe me?”

The villagers had no way of arguing with what Anderson said. Although everything they said was true, it did sound like a lie.

There was nothing they could do about it. By the look of Anderson, if he didn’t seek justice for his brother, he would never be satisfied.

Farmer spoke up and said, “Anderson, what will it take for you to let us go?”

When Anderson heard his words, he laughed out loud again, “Hahaha… As expected. You’re truly the village chief; your awareness is better than the average person. All right, I can forget about the incident which killed my brother, Andrin. However, you must promise me two conditions.”

When they heard Anderson say this, the villagers couldn’t help but brighten up. It seemed that there was still room for maneuver in this matter.

Farmer was helpless, “Tell me about it.”

Anderson held up his index finger, “First, the protection fee to be paid is 50,000 Belly per month per person!”

Fifty thousand? It was five times the original amount, and the villagers couldn’t help but look pale.

Farmer was pretty calm, “What about the second one?”

Anderson gave a wicked look and said, “Second, you must let your daughter Verdan and that deputy village chief’s daughter Jenny come with me.”


Farmer was furious upon hearing this, “My daughter and the deputy mayor’s daughter are only fifteen years old; how could we let you take them away? Also, 50,000 Belly per person per month, even if we don’t eat or drink, we can’t save that much money per family per month!”

Anderson smiled, “I don’t care. That hot chick, Verdan, I am always thinking of her, and that Jenny is also a beautiful girl. You’ve killed my brother, so this is how you have to pay me back.”

At this point, Farmer somewhat understood that Anderson’s real purpose was not to avenge his brother’s death but to seek greater profit from the villagers.

In other words, regarding the death of Andrin, Anderson, as his brother, didn’t feel the slightest bit of grief. Instead, he used it to exploit the villagers. He was a wicked man.

If he really gave his daughter to Anderson, wouldn’t he be pushing her into the pit of fire?

Unlike Anderson, Farmer would rather be brutally killed than have his daughter harmed in any way.

With that in mind, Farmer drew his sword from his waist and pointed it straight at Anderson, “Damn you, devil, don’t even think about such things. Even if I were to end up in hell, I wouldn’t let my daughter be harmed in any way.”

Farmer wasn’t much of a fighter, but he was brave. He was honest and strong. He loved his daughter and liked to trust people unconditionally, which was why he was so popular among the villagers.

“You’ve got some balls, old man. In that case, I’ll have to kill all of you and steal that chick, Verdan…” Anderson said, still smiling evilly.


Farmer thought that his daughter’s life might be spared if he died in a firefight with this guy.

However, this guy was relentless toward Verdan. There was nothing he could do; it was all because of Verdan… so beautiful…

Just as Anderson was about to give the order, three ships arrived at the harbor.

Did Leiyin come?

No, he didn’t. It was the villagers from West Village who came to reinforce them after receiving the news.

The two villages have always been very united, and they understand that the two villages were almost destroyed.

If East Village were slaughtered, West Village would be next to be slaughtered as well.

The arrival of the people from West Village equalized the number of pirates and villagers.

However, it was of no use.

Anyone who understood the situation knew that even if the numbers were equal, there would only be a few more victims.

As soon as the villagers from West Village arrived, they surrounded the “Bad Wolf Pirates.”

At this point, Anderson laughed contemptuously, “Are there going to be more people dying?”.

Thus, the pirates and the villagers fought with each other. In a short time, the sound of shouting, killing, and the clash of swords rang out loudly.

The villagers didn’t dare to mess with the Bad Wolf Pirates; they were just trying to survive. Since they weren’t even given a chance to survive, they might as well fight to the death.

Anderson also rushed into the crowd, but Miller stopped him, “Your opponent is me!”

Seeing Miller, Anderson smiled coldly, “The [Guardian]? Let’s see how long you can guard these people!”

With that, Anderson and Miller got into a fight. At that moment, Verdan came running back from the back of the mountain.

She saw the fighting crowd and was startled, “Did the fight… have begun?

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