Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 151


Although Yado had been begging for mercy more than once, Leiyin had no intention to let him go from the beginning. For such a thug, what sympathy was needed?
The pirate ship continued to sail.
The ship sailed for some time and came across another pirate ship.
Yado and other pirates saw the ship as a light.
On the ship’s bow, there was a man with red hair and a spiky head, wearing goggles.
“Donquixote family onboard, do me a favor and let the people on board go!”
“Old… Boss! We’re here. Help us!” Yado shouted from this side.
What was this situation?
The man standing on the bow of that pirate ship named was Eustace Kid, superhuman with Paramecia Devil Fruit. He was the captain of the Kid Pirates and now had a bounty of 210 million belly!
In the original story, later Kid became one of the Eleven Supernova with the bounty in the Sabaody Archipelago as high as 315 million belly, ranking first in the same period of Luffy.
In the original story, Yado, who liked to worship the pier, was in the same place as Eustace Kid at sea. When he saw Kid’s strength, he worshipped him as his big brother. Kid was quite righteous. When he heard that Yado was in trouble, he came to the rescue and happened to hijack the pirate ship escorted by Leiyin on the way from North Blue North Asia Island to the Sabaody Archipelago.
However, Kid and Yado were the same. Both were murderous and tyrannical guys.
Nevertheless, it was also Doflamingo’s reputation. Otherwise, it was estimated that Kidd had already robbed the ship.
“Sorry, I can not release this person!” Leiyin said to them.
“In that case, then I’m sorry.”
With that, Kid jumped onto Leiyin’s boat with two steps. He stretched out his right hand, and the crowd felt the boat shake.
Gradually, there were rusty screws, broken barrels, and broken metal swords all gathered from all directions. Without much saying, Kid used the ability of Jishaku Jishaku no Mi as soon as they came up.

In a short while, on Kid’s right arm, a metal demon gathered.
“Wow! It’s Captain Kid’s ability!”
“Defeat him quickly! Save us!”
The minions under Yado were shouting excitedly from below.
With that, the “Punk Rotten” on Kid’s right arm became pitch black…
When Leiyin saw the situation, his right hand gathered blue chakra, “BIG BALL RASENGAN!”
The two sides collided together, and there was a huge roar. Subsequently, only metal parts were seen flying around and spilling over the whole ship. Leiyin’s [Big Ball Rasengan] also turned into a puddle of water mist. The attack was canceled in both directions.

“As expected of the Donquixote family, you really do have some strength.”
“I am grateful for the compliment.”
The man with the mask came flying with a high-speed rotating blade directly at Leiyin, who reacted very quickly and pulled out the Sword of Kusanagi behind him to block the masked man’s attack.

The high-speed rotating blade rubbed a burst of fire on the Sword of Kusanagi.
[Massacre Soldier] Killer, Kid Pirates combatant with the bounty of 102 million belly, wearing a white and blue mask with air holes on his head. His weapon was a pair of gauntlets equipped with scythe-like blades hanging on his arm. He was the only crew member of the Kid Pirates who called Kid by his name. —Later in the original, he was also one of the Eleven Supernovas, with a bounty of 162 million belly, ranked seventh in the Sabaody Archipelago.

Leiyin blocked Killer high-speed rotating scythe.

When Kidd saw the situation, he pulled out the dagger at his waist. Then, he used the ability of the Devil Fruit directly to launch a concealed weapon, firing at Leiyin. Leiyin’s left hand blocking Killer, and his right hand took out a Kunai, metals clanging sound in the void. Kunai and daggers fell on the deck.
“Kid, you are not an ordinary bastard.” Leiyin coldly looked at him and said.
Kid laughed wickedly, “Humph, kid, there is no need to talk about morality in fighting. Nothing but victory is the king’s way.”

At this point, Leiyin was in a crisis. However, it should be known that the Eleven Supernova, each was not an idle generation. —Think about it, Luffy, who came from the weakest sea of the East Blue, could go all the way to the New World’s Four Emperors. He defeated Sky Island [Mad Monk] Urouge, who defeated one of Big Mom’s Sweet Commanders (after defeated by Urouge, they became three); easily defeated Hawkins with a bounty of 80 million belly; he could also defeat Trafalgar, who could easily defeat Smoker and Vergo, who later promoted to Vice Admiral…
Eleven Supernova, each of them had shown a decent strength. If there was more time, it was difficult to guarantee that they wouldn’t become the Four Emperors or even the Pirates King.
Facing these two future supernovas, Leiyin didn’t show the slightest fear. He still took out dozens of shuriken from the inventory. His hands formed a seal.

In no time, dozens of shuriken became thousands, densely dispersed towards the crowd…

When Killer saw this, he again wielded the high-speed rotating scythe, plus the agile body. The shuriken shot at him was quickly blocked, and Kid used the Devil Fruit’s ability again.

The metal objects scattered on the deck gathered again in his body. The sword hit the layer of metal armor and issued a “clink” of the sound of the metal collision. 

This was the way of the two strongest people on the ship. The crew of the Kid Pirates was affected, and they could not avoid it. They were shot dead and wounded most of the time, and the blood suddenly dyed the ship red.
Seeing this scene, the original Kidd’s wicked smile became gloomy, “Damn you, what did you do to my crew!”
“Captain, this guy must be killed!”
With that, the scythes of Killer’s hands rotated again, stepping on the deck and flying almost close to the ground to launch a fierce attack on Leiyin.
The two high-speed rotating scythes like two reapers, swinging wildly at Leiyin. With the Sword of Kusanagi, Leiyin blocked, and the sound of metal clashing in the void.
Leiyin took advantage of an opening, and the Sword of Kusanagi cut a green-blue aura in the air, “GEPPO – SWORD BASHING!”
The green-blue aura of the sword went straight for Killer. Unexpectedly, Killer’s scythe rotated at high speed emitted two arcs of shock waves, and the sword and shock waves collided in both directions. The sword pushed the shock waves back and cut a bloody gash in Killer’s chest. He didn’t give Leiyin a chance to breathe, and Kid’s right arm was once again wrapped around a huge “metal demon”, which smashed towards Leiyin without mercy…

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