Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 152


Kid’s right arm gathered a lot of metal objects, such as a “metal demon” smashed towards Leiyin.

Leiyin was highly concentrated while paying attention to the opponent’s movement. He used [Flying Thunder God Second Step] to disappear.

The two supernovas were facing each other alone and were in a bitter battle.

‘No, we must think of a countermeasure.’

Suddenly, Leiyin had a bright idea on his mind.

Kid and Killer launched a continuous attack on Leiyin.

While Leiyin dodged around, a transient art rose to the air. Then, he saw his hands flying up and down in the air, and he made a sudden seal.


In a flash, many tree roots grew around the feet of Kid and Killer, holding them in place and immobilizing them. Killer was agile and had a high-speed rotating scythe in his hand, so he cut the roots with his scythe and quickly got rid of the control.

However, all this was already in Leiyin’s calculation.



In an instant, a large amount of chakra gathered in Leiyin’s hand, emitting a “bared” sound. Like a thousand birds chirping, Leiyin was extremely fast (instantaneous), and quickly penetrated Killer’s body.

Killer muffled a miserable grunt and fell in a pool of blood.


At this point, Kid, who had already gotten rid of the [All Creation], shouted anxiously.

It turned out that these were Leiyin’s calculations long ago. He used [All Creation] to fix the two. Because of personal ability (Killer was considered a swordsman), the first one to get rid of must be Killer. Kid would need some time to break free, so first stall one and quickly solve the other.

Leiyin did not expect it to be so smooth. A single blow penetrated Killer’s body, and it was estimated that there was only one breath left now.

Kid was furious to see Killer beaten like this.

“Bastard, I will tear you to pieces!”

Leiyin wiped the blood on his hand, “Now it’s a real one-on-one.”

Kid’s eyes were scarlet. The power of the [Jishaku Jishaku no Mi] reached its limit, and the metal in his hand gathered more and more. Without the slightest intention to stop, it seemed to gather all the world’s metal objects into his hand and give a fatal blow to the kid in front of him.

“Kid, you give me a good look. To be killed by such a master stroke, you should consider yourself lucky, right?”    

Then, with a majestic and boundless pressure, the huge “Metal Demin” fell down bravely, “PUNK ROTTEN!”

Before that, a blue chakra gathered in Leiyin’s hand.


With an aura no less powerful than Kid’s, he attacked directly.


The [Rasenshuriken ] and [Punk Rotten] collided together, and a huge boom sounded in the void. The energy even blew up Leiyin’s pirate ship.

By now, Kid had rolled his eyes and spluttered, falling into the sea, while Leiyin was almost unharmed.

Eustace Kid and Killer were, defeated!


“Oh no!”

Because the ship had been destroyed, not only Kid and Killer, even Yado and other pirates who were locked up also sank into the sea.

Leiyin hurriedly made [Shadow Clone Technique] into dozens of Leiyin and dived into the sea to salvage these people. Fortunately, they were all fished out, and this fortunate, of course, was relative to Leiyin.

What about the boat that had been torn to pieces?

Don’t worry, Kid’s ship was still in good shape. So, Leiyin and his doppelgangers jumped from the deck of Kidd’s ship with the people they salvaged.

The remaining pirates were all looking in horror at this kid who had shown terrifying strength three times.

“Say, where is the treasure of your captain?”

Some cowardly pirates were afraid of being killed and told where Kid’s treasure was located.

Knowing that there was a treasure, Leiyin suspected that these pirates of the Kid pirates were an eyesore and threw them all into the sea.

According to Leiyin’s strength, in addition to the strength of the Four Emperors, Marine Admiral, or Hawkeye, Bear, Doflamingo this level of the Seven Warlords of the Sea, it seemed that no one could save them.

After seeing the treasures on Kid’s boat, Leiyin knew that Kidd wasn’t only good at killing people. His ability was also good to make money, and that was not small.

After taking an inventory, the financial resources left behind by Kidd was more than 520 million belly!

The reason Leiyin included Kid and Killer in the sealing scrolls was that they had a bounty. —Kid was 210 million; Killer 102 million— Add up to more than 300 million. Plus, Leiyin had nearly 300 million belly in savings.

At this point, he has had a total of more than 1.1 billion belly!

This was the second time since the rain feast in Arabasta land to get a huge amount of money.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that it was a great fortune.

However, then again, Kid and Killer have not been exchanged yet. So Leiyin had more than 800 million in hand.

After calculating in the heart, he had first extracted ten B-Rank Ninjutsu and waited until the Sabaody Archipelago so that Kid and Killer had the bounty, enough one belly, and then extracted an S-Grade Ninjutsu.

In a short time, thirty yellow “Ninjutsu” cards appeared in front of Leiyin’s eyes, and Leiyin chose ten of them.

The result of the drawing was as follows.

[Wind Release – Whirlwind Fist: A Jutsu that gathers wind chakra in hand and then strikes.] [Wind Release – Wind Cutter Technique: Attack the opponent by bypassing an object.] [Wind Release – Beast Tearing Gale Palm: Gather chakra in your hand and then attack the enemy with all your might.] [Wind Release – Vacuum Wave: Send out dozens of rotating wind slices in a row to attack the opponent.] [Fire Release – Fire Dragon Technique: Spouting several fire dragons at once, with a wide range of attacks.] [Fire Release – Phoenix Sage Fire Technique: Multiple oversized fireballs rush forward.] [Fire Release – Flame Bullet: Spitting out huge flames from the mouth.] [Lightning Release – False Darkness: Transform multiple beams of lightning into a sharp gun to pierce the enemy.] [Chakra Flow – Chidori Light Sword: Summon a light sword made of chakra.] [Ice Release – Ten Thousand Ice Petals: Summon an icicle to hit the enemy.]

System Prompt: You had acquired these ten B-Rank jutsu, and your chakra value had reached 600,000.

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