Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 153


After a series of twists and turns, the ship finally arrived at Sabaody Archipelago, a place where Leiyin had come many times.

When they got off the ship, these pirates cried and wept, and each one of them was more uncomfortable than a dying father.

“Leiying, little brother, please let me go.”

“We are shivering just thinking about that kind of place.”

“We will do anything you want us to do.”

They are usually vicious pirates. But, at this time, they revealed their most fearful side. They knew very well what would happen if they went to that place.

Leiyin wasn’t any good man. He just said to them coldly, “Go quickly. Don’t make me mad.”

Leiyin showed his strength to everyone. Not to mention that they were now handcuffed and shackled. Even if they stood in front of Leiyin in full armor, they might not be opponents, so they had to obey his words.

Without going to Sabaody Archipelago Marine Base to exchange bounty, they went through area 50 to 59 shipping area, coating artisans and other areas. They went directly to area 1, Human Auctioning House.

After coming here and identifying himself, the staff was full of smiles.

“Mr. Leiying, we have been waiting for you for a long time. Please follow me.” The man in a neat black suit respectfully welcomed Leiyin inside.

It turned out that after the capture of Yado, Doflamingo had planned with the Human Auctioning House to send a young man to escort Yado and others. This was a slave for the pleasure of the World Noble, so they did not dare to have the slightest negligence.

“It’s a long journey for you. Here is the VIP room. You can wait here.”

As said before, the ordinary people were not qualified to enter the Holy Land Mary Goise, so Leiyin could only wait here for the people sent by the World Noble to take away Yado and others and get the bounty for completing the task.

“If you want, you can look around here at will. If there is a slave you like, I can give you a discount.” The staff said politely.

Leiyin was the emissary of the Donquixote family. At this time, slave delivery was also considered a job for the World Noble, so the people here were very polite to him.

Leiyin smiled and said politely to him, “Please take me for a walk.”


Located at the back of the Human Auctioning House, all the slaves to be traded or auctioned were in this place.

Following two staff members in black uniforms, Leiyin looked around on the way. As far as the eyes could see, a wide array of people were locked in cages and tied to poles.

When they saw the staff, they subconsciously shrank back, like a kid saw the king of hell. It was clear that their life here was really like a living hell.

Not only that, there were various races here, long-handed race, long-legged race, mermaid, fish people, and even giant race.

However, no matter what race, whoever came here was put on the black and cold handcuffs and shackles. Everyone was ashen as if they fell into hell.

However, there was only one exception.

In an iron cage, there was an older man with long curly hair. His chin had a beard, and his beard and hair were silvery-white, wearing glasses and a straight scar over his right eye.

Among the many slaves, Leiyin immediately focused on him.

He was holding a small wine jug and was leisurely sipping a small drink in extreme contrast to the nervous and fearful looks of the others. He made people look at him with the aura of a tyrannical king.

This was…

The legendary pirate, the First Mate of the Pirate King, “The right hand of the Pirate King” [Dark King] Silvers Rayleigh!

Although Silvers Rayleigh was old, he still couldn’t hide his handsome face.

Several years ago, when he was young, Silvers Rayleigh’s house was burned, so he wandered around and met Roger by chance. Roger knew him as soon as he saw him and asked.

“Do you want to work with me to turn the world upside down?”

At that time, although Rayleigh felt that this question was very funny, he still became Gol D. Roger’s partner.

Later in the original story, in order to cover Luffy and others to escape from Sabaody Archipelago, he alone blocked the attack of the Marine Admiral, Borsalino. He also swam through the Calm Belt full of Sea Kings.

Rayleigh knew three kinds of Haki, swordsmanship and martial art. His strength was unfathomable.

When Rayleigh didn’t have money, he voluntarily sent himself to the Human Auctioning House. The uninformed staff would go along with the situation and just treat him as an ordinary old man to sell.

It was a joke.

Who could have trafficking him?

When Leiyin saw Rayleigh, it was as if he saw some exotic beast. He carefully surveyed him, the famous pirate who once turned the world upside down with the Pirate King.

‘Haha, now we can make another fortune.’

As Leiyin was looking at Rayleigh out of breath, a woman of great beauty was tied with her hands behind her back to a pillar and shouted in a delicate voice.

“You guys stop, let go of me!”

“Scream! Scream as you want! Even if you scream your throat here, no one will pay attention to you. The more you scream, the more excited we are. Haha” 

Over there, several staff members saw that woman looked beautiful, and one ravished her with a wicked smile.

“Hey, be gentle, don’t play badly, or she won’t sell at a good price. You can scratch the top part.” A manager-like person said.

The young girl continued to emit the sound of wailing and screaming.

Seeing this scene, Leiyin clenched his fists. Suddenly, a powerful ripple of energy in the void, both slaves and staff at the scene, all fell to the ground.

Only two people were standing, Leiyin and Rayleigh.

Rayleigh continued to take a sip of wine like a nobody.

“Surprisingly, there is still a sober one, boy. You are not simple.”

Rayleigh’s Kenbunshoku Haki was different from the others. What was released just now was the whole field of Kenbunshoku Haki, which meant that Rayleigh’s level could be completely unaffected by anything.

“Old man, you do not pretend to be here. I have recognized you.”

Hearing Leiyin said so, Rayleigh’s jug stopped at his hand.

“First Mate of the Pirate King, Dark King-Rayleigh, it’s still an honor to see you.”

At this moment, the face of the Dark King Rayleigh showed an inscrutable smile, “Kid, you actually recognized me, so what do you want?”

Rayleigh’s face was more than a smile. It was more like a provocation.

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