Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 154


“Nothing, I just want to meet you, a legendary figure,” Leiyin said. 

“Haha, the old man is old. I didn’t expect anyone to recognize him.” Rayleigh laughed bashfully and took a sip of wine.

Leiyin spread his hands and pointed to the people lying on the ground, “You make me a little embarrassed. I don’t know how to explain to them later.”

Rayleigh still smiled: “Speaking of which, that girl just now is too pitiful. The old man still likes young and beautiful girls.”

 It turned out that Rayleigh was releasing Kenbunshoku Haki because he didn’t want to see that pretty girl continue to be ravaged.

“Kid, you don’t have to pretend to be a good guy here,” Rayleigh continued, “You’re in cahoots with them, right? How else would you stand outside so naturally?”

Leiyin smiled and said indifferently, “This must be a misunderstanding. I just send in the people who should be in such places.”

Rayleigh coldly snorted, “Whatever you say. Anyway, I do not know the situation.”

In Rayleigh s eyes, Leiyin was nothing but a hawk of the Human Auctioning House.


Sabaody Archipelago, area 2.

The World Noble was on his way. He couldn’t wait to see his powerful slave, so he had to “come” here.

“Damn. Hurry up. You’re slowing down like a damn snail!”

An obscene-looking man with a bubble hood and a clear nose was riding on the back of a stocky man, beating him hard with his whip.

The man being ridden like a horse was originally a pirate with a bounty of 56 million. At this time, he had long lost the elegance of the year, not to mention dignity. Even the body and mind had been greatly destroyed. His face was constantly flowing blood. He had been tortured to death.

“Saint Charlos, he seems to be dying.” The guard beside him warned.

This World Noble riding on his back was none other than Charlos.


Charlos jumped off the man’s back and whipped him with a whip. The sound of “snapping” was incessant.

“What a useless waste! You should be thankful that this master still considers you as my imperial mount, but you are actually walking so slowly.”

The healthy man’s body was getting more and more bloody, and he twitched in pain from the beating. Seeing this, Charlos looked a little angry. He threw the whip in his hand and used his foot to kick him again.

The man was kicked and covered with blood. Not only was there not a piece of good flesh on his skin, but even his internal organs were also greatly traumatized. In the end, he fell into a pool of blood and finally did not move.

With this, Charlos gave him two kicks, complaining that he did not get to see the slave of his choice in time.

“Useless thing, throw him to the dogs for me!” Charlos wiped the blood from his body and hatefully said.

“Yes, Saint Charlos.”

The guards under his command did as they were told.

With that, Charlos dug his nostrils, and his expression became pleasant, “Soon we will see the new slaves. I heard that they could turn into big buffaloes. When you ride on them, it must feel very cool. Hahaha.”

Next to Charlos, a neatly dressed man in uniform with a mohawk and a mustache looks a bit like a rat. His named was Avi, and he was Charlos’s guard captain. He said, “Yes, Charlos, this kid is really good at his job. He knows what you want and brings it to you.”

“That’s natural. There is nothing in this world that I can’t get.” Charlos’ lewd face was full of complacency.

When Avi was about to say something else, Charlos’ gaze was suddenly fixed on a person —a beautiful woman.

This beautiful woman was on her way home with his boyfriend.

“Come on, let’s go over there.” Charlos greeted, and Avi led the way over.


“World Noble”

Looking at Charlos with a group of people walking in front of them, the two were startled, especially the woman who had already lost her face in fear.

“Really beautiful.”

Charlos looked at the beautiful woman, not only snot, even drool came out, that his straight hooked eyes, as if to strip the woman’s clothes off.

“Lord Noble Wolrd, she is my fiancée. We have a few days to get married. Please spare her!” The man anxiously kneeled on the ground, begging.

Charlos did not even look at the man and remained to stare deadly at the woman, “Does it matter if you lend her to me for a while? I’ll give you some money.”

“A little? Don’t be ridiculous. She’s…”


Before the man could finish his sentence, Charlos had already pulled out the gun on his belt and shot him in the head.


The woman flung herself at the man’s corpse, losing her voice and crying out.

“What a little beauty. When she’s crying, she’s charming also. This man is so blessed. I’ve decided to make her my number nineteen.” Charlos said, rubbing his hands excitedly.

Avi said, “Yes, get right on it.”

“Oh yeah, there are number one to five I’m already tired of playing with. Sell them all to other nobles, and if no one wants them, kill them.”

“As you command!”

Then, Charlos touched the cheek of the woman, and a sinister smile appeared, “Baby, today I can have a ‘buffalo’, so I will use you to celebrate for me. Hahaha”


Sabaody Archipelago area 1, inside the Human Auctioning House.

The people who had been stunned by Dark King Rayleigh’s Kenbunshoku Haki had woken up.

“What just happened?” A staff member got up from the ground with a puzzled look.

“I don’t know, somehow I passed out,” Leiyin said, pretending to blend with the crowd.

The Human Auctioning House manager said, “Is everyone like this?”

The crowd nodded their heads.

“It’s not good. The woman is gone!” A staff member shouted at the people.

When the crowd looked around, the woman who had just been tied to a pole and ravaged by the crowd ran away.

“The old man with silver hair also disappeared!” Another person shouted again.


The manager stomped his foot and immediately went forward to check. Sure enough, Rayleigh and the woman had all runaway.

What happened?


Half an hour ago.

Leiyin opened the iron cage that was holding Rayleigh and said, “Why don’t you go out first? I know, this cage can’t trap you at all.”

Rayleigh took a sip of wine, “Do you want to play nice in front of me again? Sorry, I don’t want to go now.”

Leiyin smiled, “Don’t you like young and pretty girls? I’m telling you, I like them too.”

It turned out that Leiyin meant to let Rayleigh take the girl and run.

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