Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 155


“I can’t see that you have such good intentions,” Rayleigh said, not knowing whether to mock or praise.

“Get out of here, I know you can run anytime by yourself, and if they wake up, you won’t be able to take that woman.”

“I don’t need you here to tell me what to do.”

Rayleigh’s mouth knew what to say, but he didn’t know what method he used to quickly unlock the handcuffs and shackles on his body, as well as the collar around his neck.

—Speaking of that collar, it was extraordinary. It was made specifically to prevent people from escaping. As long as you run out of a certain range, that collar would automatically explode. So even if the slaves were put there, as long as there was that collar around their necks, they wouldn’t dare to run anyway.

However, such a horrible collar, in the hands of Rayleigh, was like a paper mache. It wasn’t only easy to untie, but the collar did not react at all. It was like nothing.

With that, he walked out of the cage, carried the girl together, and ran out of the Human Auctioning House.


Back to the present.

The manager saw two people running in a row and was already anxiously sweating, “If the boss blamed us, how can I bear it? The old man does not matter. That woman is a beauty. If she was sold, she could produce a lot of money.”

“Saint Charles is here!”

When the manager was confused, the World Noble came.

The manager temporarily put down the matter at hand and went with the staff to greet. When he saw Charlos, the manager’s face was full of smiles, “Saint Charlos, we have been waiting for you here for a long time.”

Charlos was digging his nostrils and didn’t even look at the manager, “Where is my slave? Take me to it quickly. I can’t wait for a long time.”

“Yes, yes, please follow me immediately.” The manager led the cadre of World Noble towards the inner hall of the Human Auctioning House.

“This is Mr. Leiming. The slave was brought by him.”

“Very well, give him the money.” Charlos glanced at Leiyin and ordered his men to hand him a box with money.

Don’t look at the World Noble people perverted and domineering. They were still very generous. When they gave money, they were not ambiguous at all.

According to what was said at the time, Leiyin got a whole 400 million belly.

“Big buffalo, big buffalo.”

Ignoring Leiyin, Charlos excitedly ran to the side of Yado and looked him up and down. —When Yado saw Charlos, it was as if he saw the plague that took his life.

“Come on, turn into a buffalo and show me.” Charlos couldn’t wait to say.

The staff said, “Saint Charlos, he is still wearing the sea floor stone handcuffs.”

“Take it off for me!”

“Saint Charlos…”

At this time, Avi said, “It’s okay, let him go first. He will not dare to make a move against the World Noble.”


The staff immediately did as they were told and opened the sea stone handcuffs on Yado’s hands.

As soon as he was released, Yado was like a wild bull off the reins and immediately turned into a four-meter long-standing buffalo with two bull nostrils panting with thick foul air.

Seeing the buffalo storms, the crowd was amazed. Charlos was scared, burrow under the table.

“In front of the World Noble, do not be reckless!”

Avi had his Bosushoku Haki attached to the hand. He jumped up instantly and smashed his fist on the bull’s head of Yado, who was hit hard and instantly knocked back to his original form and fell to the ground.

“One punch to subdue 72 million pirates.”

“Not bad for a World Noble guard.”

Such as this level of escort, the World Noble had a lot by his side. According to this situation, even if the Admiral did not come, the ordinary pirates or something could not get close to the World Noble.

Avi was about to lead the guards to beat Yado, but Charlos reached out his right hand to stop them, “Everyone stop. He is my horse, and I have not yet ridden him. How can you break him? I am a kind and amiable man.”

“Yes, our great and noble Charlos Saint.”

The following people echoed.

Since Yado saw the first moment of the World Noble, he was doomed to a miserable fate for the rest of his life.

Leiyin didn’t care about that much. He took the money out of the Human Auctioning House, prepared to exchange the bounty for Kid and Killer at the marine base, and finally returned to North Asia Island to resume orders.


Walking out of the Human Auctioning House, he gradually came to the vicinity of the impossible zone.

“Kid, your luck is not bad. You actually earned so much money from the World Noble people.”

A silver-haired old man instantly blocked in front of Leiyin, smiling at him.

This person was none other than the Dark King Rayleigh seen in the Human Auctioning House.

“Rayleigh, why are you here?”

Rayleigh touched his head, “That, I’m a little short of cash recently. Lend me some pocket money?”

Leiyin’s heart went “thud”. Rayleigh must have seen the box of money in his hand. —Leiyin blamed himself. He was so busy going to the marine base to exchange the bounty that he forgot to deposit the money in his hand into the system.

It seemed that Rayleigh did not take him as a good person, thinking that he and those in the Human Auctioning House were the same.

Faced with such a powerful existence as Rayleigh, Leiyin subconsciously put the box behind his back.

“Hand it over, the 400 million belly inside your box.”

Initially, Rayleigh would save the girl out, looking for a safe place to put away, and returned. However, he secretly heard their conversation and knew that the World Noble buy Yado as a slave from Leiyin with 400 million belly, and subsequently, Rayleigh secretly followed Leiyin.

In the end, Rayleigh wanted to rob the money.

“Since you already know who I am, obediently hand over the money.” Rayleigh’s not-so-high-spirited tone revealed confidence.

“I know you are very strong, but even if I die, I will never hand over the money to you.”

“Then I’m sorry,” Rayleigh said and flew up with a kick already towards Leiyin, while Leiyin met it with a fist, and the fist and foot collided together, shaking Leiyin back several steps away.

Rayleigh was at least the strength of the Marine Admiral.

The right fist of Leiyin, who had been shaken back, had turned black.


Faced with Leiyin’s punch, Rayleigh used his fist against it. Unfortunately, the two-pronged punch and Leiyin were still unable to resist.

‘Not bad for a Dark King.’

The first time he saw Rayleigh, he felt that if he wanted to defeat Rayleigh with his physical skills alone, it would be a nightmare.


His hands flipped up and down, and he suddenly formed a seal, and then the jutsu came out boldly. The huge fireball with high temperature scorching heat relentlessly towards the Dark King Rayleigh, the heatwave, as if to burn everything to ashes!

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