Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 156


Silvers Rayleigh dodged the scorching inflammatory bomb with speed faster than [Rokushiki – Soru]. The inflammation bomb hit several large trees behind, instantly making them burn into scorched earth.

“A Fire Devil Fruit? It’s really an enviable ability.” Rayleigh landed firmly on the ground and smiled.

 Leiyin reached out his index and middle fingers of both hands and crossed them in a “cross” shape.


In a flash, one Leiyin changed into about 2000 “Leiyin”.

“Clone?” Rayleigh let out a gasp and then couldn’t help but look to the right and left.

The 2,000 or so doppelgangers surrounded Rayleigh like a tidal wave and attacked one after another with their fists and feet.

Not waiting too long, in the face of this sea of people, Rayleigh aimed at one of the targets to fly close to the ground. Then, with flip-flops on the feet, he precisely kicked in that one body, causing nearly 2,000 doppelgangers all to disappear in a flash. —The body fell to the ground, and the box containing money also flew out.

The reason for this was that his insightful Busoshoku Haki was refined to perfection. The energy contained in the body of the doppelganger was undoubtedly far less strong than the original.

After defeating Leiyin, the box flew out and landed on the ground. Rayleigh took an arrow to step forward and grabbed the box.

 “Give it back to me!” Leiyin shouted, already stood up.

“Haha, sorry. This old man happens to be shy in his pocket, so…”

Before Rayleigh could finish, Leiyin’s hand had already gathered a powerful blue chakra.


With appalling pressure, the Rasengan directly smashed to Rayleigh. When Rayleigh saw this, his feet and flip-flops all changed to pitch-black color and kicked toward Leiyin’s wrist. The [Rasengan] was knocked out and smashed the ground out of a big crater.

“You kid is really something. You use strange abilities one after another.” Rayleigh exclaimed in admiration despite having the upper hand the whole time.

Without saying any nonsense, Leiyin drew the Sword of Kusanagi behind him and quickly flipped up and down, a wave of swords shot in all directions in the void.


When Riley saw this, he also pulled out his sword at his waist, “It’s been a long time since I used a sword.”

Then, he met the sword wave with a slash to the left and a slash to the right, and the sword wave was dispersed. —Whether it was sword art or martial art, Leiyin could not compete with Rayleigh.

Although Leiyin had been at a disadvantage, the strength displayed still let Rayleigh secretly surprised. Seeing this, Rayleigh flew to get money to prepare to get rid of this somewhat tricky kid in front of him.


Suddenly, a magnificent ripple of energy opened and dispersed in all directions. Even Rayleigh, who was preparing to escape, stopped in his tracks.

‘Busoshoku Haki?’

Rayleigh turned around and re-examined the kid.
 “In order to take this money, you have to kill me first!” Leiyin showed his ki, making Rayleigh couldn’t help but be stunned.

‘This guy, is he not an ordinary brat?’

If there was such ki, he simply didn’t look like the kind of person who sold his life for the Human Auction House.

—In this sea, people who knew Haki such as the king of pirates Gol D. Roger, the Strongest Man in the World Whitebeard, the Four Emperors red-haired Shanks, the Empress Boa Hancock, and so on, that one was a matter of bravery and righteousness, and would never be for the sake of human trafficking and to sell their lives for the unit of flies and dogs.

Before, was he gave the wrong impression of this kid?

“Kid, what exactly is your origin.” Underworld King Rayleigh could not help but turn his head and ask Leiyin.

 “Leiyin of the Donquixote Family.”

Leiyin was now still presented in front of Rayleigh’s eyes with the image of Leiming. At this time, he almost did not yet have the power to defeat Doflamingo, and he could not say that he was a Rear Admiral of the Marine Headquarters [the White Robe Young Admiral] Leiyin, right? —If that happens, the chances of a marine being able to get the money back would be even smaller.

“It seems that, in addition to Doflamingo, the Donquixote family has another remarkable character,” Rayleigh exclaimed.

“Do you want to continue the fight? To take the chest, you have to kill me.” When he said this, Leiyin had a bemused look on his face.

“Is this money really that important to you?” Rayleigh asked.

“This money is not mine.”

Rayleigh mused, tossed the box over, and ran it into Leiyin’s hands.

Leiyin, who received the box, could not help but be stunned. He did not expect that L Rayleigh could return the money to himself so smoothly.

“Just because you are this imposing, the box is returned to you.”

After saying that, Rayleigh sped away without looking back. —Rayleigh returned the money to Leiyin not because he was afraid of him. On the contrary, he thought that this kid was not simple. After all, only a few people in the sea could show such a degree of overlordness here.

Leiyin still had a somewhat unexplainable feeling about this, but he quickly hushed that from his mind, ‘Forget it. Anyway, the money has been returned.’

However, he had a strong feeling that in the future, he would meet with Rayleigh again.

This time, he had learned a lesson and got the money immediately stored in the system, and then, changing into the original Baramak’s appearance. —He then went to area 16 of the Sabaody Archipelago. He went to the marine station, took out Kiddo and Kira’s bodies, and exchanged them for bounty.


After receiving more than 300 million Belly, plus more than 700 million before, Leiyin owned more than 1 billion Belly (not including 400 million Belly from the hands of the World Nobel).

With so much money, Leiyin, of course, started to extract S-Rank Ninjutsu.


Three large red “Ninjutsu” cards appeared in front of him.

With a slightly excited feeling, Leiyin chose the middle card.

[Lightning Release – Raikiri (S-Rank): This technique was lightning ninjutsu pioneered by Kakashi Hatake. This was an upgraded version of Chidori, which concentrates a large amount of lightning chakra in hand to form a powerful lightning bolt that stabs forward and pierces the target with extreme penetrating power.] [Congratulations to the host, your ninja level had been upgraded and your personal information updated.] [Leiyin

Gender: Male

Age: 19 years old

Ninja Rank: Jonin (Advanced)

Kekkei Genkai or Human Strenght: Sharingan (currently Mangekyo Sharingan, in the progress of advancement

Ninjutsu: Fire Release – Intelligent Hard Work (A Rank), Wind Release – Blade of Wind (Grade A), Lightning Release – Chidori Nagashi (A-rank), Sword of Kusanagi – Chidori Katana (B-rank), White Blade (D-rank as determined by the self-invented jutsu system), Rasengan (A-rank), Big Ball Rasengan (A-rank), Fire Release – Great Fireball (C-rank), Water Release – Wild Water Wave (C-rank), Lightning Release – Powerful Breath (C-rank), Flying Thunder God Slash (B-rank), Lion Combo (C-rank), Wind Release – Great Breakthrough (C-rank), Earth Release – Earth Dragon Bullet (B-rank), Earth Release – Earth-Style Wall (C-rank), Earth Release – Earth Spear (B-rank), Water Release – Water Dragon Bullet Technique (B-rank), Water Release – Water Formation Wall (B-rank), Multiple Shadow Clone Technique (A-rank), Six Basic E-rank Ninjutsu, Sword of Kusanagi – Leopard Sword Wave, Shuriken Shadow Clone Technique (A-rank), Wind Release – Rasengan Hand Sword (S-rank), Water Release – Water Colliding Wave (A-rank), Lightning Release – Chidori (A-rank), Lightning Release – Kirin (S-rank), Wind Release – Rasenshuriken (S-rank), Flying Thunder God – Second Step (A-rank), Busoshoku Haki, Lightning Release – Raikiri (S-Rank).

Inventory (tools, weapons): Scroll of Seal x 2, Kunai x 6000, Sword of Kusanagi, Shuriken x 7200

Contracted Beast: Cat Tiger Beast

Sage Mode: Wood Release.

Chakra amount: 736500/810000 (battle consumption)

Money: 22 million Belly]

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