Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 157


Seeing his ninja level, Leiyin could not help but had mixed feelings…

‘The next upgrade should be the “Kage” level.’

‘When the time comes, I wonder how strong I will be?’

He didn’t want to think about it anymore. So, Leiyin returned to North Asia Island to resume orders.

Although there were a few twists and turns when he came, when he went back to the sea, he only encountered two sea kings, who were killed by him in one move.


When Leiyin returned to the North Blue North Asia Island, Doflamingo also returned here.

Leiyin placed four hundred million Belly in front of Doflamingo’s eyes, and Doflamingo laughed out loud from the bottom of his heart, “Hohoho, I really haven’t misjudged you. You really are very capable.”

Originally, Doflamingo was distrustful of Leiyin, who was, after all, a foreign kid, and the moment Leiyin completed his task brilliantly and put the money on his desk, Doflamingo dispelled this concern.

Leiyin looked indifferent, “The young master overpraised.”

Doflamingo pushed the sunglasses on the bridge of his nose, “To be honest, I am very fond of you, both in terms of strength and ability. Now you make the outstanding things. Not only do you exchange the bounty, but you also bring it back smoothly. This is enough to prove yourself. I think the members of the Donquixote family are also visible to all. Well, the top cadre position of the elite officer is still vacant. I intend to let you assume this position.”

When Doflamingo was not yet a Seven Warlords of the Sea, the original top officer of the Diamante Army was Diamante, who was still imprisoned in Impel Down. What no one could have imagined was that the person who sent Diamanti to prison was close at hand. Doflamingo also pleaded many times for Diamante’s sake, begging them to release him, but failed many times.

 “The elite officer of the Diamante Army? Well,” Leiyin scratched his head, “I still like this current position.”

Leiyin smiled, his face brushed red, quickly waved his hand.

Seeing Leiyin’s insistence, Doflamingo did not say any more about this matter.


When Leiyin returned from his mission, the happiest person was not Doflamingo but a woman. —Looking at the returned Leiyin, Baby-5 eyes were like spring water. She ruthlessly jumped into Leiyin’s arms.

Baby-5’s slender hand was clenched into a fist, pounding Leiyin’s chest repeatedly, “You damned fellow, don’t you even have time to make a phone call?”

The tone was less like a question and more like a complaint.


For a time, Leiyin was speechless, allowing Baby-5 to pound him there.

“You guy, every time I call you, your Den Den Mushi is sleeping.” She continued to complain.

It turned out that Leiyin’s task was more tedious, so he turned off the Den Den Mushi. —Sabaody Archipelago was a complex force. With World Nobel, marine, bounty hunters, and pirates. Moreover, Leiyin had to go to the shadiest place there, the Human Auctioning House, which made Baby-5 worry about him.

Subsequently, Baby-5 stopped pounding and hugged him directly. He was also overwhelmed to be hugged by her. —At that moment, Leiyin could feel that Baby-5 was even plumper, and her feminine features were more obvious than before.

“Hahahahaha, a little goodbye is better than a new marriage?”

Because it was in the street of North Asia Island, the man and woman didn’t even notice that many members of the Don Quixote family appeared around them.

Baby-5 noticed them and hurriedly released Leiyin. Her face turned red like an apple.

“You two, since when did you start?”

“I can’t believe you’ve hidden it from even us for so long.”

The members of the Don Quixote family kept on fanning the flames. Although Baby-5 smiled and blushed even more, Leiyin carried an uncontrollable smile, “I think you guys are mistaken. She’s just….”

“Hohohoho, very good!” Before Leiyin could finish, Doflamingo came over and interrupted him.

The crowd made way for Doflamingo, who stepped up close, “I see you two are in love, how about”


When Doflamingo was about to say something, an obese middle-aged man with a full beard came over from a short distance.

When the crowd turned their heads to look, the obese man panted and walked up to Baby-5, “The money you borrowed from me, when exactly will you pay me back?”

Baby-5’s face became embarrassed, “Sorry, I don’t have that much money right now.”

The fat man smiled and looked at Baby-5’s gaze and suddenly became sinister, smiling wickedly, “If there is no money, there is another way.”


“That is to come with me and be my concubine, and you won’t have to pay your debts.” The fat man said and surveyed Baby-5’s hot body.

“That, sorry, I don’t have that much money right now.”

Because Baby-5 was always “needed”, she was often duped. And somehow, it made her owe a massive debt of more than 98 million Belly. —Seeing that a fat debtor with bad intentions saw his beauty and came to her door.

As the saying goes, it was only right to repay a debt.

At this time, even the members of the Don Quixote family had nothing to say, only to watch Baby-5 how to deal with this matter. Even if Doflamingo was so rich, he was not moving.

The debtor fat man rubbed his hands excitedly, “Then you will have to use you to offset….”

Before the fat man could finish, a loud voice came, “How much does she owe you?”

“Who are you?”

“Cut the crap. I’m asking you, how much does she owe you?”

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