Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 16


“Father! I searched the back of the mountain for half a day but couldn’t find him. That bastard Leiyin has escaped!” Verdan shouted in a loud and delicate voice from the far side of the battlefield.

The villagers didn’t have much reaction to this, but they had predicted this result.

The village chief, Farmer, was devastated, remorseful, frustrated, and angry. He had trusted the kid so much, but that kid ran away. It was all his fault that he was blind and trusted the wrong person. Now, Farmer really wanted to kill Leiyin!

However, it was useless to think about that. Farmer then shouted to the distant Verdan, “Verdan! Run! Run as far as you can! Don’t come back!”

Verdan cried at the words, “What about you, father?”

Farmer said with a straight face, “Leave me alone! A father must protect his daughter, so run!”

With tears in her eyes, Verdan ran far away, listening to Farmer. Anderson had heard these words, and he wouldn’t let go of the little girl he was thinking of day and night.

At this time, Anderson was fighting with Miller, so he told the pirates who were fighting beside him, “Go and get me Verdan, or I’ll execute you!”

The pirate got the order and ran toward Verdan.

Miller was still pestering Anderson.


Miller snapped, and the power gathered on his index finger came out suddenly, but Anderson flinched away from his attack.


Miller attacked him again with a cyclonic chopper on his foot, but Anderson dodged it again quickly.

This guy, Anderson, was too fast.

“It’s been a year, and your strength still hasn’t grown at all.” Anderson smiled contemptuously at Miller.

Immediately afterward, Anderson’s two hands turned into two wolf’s claws, which were as sharp as razors. The claws blatantly slashed at Miller’s chest, and Miller couldn’t dodge them. A web of blood was formed on his chest.

The wolf’s claws? That was right, a wolf.

Anderson, the captain of the “Bad Wolf Pirates,” with a bounty of ten million baileys, had the feral canine (wolf form) ability!

A year ago, when the Bad Wolf Pirates had just invaded the village, Anderson and Miller had fought. The two were able to tie, even though Anderson was slightly stronger than Miller.

In the intervening years, Miller had gained the villagers’ trust through his ability to sell his reputation and had already been hollowed out by wine and sex. Anderson, on the other hand, to expand his power, constantly fought with the people of other islands. So, of course, his fighting power continued to grow.

Originally, Anderson had the devil fruit ability, so his strength was slightly stronger than Miller’s. However, Miller’s physical strength was far less than before. Anderson’s fighting power was growing, so the difference in strength could be imagined.


Seeing Anderson wolf’s claws clenched into a fist, Miller launched his Rokushiki moves [Tekkai] to resist the attack. As a result of Anderson punched, Miller spat blood from his mouth, and his eyes turned white.

“Miller, your [Tekkai] is so weak.” The semi-beastly Anderson said mockingly to Miller, who was already lying on the ground.

Next, Anderson’s face changed, “You have blocked me from going after Verdan, so I’m going to make you suffer a painful death!”

With that, his wolf’s claws reached out to Miller, who howled in agony as the claws, which were like razors, cut into his flesh.

The second time the claws reached out to Miller, he cried out in even greater agony.

By the third blow, Miller could take it no more, “Lord Anderson, please let me go! Please, Lord Anderson, let me go!”

Upon hearing Miller’s plea, Anderson looked even more smug and excited, “Hahaha, what the hell [Guardian], you are nothing more than that!”.

The nearby villagers, who were still fighting, couldn’t believe their ears when they heard Miller speak such words. He was the village’s guardian; how could he say such a thing and call Anderson “Lord”? The villagers couldn’t help but be surprised.

It was hard to paint a tiger without knowing the face and the heart of the tiger!

What surprised them even more, was still to come.

“Lord Anderson, I would do anything for you if you would just let me go!” Miller roar.

After hearing this, Anderson was even more ecstatic, “Really? Then this lord wants you to point the finger at these ungrateful lowlifes, can you do that?”

Miller thought for a moment, “Well… No problem!”

Farmer was fighting with his sword and had just listened to the conversation between Miller and Anderson. He then cut down the pirate and shouted at him, “Miller, do you know what you’re saying?”

Farmer hated Miller, but he couldn’t believe in his heart that Miller would betray them.

However, things were not at all what Farmer had in mind.

When he heard Farmer yell at him, Miller shot back, “Shut up, you old fool! I’ve been putting up with you for a long time, while you were acting all high and mighty. You make people look uncomfortable, acting like you’re the savior. You know, I’m the one who guards the village!”

“Guardian, your ass!” Farmer was angry. “Look at you now. How dare you speak out here!”

The villagers who were fighting bitterly beside him couldn’t help but accuse, “Miller, I can’t believe you’re like this!”

“We’re really missing the point!”

“Miller, you’re an animal!”

Upon hearing the villagers’ words, Miller’s face darkened as he said, “If you call me an animal, then I’ll be an animal and show you.”

With that said, Miller rushed toward the crowd and attacked the villagers with [Rokushiki]. In an instant, the villagers were knocked down. Miller had submitted to absolute power, becoming a slave to the devil. He had turned to kill the villagers in battle.

It was until today that people could see Miller’s true face.

The word “guardian” used to address him was a slap in the face of the villagers.

Despite his excitement, Anderson didn’t give up his hunt for Verdan. He didn’t believe that a defenseless fifteen-year-old girl could escape from his grasp. In his opinion, both Verdan and the village were already in his possession.

As expected, in a short time, the two pirates had captured Verdan.

When he saw Verdan, Anderson’s blood swelled, “Little girl, you can’t escape from my palm.”

Verdan’s face was already pale as death.

What good could come from a lamb in a tiger’s den?

Farmer saw this situation and said, “Bastard, let go of my daughter!”

Just as the two pirates were about to take Verdan to the ship, two dark weapons flew in and stabbed the two pirates to the ground.

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