Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 160


Baby-5 immediately agreed with Leiyin’s words. —The two words “need” as long as you say to Baby-5, it would be a hundred times better.

Leiyin hugged her slim waist, kissed her mouth, and went outside.


Because Baby-5, Leiyin and Pica had torn their faces apart, and with the authorization of Doflamingo, the members of the Donquixote family were standing by at the fortress of North Asia Island.

The battle was inevitable.

Standing in the middle was the highest officer of the Pica Army, Pica, and next to him was the special officer, Sugar.

—Sugar, superhuman with Hobi Hobi no Mi ability. She could turn all the people she touched into toys of her imagination. Although her appearance was only 10 years old, her actual age was 22 years old.

At this moment, Sugar was eating grapes and looking ahead with an innocent face, “Pica, why isn’t that guy coming?”

Pica said in a sharp voice, “Don’t be anxious to get out of North Asia Island, this is the way to go, there’s no way he won’t come out.”

Sugar spit a grape seed, “It’s okay. When he comes out, I’ll turn him into a toy. Hmm into what? Is it a stuffed animal okay? Or a clay soldier?”

Standing to the left of Pica and Sugar were Gladius, Buffalo, Machvise, and others.

Gladius, the officer of Pica Army was a superhuman with Pamu Pamu no Mi ability. He could make his flesh expand to detonate or expand inorganic objects he touched to produce an explosion.

Machvise was a superhuman with Ton Ton no Mi ability. He could make his huge body float in the air and make himself regain or increase his weight at any time, and could change his weight to attack, up to 10,000 tons of weight.

Standing to the right of Pica and Sugar were Dellinger, Lao G, etc. (Other officer, such as Monet, went to Dressrosa with Doflamingo.

Buffalo looked a little sad, “Does it mean that even Baby-5 have to fight?”

Machvise replied, “Of course, she is not able to fight.”

Hearing this, Buffalo was only slightly relieved, but then it brought his heart to his throat again.

Gladius had a grim look on his face, “Of course, she cannot be fought, she must be captured alive.”

Pica replied, “Well, that’s right. She must be allowed to go and marry Young Master Yonji successfully in order to deepen the relationship between our Donquixote family and the Vinsmoke family.”

At that, Buffalo was a little anxious, “Pica, Baby-5 grew up with us, this is a big matter of her life. Forcing her to do something she does not want like this will ruin her happiness for life”

“You shut up, Buffalo!” Before Buffalo could finish, Pica interrupted him, “Since she is a member of the family, she should think in the interest of the family. Since she has now betrayed us and followed that brat, since she doesn’t want to, let’s take it as a punishment for her.”

“How can this be?” Buffalo lowered her head sadly.

“Eeewww! It’s also Baby-5 who is to blame for turning into this state today!”

The person who spoke was named Dellinger, an officer of the Donquixote family, wearing high heels and hot pants. —The offspring of a fishman and a human. Because of the relationship of half fish-man blood, his physique was far beyond the normal human.

Pica smile, “Dellinger is absolutely right. To this point, it is Baby-5 deserved it. I don’t believe this pair of dogs can escape us!”


The moment of battle finally arrived, and Leiyin appeared in front of everyone’s eyes with the Sowrd of Kusanagi on his back.

“Finally, you’ve appeared.”

“You’ve got some nerve, Leiming.”

“Where did Baby-5 go?”

In the face of the crowd’s taunts and questions, Leiyin just coldly snorted, “I’ll tell you when you’re all dead!”

“Hmph, your mouth is really big, give me a go”


Leiyin suddenly formed a seal, having regained his own image.


“What’s going on here?”

“Who are you?”

The crowd was shocked to see that “Leiming” had changed into a person.

“I am Rear Admiral Leiyin of the Marine Headquarters, I come to take your lives!”


“Rear Admiral?

“I remember, he is the [White Robe Rear Admiral]!” Machvise said, pointing to Leiyin.

“White Robed Young Admiral?”

“How did he do that? What’s with that thundering?”

“Could that guy be some kind of transformation devil fruit ability?”

“If it’s [White Robed Young Admiral], it’s bad to deal with.”

At this point, Pica said, “No matter who he is, everyone must not be intimidated by his false name. Let’s go!”

The words just fell, Sugar took the lead, and was the first to rush forward, while Leiyin hands flipping up and down, suddenly formed a seal.


A ball of fire rushed straight. —Despite her small size, Sugar was very agile and jumped up flat to avoid the ball of fire.

‘As soon as he is touched, he would immediately become a toy, and then everything would really be over.’

In the nick of time, a rocky fist came crashing down, directly smashing the sword in Leiyin’s hand.

—It was the work of Pica, who has the ability of [Ishi Ishi no Mi].

“Yahahaha, without a weapon, let’s see what you can do!”

“Wake up, boy.”

“Your opponent is our entire Donquixote family.”

“Suffer death, you damned marine!”

Leiyin was also very clear, if there was no weapon, he would lose for sure if he just used physical techniques to touch her body. —If he used jutsu, that guy’s speed was very fast, plus the time it took to make a seal, it was basically futile.

‘Is it really the only way to become a toy and then accept the fate of a miserable death?’

‘What a joke!’


In a flash, a light as great as Borsalino’s was shining in Leiyin’s hands [Sword of Kusanagi], its light was like the obsidian sun.

This move, which was a technique, was one of the ten B-rank jutsu that Leiyin extracted with 100 million Belly after defeating the Decalvan Brothers.

“What the hell is that again?”

The members of the Donquixote family were appalled at the sight.

“Whatever that is, charge!” Pica ordered in his shrill voice.

This time, Sugar once again launched a swift attack, but Leiyin waved the lightsaber in his hand and cut a golden sword light in the void, directly cutting through Sugar’s body, and Sugar’s eyes turned white and directly passed out.

“That guy actually defeated Sugar?”

“How is this possible?”



Seeing this scene, Dellinger and Lao-G used their moves and went straight for Leiyin.

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