Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 161


Leiyin had the Kusanagi sword in his right hand and held the lightsaber in his left hand to fend off the attack of the two officers alone.



The two of them had no time to react, and they fell into a pool of blood and lost their ability to fight. The other Donquixote family members took a look and were already gnashing their teeth.

“That guy actually killed both Dellinger and Lao-G.”

“He must not be spared lightly!”

“I don’t care about him, stinking marine!”

Gladius was already unable to bear it, and his hair stood up as if it had exploded.

“Gladius, take it!” Pica shouted and threw a handful of small spherical rocks.

Gladius caught the rocks in his hands and threw them instantly.


The thrown projectile exploded like a small bomb around Leiyin, exploding several large craters.

“Did it blow up?”

“Serves you right, stinking marine!”

“Hmph, this is what happens when you go against our Donquixote family!”

The dust and fog from the bomb surrounded the place where Leiyin was, and the remaining people were about to celebrate the victory when the dust and fog gradually dissipated and disappeared. Half of them were already gone.

“Was he blown up to the point of not having a single bone left?”

“Letting him die like this is really too cheap.”

When the remaining four thought Leiyin was dead, a low voice came from behind them, “Hey hey, aren’t you guys too optimistic?” 

The four turned their heads, and Leiyin was standing intact.

“What’s going on here?”

The four turned their heads, and Pica looked at Leiyin with a grave face, “Don’t underestimate this guy, his strength far exceeds our imagination, so next, all, give it your best shot!”

The remaining four people, as well as Pica, Gladius, Machvise, and Buffalo, said.


“All of you, dodge!”

Gladius bellowed, and the other three understood his meaning and did as he said. He was seen slamming towards the ground.


When the other three heard the command, they retreated far away. They saw an explosion on the ground in front of them that was several times more powerful than the one just now and blew up the front into scorched earth.

Leiyin was like before, disappeared in the same place with a flash, causing the wave of bombs to pounce on an empty.

Leiyin smiled, “Is that all? This will not be able to defeat me.”

Gladius’ face was gloomy, and he said with a leathery smile, “Kid, it’s not done,” With that, his arms had bulged like a mallet, “PUNC ROCK FEST!”


There was a deafeningly loud sound, and the blast brought up high temperature all blew the front to ashes, cutting the ground down a bit.

Gladius said, “This time, no matter what, you can’t escape it, stinking marine!”

Leiyin replied, “Hey, have you had enough, human bomb?”


“Just kidding!”

When the crowd looked, Leiyin was already floating in the air stepping on the [Geppo] and looking down at the crowd.

One after another, they dodged the incredibly powerful attack with a speed that humans could never have imagined, knowing that only now did the four of them start to really look at Leiyin squarely, with a glint of fear in their eyes.

“Goodbye, bastard!” Leiyin flirted with a sentence, and then his hands flipped up and down, suddenly formed a seal, “THUNDER RELEASE – RAIKIRI!”

There was an explosive thunderclap, and dozens of spear-like sharp lightning seemed to fall from the sky, directly through the body of Gladius. Gladius fell to the ground twitching a few times, and then no more sound.

Leiyin slowly fell to the ground.

The remaining three people had a gloomy faces. When Machvise saw that Gladius had fallen, he launched the ability of the fruit and already flew up into the air, “HELL OF A MILLION – TONS – BAIS!”

Machvise was a superhuman with Ton Ton no Mi ability. People called him “Super Heavy Man”, when he used his ability, he could float his body in the air. —As soon as he came up, he used his strongest move, vowing to crush Leiyin. His maximum weight was to make his body weigh ten thousand tons.

“Buffalo, use a big wind to blow him over here!”

“Got it!”

Buffalo was a superhuman with Guru Guru no Mi ability. He could turn any part of the body into a propeller and could blow a strong wind as if it was a typhoon.

When Buffalo saw Leiyin, he couldn’t help but feel angry. He not only remembered that this man took his beloved woman away from him but also beat the Donquixote family to death.

Machvise gestured to Buffalo to blow Leiyin to the designated spot and crush it to death.


Buffalo turned his head into the shape of a propeller and whipped up a big wind towards Leiyin.

Seeing this, Leiyin once again formed a seal with both hands, “WIND RELEASE – GALE PALM!”

Leiyin gathered a large number of wind chakra with both hands and then blasted out a palm. A wind no less than the wind emitted by Buffalo went straight to the ground. It was not only put Buffalo’s [Toppu: Matasaburo] back but also directly knock Buffalo to the ground.

At this time, Machvise was almost close to the sky and pressed Leiyin.


Before Machvise could press down, Leiyin already spat out several fire dragons from his mouth and launched them into the sky, directly burning Machvise into scorched earth.

At this point, the Donquixote family was wiped out, leaving only Pica alone.

“You’re the only one left, Pica!”

Looking around at the people who had lost their ability to fight, Pica’s face showed unprecedented fear.

“Pica, let’s fight to the death!” Leiyin smiled.

Pica looked at Leiyin’s expression like he saw a ghost and immediately disappeared into the rocks in fear.

“Hahahaha, again, you want to be a shrinking turtle?” Leiyin laughed, and suddenly, a giant of rock had appeared in front of him.


Pica shouted pointedly, and eight tentacle-like rocks appeared on the ground behind Leiyin, surrounding Leiyin with the front section of the tentacles as sharp as spears, trying to pierce Leiyin directly.


White sword energy spurted out, cutting off all eight rock tentacles, announcing the failure of Pica’s first wave of attack.


The first wave of the attack failed.


—The blue chakra gathered in Leiyin’s hand and exploded on the rock. In a flash, the rock became in pieces, shattering Pica’s second attack!

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