Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 162


The diameter of Pica Rock’s fist was several dozen meters, and it launched a fierce attack on Leiyin like a storm, which Leiyin dodged deftly like a monkey with the art of rapid movement. On the ground, dozens of large craters were smashed out. North Asia Island appeared a substantial tremor; the mountain has collapsed half.

“You play really high,” Leiyin said flirtatiously, and Pica’s face changed color again.

With that, he saw Leiyin’s hands flip and once again form a seal, gathering a large amount of fire-attribute chakra in his mouth, and searing heat erupted.


The chakra was nearly fifty times higher than usual and sprayed directly on the stone giant’s body. Pica felt the burning heat and his body jumped out from the rock.

When the fire gradually dissipated, Pica had already run to the safety of.

 “Damn stinking marine. He actually forced me to this extent… However, don’t think you can defeat me like this!”

Leiyin smiled, “Well, what do you want?”

The next moment, Pica’s whole body gradually became pitch black and oily…

“Even if I do not use the ability of Ishi Ishi no Mi, are you able to break through my Busoshoku Haki body?” Pica looked at Leiyin and said.

Leiyin drew the Kusanagi sword behind him, which also became pitch black, “That also depends on whether your Busoshoku Haki is above my hegemony!”

“Sh… What the…”

Leiyin said, “This is a new sword art that I have learned since I went through countless battles. You see it clearly.” With that, Leiyin’s sword blade came forward. Then, he stepped on the ground and came flying. Pica hurriedly put his arms in front of his chest, but Leiyin pierced Pica’s throat at once, and blood splashed everywhere.

“We… Donquixote… Family… I can’t believe that a little kid…”

Before he could finish his sentence, Pica fell to the ground, bleeding all over the ground, and took his last breath.


Looking at the North Asia Island, which had been torn apart by the fire, Leiyin wiped the blood on his sword and turned to run in the direction of the hidden Baby-5.

“Leiyin, you scared me to death…” Baby-5 hugged Leiyin tightly and cried.

Leiyin also hugged her slim waist said, “It’s okay. Am I not back in good shape? Also, my name is Leiyin. So from now on, you have to change your name…”

Baby-5 put his hands on Leiyin’s shoulders, a pair of beautiful eyes looked at him, “I heard the ‘rumble’ outside so loud, and I was worried about what will happen to you, the people of the Donquixote family are not idle. I really hate myself that I can’t help you with anything …… “

Leiyin hugged her neck and kissed her, “You are so worried about me?”

Baby-5 gently slapped him, “Idiot, you’re going to let me die, ah?”

After saying that, the two of them looked at each other for a while, and both laughed.

Leiyin looked at her with a pair of seductive eyes and a hot body, and he couldn’t stand it any longer. He immediately pounced on the ground, frantically kissing her white neck, gradually removing his clothes upside down, overturning the clouds and rain…

The 19-year-old Leiyin changed from a boy to a man, and Baby-5 also offered his first time, becoming Leiyin’s first woman…


The next morning, the sun’s rays shone on the face. Baby-5 looked at Leiyin with a satisfied face and subsequently wanted a small cat-like into his arms. The two dressed and discussed future things.

In the end, Leiyin was still considered a marine.m In the Marine Headquarters, he also had unfinished business, and Baby-5 was still a pirate, so it was impossible for him to return to the headquarters to take Baby-5 back. If he did that, it would not be good for the two people now.

However, Leiyin but also didn’t want to leave her…

The first time Leiyin said his thoughts to her, Baby-5 took out a cigarette and smoked it with a melancholy expression, “Does it mean that you don’t want me anymore?”

Baby-5’s eyes flashed with light, and his tone was questioning. Did it mean that he was the kind of man who lifted his pants and disowned people?

Leiyin did not speak but untied the Kusanagi sword behind him and put it behind Baby-5’s back, “I can’t abandon you, there is just an unfinished business in the Marine Headquarters, and when a certain time comes, I will definitely come back to you.”

Baby-5 took a puff of smoke, “So, how long are you going back for?”

Leiyin touched her cheek, “Do not worry, absolutely not too long, please must believe me.

Baby-5 pondered for a moment and nodded.

After Leiyin gave her the Kusanagi sword, he formed a seal with both hands and pressed it violently into the ground, “CONTRACTED BEAST – CAT TIGER BEAST!”

In a flash, a cute little cat appeared on the ground.

While Baby-5 was surprised, Leiyin introduced, “This is my Contracted Beast, the Cat Tiger Beast, let it keep you company during my absence.”

Baby-5 was surprised and hugged the little tiger cat, “So cute….”

The little cat wagged its tail and stuck out its little tongue to lick Baby-5’s cheek.

Seeing this, Leiyin laughed, “It seems that it also likes you a lot. However, don’t look at its cute look. If it fights, its strength is not necessarily below mine.”

Then, Leiyin stroked the little cat’s head and told it, “Little Cat Tiger, this girl is my girlfriend, so you have to protect her while I’m away.”

The little tiger cat smiled and gave an adorable “meow” to say yes.

Leiyin gave Baby-5 his most precious items, the Kusanagi sword, and the little tiger cat, and took out two more cards from his pocket.

“This is, a Vivre Card?!” Baby-5 said in amazement.

“Well, this is what I got from the New World. It is neither afraid of water nor fire. One day while you were asleep, I secretly got a little bit of your nails to make it good. Here, this is mine. You take it.” Leiyin put his own one in her hand.

“This is yours. I’ll take it. The two Vivre Cards will attract each other. We will know each other’s movements.” Leiyin said.

Seeing Leiyin prepared so well, Baby-5 was already moved inside.

Because they could not stay on North Asia Island, Leiyin took Baby-5 to a safe residential island.

Leiyin stroked her head like a little girl’s, “You stay here and wait for me to come back.”

Baby-5 also instructed him, “Well, after going back, you are not allowed to talk much with pretty girls. So don’t make much contact with them, don’t stay up at night to do anything out of the ordinary, and don’t do anything wrong to me…”

“Okay. Also, you are not allowed to other men to say ‘need’ or whatever you listen to them.” Leiyin knew her nature, so solemnly said.

Baby-5 picked up the little cat, “This little guy, he can testify for me. I will never be like that.”

“If you do not lose me, I will not lose you also…”

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