Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 163


Since Baby-5 with Leiyin, she also changed when some people say “need” to her. Although she would go to meet people’s problems, at least for men’s courtship, Baby-5 certainly wouldn’t agree to it because she had Leiyin now.

Therefore, Leiyin, who was ready to return to the headquarters, was still more at ease with this point.

He was afraid that Baby-5 was hurt, so he gave her the Kusanagi sword and the little cat to protect her.

“Vivre Card can probably know your condition. So if you are in danger, I will do whatever it takes to save you.” Leiyin said to her.

Baby-5 was moved and resigned, crying and tearful, “I just hope you come back soon….”

Leiyin kissed her, turned around, and sailed the ship towards the Marine Headquarters.

Earlier on the North Asia Island, Leiyin prepared some images and eavesdropping Den Den Mushi, waiting until the Donquixote family people do illegal transactions, they would record all their crimes.

In this way, when the marine wanted to deal with Doflamingo was out of the division.


The Marine Headquarters Marineford, the Fleet Admiral’s office.

Leiyin presented the secretly filmed and recorded information about the wrongdoing of the Donquixote family to Fleet Admiral Sengoku. Sengoku and Garp looked at the information, and after reading it, Sengoku had a gloomy face…

Thereupon, the headquarters issued an order based on his intention.

“Donquixote Doflamingo, the scourge of the four seas, the greatest evil, repeatedly kidnapped various races of creatures. He’s trafficking in human beings and arms, secretly colluding with the Four Emperor Kaido to create artificial Devil Fruit. The order immediately deprived of its king under the Seven Warlords of the Sea title, restore its bounty order, and increased to 580 million Belly.”

After announcing this order, the headquarters issued a second order.

“The former Rear Admiral Leiyin, who thoroughly investigated the crimes of the Donquixote family and destroyed the senior cadres of the Donquixote family, such as Pica, Dellinger, Gladius, etc., with outstanding merits, is hereby promoted to the rank of Vice-Admiral of the marine.”

In this way, Leiyin became a veritable high official of the Marine Headquarters, joining the ranks of Vice-Admiral at the same level as the hero Garp.


A few days later, the New World, Dressrosa.

Dellinger came all the way from North Asia Island to report to his young Master, Doflamingo, what happened there.

It turned out that Dellinger was a half-fish people, like Zoan Devil Fruit ability, with a much stronger than normal life recovery. Although he had suffered a relatively serious injury, after Leiyin left, he gradually awakened.

Enduring the pain simply bandaged the wound, he drove a small boat toward the New World of Dressrosa.


Back to the present.

After Dellinger told him what happened on North Asia Island, Doflamingo’s face gradually became fierce and twisted, “You said that Leiming guy was Rear Admiral [White Robe Junior] Leiyin of the Marine Headquarters? And killed all of our people?”

Dellinger said, “That’s right, young master…”

Doflamingo was angry and smashed the desk in front of him, gritting his teeth, already hated to the extreme said, “Leiyin, this revenge is not to be shared, when I catch you, you will be thrown to the bone, eat its flesh, sleep its skin!”

Of course, even if Doflamingo had hated it more, Leiyin, who was far away from the Marine Headquarters, couldn’t hear it.

As the saying goes: If you don’t come to the door for three years, you won’t be a relative.


Since graduation from the Marine Academy, Leiyin received a succession of tasks. He was always away from the headquarters, and this time, he went to the North Blue for a longer period of time, nearly half a year. Some girls who had a crush on Leiyin gradually forgot about him.

The most typical one was Verdan. The second month after Leiyin left, Verdan was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel. Then she was transferred to a branch in the West Blue together with then Captain Yukimura, and it was said that the two of them fell in love.

As the saying goes, “Thirty years in the east and thirty years in the west, Verdan always liked Leiyin, but never got any response from him, plus Yukimura kept courting her. So, gradually Verdan moved on.

Later, Yukimura was promoted to Rear Admiral of the Marine Headquarters. He and Vierdan had a son and lived a very happy life.

So, Leiyin is also sincerely happy for them.

Unlike Verdan, Hina, who was then a Rear Admiral in the marine, never forgot about Leiyin.


“You’re back, Woody.” The two met, and Hina’s eyes released spring water.

“Hmm.” Leiyin still had a bland look on her face.

“This time, you showed your face again, not only killed so many pirates but also became a Vice Admiral. I’m very envious of you.” She held her hands behind her back, Hina said mischievously.

“It’s… It’s nothing… I just got lucky.”

“Hmph, don’t play modest there, then again, you’re all a Vice Admiral, shouldn’t you treat Hina to a meal.”

“Well… Well…”

Leiyin had no reason to refuse, so he had to agree.

The officers and enlisted men of the Marine Headquarters were really envious of the sight of Leiyin and Hina eating together. In the eyes of others, Leiyin was now “a high official to sit, a horse to ride, a beautiful woman to hold”. They only knew that his life was easy, while the truth is, his life was far from easy.

First of all, he destroyed most of the high-ranking officers of the Donquixote Family, and Doflamingo saw him as a thorn in his side and wanted to get rid of him immediately. Besides that, Leiyin also had destroyed most of the Happo Navy, and Chinjao also regarded him as a great enemy. —Not only that, Doflamingo was deprived of the title of the Seven Warlords of the Sea. He became a pirate because the officers were destroyed and stopped trading the artificial fruit with the Four Emperor Kaido, which indirectly offended Kaido. Previously, Pekoms was imprisoned, and he also provoked the only female of the Four Emperor Big Mom.

Leiyin had offended two of the Four Emperors, plus a strong enemy, so now, Doflamingo could be described as living a life of licking blood on the tip of a knife. Perhaps one day, he would be destroyed. Therefore, there’s nothing that Liyin could do but intensify his training, improve his strength to live in this sea with impunity.

In this world, in front of absolute strength, whatever power and money could be said to be nothing.

Now Leiyin had basically mastered the Wood Release, but to successfully open a more powerful Sage Mode was far from as simple as one would think.

He followed the training methods taught to him by the Master of The Sacred Mountains and the Leopard Sword Wave, quietly meditating and meditating, trying to feel the natural forces around him. Not only that, but he also used the Kenbunshoku Haki and could more clearly feel every move in his surrounding…

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