Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 164


The practice of the Sage Mode was never an overnight success. Leiyin wasn’t able to master it yet, and even he didn’t know if he had the strength to fight with Doflamingo.

The headquarters knew Leiyin’s strength and potential, especially Fleet Admiral Sengoku and Vice Admiral Garp. Therefore, they believe that, with time and more opportunities to sharpen himself, it was not impossible for Leiyin to become an Admiral.

Speaking of which, the marine was not the same as people thought. All day long, they went out to deal with pirates or fight with the revolutionary army. Most of them were assigned tasks by the headquarters, which they went to complete.

In addition to the Marine Headquarters Sengoku and the Holy Land’s Commander-in-Chief, generally speaking, the higher the rank, the more leisurely. The marine here didn’t want to be like the real world’s marine, where the high or low marine rank in most cases depends on two words – strength. The stronger the strength, the higher the rank would be, so it was said that marine officers below the rank of Admiral didn’t need much wisdom. Usually, if they did some strategic deployment units, they could be handed over to their own deployment staff officer type of people.

Therefore, the marine officers, especially the Admiral of this level of senior officials, usually had a very leisurely life. Otherwise, Admiral Kuzan might not have nothing to do with riding a bicycle in the sea blind skating (where he passed, frozen into a small ice road). Likewise, Garp wouldn’t go back home to the Windmill Village from time to time to see the two grandsons of Ace and Luffy.

However, this day there was nothing to do when the Admiralty officers gathered together to chat and play cards.

“It’s a rare occasion for us old guys to get together,” Dalmatian said with a cigar in his mouth.

“It means that recently it is very peaceful. There is no big action on the side of the Four Emperors, and the Revolutionary Army is much calmer.”

“However, I still heard that the New World side, Kaido of the Beasts and red-haired Shanks produced some small unpleasant friction, and I do not know whether it will lead to any big war.”

“Is that so? If there is any big war between them, it’s an excellent thing for us.”

“This is called ‘dog bites dog with a mouthful of hair’.”

“If red-haired and Kaido fights, it will be like a dragon fighting a tiger. It will be a lose-lose situation, we can watch from the wall, and when they are almost done fighting, we will reap the benefits.”

“Don’t think about it. This is just some gossip. The accuracy of the intelligence is not yet known…” Vice-Admiral Momonga said as he unclipped his sword from his waist and sat on a chair.

The same was true of Vice-Admiral Yamakaji, who also held a cigar and said, “Speaking of which, we old guys are all here, but there seems to be one person missing?”

Momonga followed his words and said, “Oh, that boy Leiyin hasn’t come yet.”

Vice Admiral Strawberry had an iconic benevolent smile on his face, “Speaking of which, that kid is quite something, less than twenty years old and actually on a par with us old guys who have been in the field for a long time.”

At that moment, Vice Admiral Onigumo, who had been sitting there for a long time, spoke up, “Hmph, in my opinion, that guy only relied on his connections to get to where he is today. Otherwise, who would have imagined that he would have reached the high rank of Vice Admiral at such a young age?”

If given a definition, Vice Admiral Onigumo belonged to the same faction as Admiral Akainu; he also respects the extreme “justice” beliefs put forward by Akainu. However, he was also a character who could not rub sand in his eyes. Moreover, for Akainu’s orders, he was almost obedient and did not dare to disobey.

Hearing this, Momonga was a little upset, “Hey, Onigumo, you say this is not fair, right? For such a long time, what Leiyin has done is in everyone’s eyes. If we have to say something, this guy Leiyin’s battle merits are above most of our merits here. Let’s not mention that he made the Donquixote family’s people greatly injured this time, just say that in the past, defeating people like Gecko Moria and Jeff, many of us can’t compete with him.”

When this statement was made, many people said yes.

Onigumo still had a defiant look on his face, “So what? I heard that he used to be a notorious bounty hunter, such a person, there is no guarantee that he will not betray the Navy again.”

Vice-Admiral Momonga said, “Hey, you have to be responsible for talking like that. Defecting from the marine is not something to joke about.”

Although Momonga said so, but there were still a lot of people in the Vice-Admiral feel resigned to Leiyin. They have fought hard to get to this position, and he hadn’t even grown his teeth yet, but he had become a Vice Admiral?

Instead of being resentful, it would be better to say jealous. However, many people did not say it out loud.

When everyone was stumbling, a figure appeared in front of the crowd, “It seems that someone is interested in me. It seems that someone is not quite satisfied with me? But I wonder how strong you are? “

Leiyin’s indifferent voice came out, causing the crowd to turn their heads in unison.

“Kid, finally come?”

Onigumo was carrying four swords on each of his left and right sides. He gently stroked them as he looked at Leiyin with a cold expression, “Kid, I heard that you’ve caught a lot of little-known pirates, so there must be some three-legged kung fu on you.”

Onigumo’s tone was arrogant, not the least bit evasive.

For this, Leiyin just lightly smiled, “So, you want to spar with me.”

When Onigumo saw him say that, it was just what he wanted, “Kid, you are really ‘smart’, since you also have this intention, I will play with you.”

Seeing such a scene, the Vice Admirals present were internally conflicted. According to reason, they should actually go up to dissuade them, but no one went up to dissuade them because they also wanted to see who was a little stronger.

Seeing this, Onigumo pulled out the eight swords at his waist…

Many people think that Onigumo was someone with Zoan Devil Fruit ability, but in fact, he was not. He was able to control various parts of the body at will, known as [life return] ability. He held the sword in both hands, and the other six swords were controlled by six handfuls of hair. He had fully committed to the combat state.

The crowd felt a strong sword intent vaguely as if a bloody thorn born out of thin air.

The next moment, Onigumo stepped into the air and flew away. This step actually stepped out of the sound of sonic booms. The ground appeared a deep crack.

The next moment, Onigumo stepped into the air and flew away and actually made a sonic boom.


The words just fell, a light sword like the obsidian sun appeared in hand out of thin air, just in time to block Onigumo’s eight swords.

“This… What kind of sword is this?”

“It looks like the [Ama no Murakumo] of Mr. Bursalino (Yellow Monkey)…”

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