Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 165


In the next moment, Lei Yin and Onigumo’s swords clashed with each other, emitting a clanging sound of gold and iron, even pumping out a golden light at the place of impact.

The Vice Admirals and other officers present could not help but step back to make way for a large open space to watch the duel between the two officers.

Inside, the sound of swords clashing together constantly came. The two men were like a dragon fighting a tiger. Then, just like a chess match, the good man met the bad man, and the fight was unbeatable.

When one looked closely, Onigumo’s eight swords had become black and shiny, and Leiyin also attached Busoshoku Haki on the sword. The two almost opened up Kenbunshoku Haki to the maximum.

The two battle to sixty or seventy rounds, and Onigumo feel gradually exhausted. Thus, the sword intent in the body, the hands of the sword blade surge.


With that, Onigumo was like a windmill spinning in place at high speed and like a meat grinder with thousands of blades. When the tell-tale spinning siber and sword collided together again, it directly bounced Leiyin a dozen steps away. Leiyin stuck the sword on the ground before he stopped retreating. At this point, Onigumo was still like a sharp reaper, vowing to reap the life of Leiyin.

When Leiyin saw the situation, he was not willing to show his weakness. The golden blade of the sword danced up and down in his hands, and sword energy was already spurting out mercilessly.


Golden-colored sword energy was launched, exploding around Onigumo with a burst of sound. The sword energy disappeared while blocking the Onigumo’s attack, and the [Eight Blade – Reincarnation of Death] was thus disintegrated.

The crowd of Vice Admirals in the room were shocked that this was a frontal disruption of his attack, but the one who was more surprised was Onigumo himself, who had a look of hatred on his face, but for a while, there was nothing he could do.

‘There’s nothing to do? What a joke.’

Onigumo’s eyes flashed with a hint of severity. His gaze revealed an unprecedented killing aura. He folded his eight swords into the shape of a web and faced Leiyin directly, “Go to hell, arrogant kid!”

With this thought, a fishing net-like sword aura full of killing intent seemed to have descended from the sky and suddenly came out.


When this move was released, the whole room was shocked!

“Hey hey, Onigumo, you are doing a little too much.”

“It’s not over the top. It’s just a little too much.”

“It’s just a duel. There’s no need to kill like this!”

A lot of people were chanting for Leiyin. It turned out that this move [Sword Slash] was the strongest move of Onigumo, and he generally would not use it until the last resort. —This move was known by the Marine Department as “a strike that will kill people with death.” In the successive orders of killing demons in the mission, Onigumo had used this move to win a considerable battle.

In fact, this move of Onigumo was not a vain name. He combined sword energy and sword pressure together, arranged into a large fishing net, simply let people couldn’t avoid.

The crowd felt that Leiyin was already in grave danger.

Leiyin’s eyes stared, his gaze focused on one place, “BLADE CHOP!”

Faced with this inescapable strike, Leiyin directly cut a huge energy ripple in the void. This move was a move that was at least three times stronger than the previous ordinary Leopard Sword Dance.

The arcing moon-shaped sword energy came straight at the “fishing net” and cut a hole directly on Onigumo’s, dismantling its attack.

“You’re kidding.”

“This can’t be!”

Seeing such a scene, there was another uproar from the Vice-Admiral at the bottom. Onigumo’s proudest sword technique was disintegrated just like that.

If this move was even broken, it could be said that Onigumo was really at its wit’s end. However, Leiyin was still in full swing, and he did not hesitate to raise his sword only to Onigumo…

When Onigumo’s face showed a trace of despair, the crowd felt a heatwave came. 

When one looked closely between Leiyin and Onigumo, a mass of crimson magma appeared. The high heat magma blocked Leiyin’s impact of the sword blade, gradually changed into a human shape.

“Admiral, when did you….”

The visitor was none other than Admiral Sakazuki. The crowd almost no one noticed when he came in.

“The two Vice-Admiral of the headquarters actually here to engage in private fights, how decent!” Sakazuki shouted angrily as he changed completely from his lava form to his human form.

When Sakazuki said this, his eyes looked straight at Leiyin as if he was just reprimanding him alone.

Seeing this, Leiyin took his Kusanagi sword back into its sheath and turned around to leave, but Sakazuki called him back.

“Kid, what do you mean? You want to leave after breaking the military law?”

Leiyin looked at Sakazuki and said, “We were just sparring with each other. I don’t know which military law we broke.”

Onigumo was, in a sense, a hardcore subordinate of Sakazuki. If the military law was violated, Sakazuki would certainly secretly protect him. However, Leiyin was different; he could really be considered Garp’s people… If an opportunity was seized, Sakazuki would certainly be to his death. —Yet this was a duel between the two was agreed upon, so the sparring was not illegal.

Sakazuki thought for a moment and said, “Boy, don’t think you can be arrogant when you become a Vice-Admiral of the headquarters. I’m telling you, I’ll be watching you all the time, so don’t you dare commit a crime at my hands!”

When Leiyin saw this, he said in no uncertain term,: “Then I also tell you, even if I make any mistakes, it’s not your turn to teach me a lesson. However, Sakazuki, I look forward to the day when I will fight you.”

Another big shock from the crowd!

‘Leiyin actually dared to talk to Sakazuki?’

Although many people were not used to seeing Sakazuki, no one had ever dared to name him like that.

They all knew very well when the lava came over. It was really bad luck.

‘Leiyin this guy, does he want to die?’

Sure enough, after hearing these words, Sakazuki’s face was already angry, and it was as purple and blue as an eggplant. His hand turned into lava dripping down to the ground, burning a small hole, and he puffed out in anger and said, “Hey, do you have the guts to say what you just said to me again!”

The crowd saw the situation and came forward to dissuade him.

“Admiral Sakazuki, he’s still a kid, don’t get into it with him.”

“Yes, Mr. Admiral, please be calm.”

Although the crowd was persuasive, Leiyin’s face was indeed fearless, posing as if he and Sakazuki were fighting to the death.

“Say it, Sakazuki. I’ve put up with you for a long time. My affairs, it’s not your turn to dictate…”

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