Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 166


The lava in Sakazuki’s right hand spurted out, relentlessly attacking Leiyin head-on. Then, suddenly, a bucket-sized pitch-black fist smashed hard, sending the lava floating away in all directions.

“Sakazuki, didn’t you go a little too far?”

When the crowd looked, it turned out to be Garp blocked the blow.

“Ga… Vice Admiral Garp…”

Sakazuki retracted the lava and said hatefully, “Garp, I think it’s time for you to take care of your men. Save them from talking wildly everywhere and looking arrogant all day long.”

Garp smiled, coldly returned, “How I teach my subordinates, it is not your turn to say, Sakazuki!”


Sakazuki heavily “hum”, led Onigumo brush sleeves away. With this, the battle that was white-hot ended.


North Blue, North Asia Island.

After the bloody battle between Leiyin and the Donquixote family, the only survivors were the half-fish fighting fisherman Dellinger. Because he had the bloodline of fish-men, so his vitality and recovery were much greater than ordinary people, but even so, he was seriously injured.

Out of such a big deal, Doflamingo and Trebol rushed back from the Dressrosa of the New World.

Seeing the blood of the corpses all over the ground, Doflamingo couldn’t help but feel anger from the heart and evil. He was angry with the blue veins and full of shady looks.

Dellinger told him the story, drawing even more hatred from Doflamingo.

“[White Robed Young Admiral] Leiyin is it? This revenge is unforgivable! If I catch him, I will make sure that he will be broken into pieces. Notify all the seas. If you catch Leiyin, I will offer a 500 million Bailey reward. Search the mountains and seas to catch him!”

Trebol replied, “Yes, young master ……”

The business he had been working on for years was ruined, and his inner circle was also wiped out by Leiyin.


The news soon spread around the world. The Marine Headquarters, of course, also knew.

“Hahaha. It’s always us who set the bounty for the pirates, but I didn’t expect you to be rewarded by the pirates, which is really unheard of in history.”

Garp and Leiyin were chatting together. Garp was holding a newspaper in his hand, looking at Leiyin bashful laugh. Leiyin sat on the ground and looked at the sky without saying a word.

“What do you think about this reward order?” Garp asked.

Leiyin put his hands behind his head, “I… It’s only worth 500 million belly, isn’t it a little too little?”

Garp smiled and laughed, “You kid, really… Haha, I don’t even know what to say about you.”

Although laughing, the smile on Garp’s face was gradually replaced by gloomy, “Hey, this time we torn face with that guy Sakazuki. I am not afraid of him, but I’m afraid your future days are not easy.”

Leiyin smiled blandly, “That guy always hang what the so-called ‘justice’ in the mouth. He’s been looking at us with displeasure for a long time, and one day if it really happens, I have to fight him to the death.”

Garp look at him and then looked at the sky as if thinking…

‘Leiyin defeated Vice Admiral Onigumo in front of so many people to contradict Akainu Sakazuki, growing fame in the headquarters….’

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