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Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 167


Last time, if Sakazuki had not blocked it, there was no doubt that Leiyin would have defeated Onigumo. Momonga was also very shocked by Leiyin’s strength and came to him.

Momonga was still wearing a lavender striped suit and dark blue shirt, with a tie and neatly dressed, slowly coming to Leiyin.

“Although you are still very young, the strength you showed shocked us. I am also very curious about how strong you are, so…”

“So, do you want to come and spar with me?” Leiyin said before Momonga finished speaking.

“That’s right, I don’t know what you want to do.”

Leiyin smiled lightly at his words, “Then I accept your challenge.”

The two discussed and marched to the open space of the naval dojo and stood opposite each other.

Without too much nonsense, Momonga grabbed on his sword, a 50-skilled sword hunting blood, marking the official start of the duel.

This person, Momonga, was not an idle person. He was also one of the best in the Navy and even stronger than Onigumo and Sakazuki.

Lei Yin’s face was solemn, and his hands were imprinted, “PSYCHIC-THUNDER LIGHT TRANSFORMATION!”

After that, a supreme sword that looked like a beam of light was already in his hand.

The next moment, he saw Vice-Admiral Momonga draw his sword out of its sheath.

“ONE BLADE FLOW-RHINOCEROS STRIKE!” Momonga shouted, a bit of highly concentrated sword light had come towards Leiyin.

This move, which could only be made by a swordsman at least at the level of a sword magnate, concentrated almost all of its force in a single point and sent out a forceful surprise attack that could pierce a person who was not strong enough in no time.

Lei Yin is not an ordinary person. He directly used [Flying Thunder God 2nd Stage] to avoid the attack and bypassed Momonga’s back. Leiyin slashed his sword head-on, and Momonga’s response was not waiting as he blocked Leiyin’s blow.

However, it was not so much that Momonga reacted quickly, as it was that he had mastered the absolute mastery of seeing and hearing.

At the level of vice-admiral of the navy headquarters, especially elite vice-admiral like Momonga, no matter whether they are six styles, seeing or hearing or armed, they were utterly different from ordinary admirals. It could be said that Momonga had already covered the whole field with the color of sight. No matter how fast Leiyin was, he had already predicted Leiyin’s movement.

When the two sides dismantled the opponent’s attack, Momonga had another move when he saw it:


With that, Momonga slashed a sword aura in the void, a sword aura that even made the air become a little distorted as well, coming straight at Leiyin.

As the name implies, this move was even capable of tearing through strong armor.

For this, Leiyin did not dare to be sloppy, his face was grave, and he drew a circle around with his lightsaber with great effort.


This [Dagger Pulling Slash] and [Split Armor] clashed together and made a violent booming sound in the void, and it was clear that the two powers were only equal to each other.

So, in other words, if Leiyin had just used the ordinary [Dagger Pulling Slash], he would have been overpowered by Momonga.

The loud boom drew many onlookers from the Marine, all of whom watched with wide eyes the duel between the two vice-admiral of this unit.

In fact, Marine officers didn’t talk about discussing in private It was an open duel, and they did not violate any laws. As long as both parties voluntarily, just like the previous duel between Leiyin and Onigumo.

Momonga knew that Leiyin was a great war hero, and his strength was extraordinary, but only today did he have a personal experience.

With that, he pondered slightly, revealing a very imperceptible smile, “Kid, you’ll have to be careful next.”


At that moment, Momonga was seen to make an attacking gesture, smiling as he disappeared from his spot.


When Momonga reappeared, he was already in front of Leiyin’s and slashed at him just like before.

The same steel was used as a response to Momonga’s steel strike.

Unexpectedly, after the first strike, Momonga attacked Leiyin one after another, attacking at a frenzied pace that was even faster than before.

In this way, Momonga kept disappearing, appearing, appearing, and disappearing on the field, making Leiyin only able to parry without the power to fight back.

“No… It is worthy of Vice-admiral Momonga.”

“This is the strength that can capture the 320 million giants offering rewards alive.”

“Vice-admiral Leiyin is still too young after all.”

“We may not be able to reach this level in our lifetime.”

Seeing Leiyin on the field being constantly suppressed and hit by Momonga, the Marine soldiers off the field talked a lot.

Was it really to what they said?

“No, look.”

When everyone looked again, Leiyin gradually kept up with Momonga’s speed, and the [Lightning Attack] that was originally one became two people who kept disappearing and appearing.

They fought from the ground to the air and from the air to the ground. For a moment, it was inextricable and indistinguishable. All the Marine officers present could hardly see their movements.

“Look, Vice-admiral Leiyin actually kept up with Vice-admiral Momonga’s speed.”

“How is this possible?”

“Such a battle is like a dream for us.”

Back in Propulsion City, Leiyin pulled out the [World Destroyer] Bundy Valdera, who had a bounty worth 500 million Bailey, in a private fight and still won with speed, and you’re kidding when you say he couldn’t keep up with Momonga’s movements.

Not only that, but a more surprising thing was still to come…

The two of them fought endlessly for fifty to sixty rounds at speed invisible to the naked eye. Suddenly, there was a strong sound of a golden iron clank, and Momonga fell from mid-air.

“What’s going on?”

“Vice-admirall Momonga, was he knocked down by Vice-admiral Leiyin?”

Seeing the scene in front of them, all the sergeants even didn’t quite dare to believe their eyes.

It turned out that Leiyin not only used [Flying Thunder God Second Stage] to turn on the speed to the maximum but also made the chakra in his body flow at high speed. —For a moment, his speed was faster than Momonga, and Momonga was caught off guard and eventually knocked down by Leiyin.

The difference was that Leiyin slowly fell to the ground, and when Momonga looked at him, it felt a bit like an insurmountable mountain.

But the fight wasn’t over; earlier, it could be said that Momonga had only brought out about half of his strength.

When the two stood face to face on the ground again, Momonga smiled at him, “Kid, I know you’re strong, but to be honest, it’s really strong some beyond my imagination.”

Leiyin also smiled lightly at Momonga, “Thank you for the compliment, but Mr. Momonga, next, you should be careful.”


Leiyin assumed a pose that was precisely the same as Momonga’s first attack and softly whispered, “One Blade Flow – Rhinoceros Strike!”


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