Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 168



Like Momonga had just done, Leiyin concentrated his force on one point and unleashed a swift strike.

When Momonga saw this, he was a bit caught off guard and dodged in a mess. After that, Momonga looked at him with some solemnity, “When did you learn that?”

He had only used this move to Leiyin once. So, how could this be?

“Just a moment ago,” Leiyin said indifferently.

It turned out that when he fought with Momonga just now, Leiyin activated the ability of his writing wheel eyes and had seen all of his moves.

Next, Momonga waved his sword and sent out a green sword qi. While Leiyin saw this, his pupils tightened, and he slashed out his sword to counterattack, 


The moment Leiyin swung his sword, a bright golden yellow shine on the sword, followed by a powerful sword wave like a golden snake, burst out in front of him.


Two sword qi exploded in the void, and there was even a tiny crack in the air. Obviously, this move was equally divided again.

The next, however, caused Momonga to be startled for a while.

“I don’t know if you can catch this move, Mr. Momonga.”


After the sword qi clashed, Leiyin’s expression gradually became dull, only to see that crimson flames actually appeared on the lightsaber’s body.


Leiyin began to strike, the sword swung out fiercely, chopping down at the same time with a terrifying scorching flame blatantly struck at Momonga.

Seeing this, Momonga felt a little shock in his heart, but his face did not change. He did not hide or flee. Momonga waved his sword with both his hands, and the sword qi suddenly appeared again.

A bit of cold light came first, and then the sword walked around the dragon. The majestic flames were actually split in two like this. With that, Momonga came flying towards Leiyin with [Six Styles – Shaving].

Why was Leiyin able to send out the sword aura of flames?

It turns out that he extracted the chakra of the fire attribute and attached it to the sword using [Fire Style – Howling Fireball Technique], and unleashed a flaming strike, hence its name [Howling Fire Dragon Slash].

Just as Leiyin was closing his stance, Momonga’s sword surged and stabbed in at a rapid speed, barely giving Leiyin any chance to breathe.

“Sharingan, open!”

At that moment, out of nowhere, a giant lightsaber appeared, not only blocking Momonga’s attack but also ejecting it more than ten meters away.

“This is ……”

“This is the move he used to beat Kaido last time!”

“It’s simply the same as the Giants!”

When the crowd looked again, a big blue guy appeared behind Leiyin, just like a ghost god approaching the world.

Needless to say, this was one of his Sharingan’s abilities – Susanoo!

“What exactly is Vice-admiral Leiyin’s ability? It feels so magical.” One of the recruits who was watching couldn’t help but ask.

“You are also too ignorant. Lord Admiral has long said that Vice-admiral Leiyin had a superhuman system [redemption fruit] ability, the strength is definitely not to be underestimated.” A sergeant said to him.

Since Leiyin made up the lie that he had some kind of [redemption fruit] ability, everyone was convinced of it because his ability was very inexplicable. Everyone was unaware of the truth and just had to believe what he said.

While the marine onlookers were talking about it, they also noticed that the Susanoo used by Leiyin now was brighter than the Susanoo used during the Kaido battle, and it’s a bit bigger. ……

Looking at the Susanoo in front of him, Momonga felt that his chances of winning were low. Everyone could see that Susanoo waved the giant lightsaber in his hand, ready to fight with Momonga.

“Vice-admiral Leiyin!”

In the nick of time, a Marine major shouted Leiyin’s name. Everyone turned their heads to look, and this marine major was Leiyin’s adjutant, Craven.

Upon hearing this, Leiyin retracted the ability of Susanoo and ended the battle.

“What’s wrong?” Leiyin looked at Craven and asked.

“Vice-admiral, Lord Admiral orders you to go to his office immediately.”

“Is something wrong?”

“That, I don’t know.”

“I see. I’ll go right away.”

After Craven left, Momonga came towards Leiyin, “The battle just now, it was me who lost.”

Hearing Momonga says this, Leiyin smiled, “We didn’t finish the fight just now. Why did Mr. Momonga say that?”

“No need to be modest. I think you should know better than me what the result is if you continue to fight, right? Kid, you’re really strong. I’m willing to bow down to you.”

Hearing Momonga said this, Leiyin just smiled lightly and turned around towards the headquarters admiral’s office.


“Leiyin, you have contributed a lot to the Donquixote family’s destruction, but you have to work hard this time..”

In front of the desk, Lord Admiral said to Leiyin.

“What is it?”

“According to the information you brought back, we suspect that Major General Vergo, the deputy base commander of Marine’s G-5 branch, and the Donquixote family are in collusion. So this task will also be entrusted to you this time.”

At this point, even Leiyin couldn’t help but secretly admire Lord Admiral’s insight a little. Of course, Leiyin naturally knew what kind of bastard Vergo was, but Lord Admiral only saw some clues from the information brought back by Leiyin, and he deserved to be called a “wise admiral.”

“We discovered that the New World G-5 branch has repeatedly reported missing children from civilian families, and some people have reported that the G-5 branch and the Donquixote family have some secret intelligence and arms deals. At first, I hardly believe it, but then I saw some clues in some of the video material you brought back.”

“Then why do you suspect it was Major General Vergo?” Leiyin asked rhetorically.

Lord Admiral said, “Of all the officers in the G-5 branch, his information is the least detailed. He was promoted from first-class to major general in the shortest time in the marine, less than two years. The record of his data is very vague. Also, his strength is very strong. He is called “Ghost Bamboo”, and ordinary people are not capable of doing so many things.”

In fact, Lord Admiral’s analysis was not wrong; Vergo was a member of the Donquixote Family and a spy that Doflamingo planted in the marine.

Leiyin smiled and expressed that he understood, then he asked, “So, what do I need to do?”

Lord Admiral said, “I order you to be the lieutenant commander of the G-5 base and rush to the G-5 base in the new world. If possible, immediately kill Vergo. It is better to capture him alive! The investigation of Vergo will also be stepped up here.”

Leiyin pondered slightly, “Yes, I accept the order.”

“Very well, but Vergo is very strong. So you have to be careful.”


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