Naruto System In One Piece Chapter 169


Before going to the New World G-5 base, the former vice-admiral of the G-5 base had been transferred to another place by the Lord Admiral, and Leiyin was appointed to take over.

Hearing this, Leiyin packed his bag and prepared to set off for the new world the next day. Leiyin’s room door was not closed, just when he packed his bags, suddenly a figure came in and hugged him directly!

‘Who? Could it be that his enemies have come here?’

When Leiyin was about to break free and fight back, suddenly the person behind him spoke up and said.

“You’re leaving again, huh.”

Hearing the voice, it turned out to be Hina.

But Leiyin’s first words were, “Hey, what are you doing holding me? Let go quickly!”

Unexpectedly, Hina was like a capricious little girl, “No! I will not let go! You can beat me if you have the ability!”

Seeing this, Leiyin was very helpless. Hina hugged him tightly so he couldn’t do anything to the woman. For a moment, he was helpless: “What do you want?”

“Every time you come and go in a hurry since you were promoted to vice-admiral, you have been on one task after another. We don’t even have time to meet, you damn fellow…” Hina said, surprisingly she softly cried.

“It can’t be helped. As a navy, I also have to accept orders. Anyway, what does it matter if we don’t meet each other?” Leiyin asked.

At that moment, Hina hit Leiyin’s back hard, “You guys have no conscience when you speak! You know very well that I… I ……”

Before Hina could finish, Leiyin fought to break away from her, and he knew what she would say next.

“You damned big idiot, originally I thought that Verdan and Yukimura would change your mind, but I never thought that you would still be so stubborn!”

After saying that, Hina walked away angrily.

Leiyin now has Baby-5, so he turned a deaf ear to this moment and continued to pack up his clothes. He knew very well in his heart that what he had to face this time was not only as simple as defeating Vergo, but he might have to face the powerful enemy he should have faced long ago.


The next day, he led about five hundred naval officers set out. These marine officers, most of them were Leiyin’s long-time followers. These people had made a lot of credit for Leiyin’s later career.

While the warship was on the way, Leiyin continued to meditate to feel the power of nature to practice immortal arts. As usual, he used the see-sense hegemony to assist the cultivation of immortal arts.

The civet cat sword immortal had said to Leiyin: the sacred Buddha Ling immortal arts needed to sit still in meditation to absorb the natural energy chakra. If the practice were successful, the time would be shorter under normal circumstances. However, it was measured by Chakra, and the average ninja could last for about five to six minutes.

If you are proficient in senjutsu, you could even shorten the time to extract Chakra and open the sannin mode instantly. For example, Naruto in Naruto’s original story opened it instantly when he was fighting Pain, but no one saw him enter sannin mode.

Humans relied on the ordinary Chakra in their bodies to launch ordinary Jutsu. The ordinary Chakra was obtained by mixing their own physical and spiritual energy. In contrast, the immortal Chakra was formed after a reasonable fusion of natural energy on top of this.

The so-called “reasonable” was to maintain the balance of the three types of Chakra. That was, each must reach a third. Otherwise, it would not be successful.

After such a long time of practice, Leiyin deeply felt that this senjutsu was not as simple as he imagined. Then when learning mokuton, Water style with the left hand and earth style with the right hand was much more difficult…

But even so, Leiyin could still master a little. He could slowly feel the doorway to cultivate the immortal arts. Even he found the civet cat sword immortal and learned a lot of wood style and other ninjutsu.

In this way, Lei Yin’s strength had been undergone a great improvement without knowing it.

[System: Your ninja level is upgraded, and your personal information is updated again.] [Leiyin

Gender: Male

Age: 19 years old

Ninja level: Quasi-kage level

Bloodline or Human Pillar Force: Copy Wheel Eye (now kaleidoscope Copy Wheel Eye, in the process of advancement)

Skills: Fire Style – Luxury Inferno, Wind Style – Wind Blade, Wood Style – Moro Manju, Thunder Style – Chidori (A rank), Thunder Style – Kirin (S rank), Thunder Style – Chidori Ryu (A rank), Thunder Sword – Chidori Blade (B rank), White Blade (D rank, self-created jutsu system judgment), Spiral Ball (A rank), Great Jade Spiral Ball (A rank), Fire Style – Magnificent Fireball Technique (C rank), Water Style – Water Chaos Wave Technique (C rank), Raiton – Earth Walk (Grade C), Flying Thunder God Second Stage (Grade A), Shishigashira (Grade C), Wind Style – Great Breakthrough (Grade C), Wind Style – Whirlwind Fist (Grade B), Wind Style – Spaced Cannon (Grade B), Wind Style – Beast Wave Gale Palm (Grade B), Wind Style – Vacuum Continuous Wave (Grade B), Fire Style – Fire Dragon Technique (Grade B), Fire Style – Head Killing (Grade B), Fire Style – Great Inferno Bomb (Grade B), Thunder Style – Pseudo Darkness (Grade B) (B level), Psychic – Thunderlight Sword Transformation (B level), Ice Style – Icicle Technique (B level), Earth Style – Earth Dragon Bomb Technique (B level), Earth Style – Earth Flow Wall (C level), Earth Style – Earth Spear (B level), Water Style – Water Dragon Bomb Technique (B level), Water Style – Water Formation Wall (B level), Multiple Shadow Split Technique (A level), Shuriken Shadow Split Technique (A level), Wind Style – Spiral Shuriken (S level), Water Style – Water Continuous Bomb Technique (A-class), six E-class basic jutsu, raccoon sword wave (sword art), raccoon sword dance (sword art), half-moon – draw sword chop (sword art), true martial arts – draw sword chop (sword art), a knife flow (rhinoceros strike), seeing and hearing hegemony, armed color hegemony. 

Item bar (ninjutsu, weapons): sealing scroll × 2, Kunai×6000, Kusanagi Sword, Shuriken×7200

Summoning Beasts: Cats and Tigers

Sannin mode: wood Style (Sannin is in the process of awakening)

Chakra amount: 1020000\/1020000 (battle consumption)

Money: 5600 Belly]

After seeing the updated information, Leiyin couldn’t help but set off a wave of ripples in his heart. His ninja-level had risen to Quasi-Kage, so he was only half a step away from “Kage”!

Another thing that excited him was that his Chakra had reached one million, which meant that he could use more ninjutsu in a battle.

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