Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 17


The two dark weapons were two black kunai.

Upon looking a short distance away, a young man was standing there.

It was Leiyin.

When she saw Leiyin, Verdan’s eyes flashed, and her dying heart lit up with hope. However, at the same time, she was filled with doubts.

Would he be able to defeat Anderson?

On the other hand, when Farmer saw Leiyin, he was in tears, “This damned kid, you finally come. We all thought you ran away…”

Leiyin didn’t know that Anderson would come today. It turned out that after he arrived at the back of the mountain, he trod water and walked to the sea to practice his new ninjutsu, which was why Verdan couldn’t find him at the back of the mountain.

At that moment, Leiyin shouted, “Listen up, pirates! If you don’t want to die, go back to your place and don’t bother the villagers. I’m the one who killed Andrin, so if you want to fight, I’m here waiting!”

Who would listen to a kid? The pirates continued to fight with the villagers.

When Leiyin saw no one was paying any attention, he took out several handfuls of kunai and fired them at the pirates. These kunai stabbed the pirates with great accuracy.

Only then did the “Bad Wolf Pirates” began to look at the kid and stop fighting.

Leiyin’s attack split the crowd into two groups. People who had already drawn their swords stood opposite each other again.

The good news was that the battle was short, and Anderson didn’t do much except fight with Miller, so the villagers didn’t suffer many injuries. It could be said that Leiyin’s appearance was considered timely.

However, what was the point of his presence?

In the eyes of the people, Leiyin was just a kid who knew some black magic. He wasn’t strong enough to compete with Anderson.

Leiyin scratched his head, apologetically, “Mr. Farmer, I’m sorry for being late.”

Farmer smiled and nodded to him. He trusted Leiyin.

Verdan couldn’t take her eyes off Leiyin. She remembered her father’s words, “If you can defeat Anderson, you can marry my daughter.”

As soon as she finished thinking this, Verdan immediately shook her head, ‘What the hell? I can’t believe I’m still thinking about this. I won’t marry this idiot. No way! Furthermore, how can he defeat Anderson? What a joke!’

Verdan was thinking when Anderson spoke, “Hey, are you the kid who killed my brother?”

Leiyin cupped his hands in front of his chest, “That’s right.”

Upon hearing this, Anderson’s face darkened, “You’ve destroyed my good fortune. When I catch you, I’ll put you to death!”

Leiyin suddenly laughed, “Let’s see if you have the ability to do that.”

“Such an arrogant and cocky kid!”

Anderson then said to Miller, who was beside him, “You, get this kid for me!”

Miller came out a little shaken as if he had no face to see the villagers. The villagers stared at Miller fiercely, wanting to eat his flesh and sleep on his skin. In the eyes of the people, the traitor was more detestable than the enemy.

When Miller stepped forward, Leiyin couldn’t help but smile, “Mr. Major, why did you join the [Bad Wolf Pirates]?”

In response to Leiyin’s provocation, Miller got angry, “Don’t be arrogant, kid. Don’t bother Lord Anderson, or I’ll tear you to pieces!”

It seemed that he really thought he was a member of the Bad Wolf Pirates.

With that said, Miller attacked. However, Leiyin didn’t even flinch at this attack and resisted it with a punch.

But it seemed that the punch didn’t hurt Miller in the slightest. Leiyin was so stunned that he didn’t even blink. He then drew a white light in the void.


This sharp chakra cut a deep gash in Miller’s chest, and Miller fell to the ground, losing the battle.

“What a useless piece of shit!” Anderson said coldly.

At that moment, little loli Jenny ran out of nowhere and squealed at Leiyin, “Brother Leiyin! Make sure you beat Anderson! If you… If you beat Anderson, my dad will… My dad will let me…”

“Okay, I got it!” He knew what Jenny was going to say next. If she said it, it would be an embarrassment to Leiyin.

However, people still didn’t believe that Leiyin could defeat the terrifyingly powerful Anderson.

Anyway, the battle reached its climax, which was the most heated stage, and people had focused their attention on the two men.

Anderson’s hand turned into a wolf’s claw, revealing sharp nails, and sliced at Leiyin. Leiyin still didn’t dodge but blocked it with his right arm. The razor-like claws froze without piercing his arm by half a millimeter.

It turned out that he had gathered his chakra on his right arm, forming a layer of armor. Leiyin then stretched out his left arm, and a blue ball of energy formed on his left hand.

There was no doubt that this was a ball of chakra. Although it looked harmless, it was actually flowing at high speed. Leiyin smiled faintly. The energy contained in this ball struck Anderson.


Feeling danger, Anderson jumped several meters out of the way. However, when the [Rasengan] struck out, it exploded into a large crater nearly three meters in diameter on the ground. Although Anderson dodged, he was still injured by the aftershocks of the energy that blew up his right arm.

“How… Damn…”

Anderson said fiercely as he covered his right arm, which was bleeding from the blast.

Both the pirates and the villagers couldn’t help but let out a sigh.

Especially Verdan. Her hands involuntarily gripped each other as she gently bit her lower lip. Her eyes were staring at Leiyin, not knowing what to expect.

Anderson saw that the strength of the kid in front of him was extraordinary. His original semi-beastly body was all transformed into a beast, and what was shown to people was a standing wolf.

People had never seen Anderson display this appearance before.

The Zoan Devil Fruit possessed unique advantages for ordinary people, greatly enhancing their physical quality, recovery, and vitality.

Without a doubt, this all-animal state was the strongest state of the Zoan Devil Fruit (The Wolf Form)!

In front of people’s astonished eyes, Anderson’s wolf mouth opened as he said, “Kid, there are very few people who can make me look like this. It seems that I have underestimated you.”

‘I will show you the result of my practice.’ Leiyin thought darkly.

These days, apart from eating and sleeping, Leiyin spent almost all of his time practicing. In fact, he had successfully practiced the [Rasengan] a week ago. He had been practicing even more powerful ninjutsu than the [Rasengan] these days.

At that moment, Leiyin stretched out his right hand and gathered a ball of chakra that was even larger than the one he had just been using.

That ball of chakra was moving at a higher speed.

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